Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: See Yi Xinlan

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"Okay! What a powerful sword! You gave me three swords, and I will attack you three swords!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were sharp, and an invisible sword shot out, and he merged into a blue sea.

Sun Wen was standing in the vast sea at this time, only to feel that a huge crisis was coming.

But he did not panic because he felt the direction of the crisis.

The fairy sword in his hand shot a thick sword, and shot towards him.


The two swordsmands collided together in the sea, and a thousand huge waves broke out. The huge waves almost lifted Sun Wen away.

"Second Sword!"

Zhao Yuande stood in the distance, in the middle of the sea, another invisible swordmand shot out.

Jianmang shot into the void immediately.

"You can't hit me!"

Sun Wen sneered. The fairy sword whizzed three swords in a row in his hand and exploded in three voids.

Zhao Yuande just turned a sword into three parts, attacking the opponent from three directions, and the result was easily destroyed by the opponent.

"Okay! Then you can **** real sword!"

The sword of nothingness in Zhao Yuande's hand was stabbed out. There was no swordman's anger, but a sword was stabbed flatly.

"What... how is it possible!"

Sun Wen didn't even blink his eyes, only saw Zhao Yuande stabbed out with a sword. It was still in the very far center of the sea, separated by endless distance, and he stabbed his chest in the next moment.


Jianmang penetrated through, leaving a wound directly on Sun Wen's chest.

"This is the power of the Void Rule!" The old man who was not far away sighed softly. This sword was not actually Zhao Yuande's sword-style sword technique that defeated the opponent, but the Void Rule defeated the opponent!

"Near the horizon, it seems that there are thousands of mountains and rivers apart. In fact, it is right in front of me. If this kind of artistic conception can be perfectly integrated with Jianyi, I am not an opponent!" Sword Demon Jiang Jian sighed lightly, and also in his tone Some bitter.

Let a swordsman Sword Demon say such a thing, Zhao Yuande's sword-like mood is also strong enough.

"I'm defeated!" Sun Wen stood blankly, looking at the wound on his chest, at the moment there was blood gushing.

He felt no pain, only a huge loss came to his heart, and he felt like he was suddenly thrown from heaven to hell.

"Zhao Yuan Desheng! Take a day off, and rank in the top five and the top five!" The old man in charge also announced the result helplessly.

"Brother Zhao is so powerful!" Ning Xin's face showed a look of excitement.

"Brother Zhao has defeated Sun Wen, who has understood Jianyi... It really makes me envious, jealous, and hateful!" Li Jingyang also came to Ao Zhao Yuande to congratulate him.

"Go! I invite two of you to Wanxianglou for a big meal!" Zhao Yuande was also very excited at this time. He now felt that Jianyi was like a sentence, just by his mouth, as long as he could spit it out.

In this case, Zhao Yuande would not be anxious any more. In the past few days, the realization of Jianyi made him really spend too much on his soul, and he was as tired as his soul.

"Okay! Then kill Brother Zhao once today!" Li Jingyang's face appeared happy.

"Long live Brother Zhao! You are so generous, you will definitely be able to win the first time this time!" Ning Xin grabbed Zhao Yuande's arm and took him carelessly to the teleportation array.


Zhao Yuande took the two to Wanxianglou to eat a special meal, and then sent them away.

Sun Yang had left Xuanji Zongfang City at this time, but he left a confidant.

Zhao Yuande quickly found the old servant and learned that a black masked girl was waiting for him.

"What about my two disciples?" Zhao Yuande thought of Shi Xiaozhu.

"The two seniors who have been taken off the stars have been taken out to experience it!" The old servant's face appeared strange.

"Oh! This old guy actually found something to do! But they are brothers in terms of seniority, and brothers should teach them to be brothers!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but secretly slander.

However, this is definitely a good thing for the two of them. There is absolutely no worries for them to pick the stars, and their progress will only be greater than in their own hands.

"Arrange me to see that girl!" Zhao Yuande ordered to the old servant, "but don't reveal my true identity."

"Yes! Master, rest assured, Young Master told me everything already!" The old servant nodded.

This old servant was transferred by Sun Yang from his family. He was regarded as the teacher of his enlightenment since he was a child. He grew up watching him, and even his father grew up. Apart from his parents, he was the most trusted person in the Sun family.

Zhao Yuande sat down in the inner hall, and the woman in black was soon brought in.

"Master Chef!" Yixin Lan saluted very respectfully.

"Well! I heard you want to continue your life?" Zhao Yuan was cold in German.

"Yes! My ancestor of the Yi family is only ten years old for Shouyuan. If Master Shen is able to continue his life for his ancestors, as long as Master Shen is willing to go to my family, I will be willing to come up with 100 million top grade fairy jade!" Yixin Lan respectfully answered.

"Xianyu is just a number for me! My rules will not destroy your Yi family, you will bring people!" Zhao Yuande was surprised, but on the surface, he had to be pretentious Pale look.

"This..." Yi Xinlan didn't expect that 100 million top-grade fairy jade could not impress the other party, so that the other party would follow their own 10 million central fairyland.

"Couldn't there be any room for turning around?" Yixin Lan asked unwillingly.

"No!" Zhao Yuande said flatly, but he added, "However, my food has the effect of two days, if you can send it back to the Yi family in two days!"

Although Zhao Yuande wanted to go to the Central Immortal Realm, he could not walk away now.

It takes only a month to go alone, and after going away, he lost the protection of Xuanji Sect, and he will be exposed to the eyes of many strong men at any time.

Of course, there is another reason because the other party still has ten years of life. Zhao Yuande feels that he has the opportunity to be promoted to fairyland or higher within ten years. It's much safer.

"This...I'll contact the family!" Yi Xinlan said.

"Okay! You go! Once you have the result, notify my old servant!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and motioned for Yimeng Gui to leave.

"Thank you Master Chef!" Yi Xinlan nodded and walked out of the inner hall.

"Master, you next..." The old servant came in and asked respectfully.

"The food court will start to open next time and receive at most one guest at a time!" Zhao Yuande is in a good mood today.

"Yes!" The old servant's face also showed a happy look.

As long as this one opens, it will have more than Wanxianglou's one-month turnover!

"Write all our rules and requirements clearly!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Master rest assured!" The old servant went out to prepare with excitement!