Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Comprehend The Sword

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"You... what are you going to do!" Xue Gusheng saw Zhao Yuande appearing in front of him, and he couldn't help revealing fright and despair.

"I want to..." Zhao Yuande cut his palm directly behind his head and nearly shattered his knowledge of the earthquake. His soul was also seriously wounded.

"Brother! Come out and help! I will devour the Holy Spirit inside him!" Zhao Yuande called out the old man with a white beard.

Seeing that Zhao Yuande gradually put on the suit, this old guy's eyes were filled with pride!

"Good! I'm fine with me!"

Zhao Yuande urged the black vortex in his body to start absorbing frantically in Xue Gusheng's body. The Holy Spirit hidden in Xue Gusheng's blood sea frightened to flee everywhere, trying to resist, but under the repression of the old man with white beard, Zhao Yuande was shocked. The Holy Spirit breathed into his body.

"Full blows, forming the first doppelganger!" The old man with a white beard saw the success of Zhao Yuande and immediately drank.

"I haven't practiced Ziqi East, can I run one gasification and three cleansing directly?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Listen to me, inject all the spiritual power in the body into the engulfing vortex, and then use your soul to control the engulfing vortex, turning it into purple gas!" The voice of the old man with white beard is full of pride, "This is the inheritance of eating Dao, which can be transformed Any kind of energy body!"

Zhao Yuande manipulated according to what he said. Sure enough, the purple qi was fed back from the vortex, which was countless times more pure than the purple qi from his previous practice.

"One gasification three clear!"

Zhao Yuande was overjoyed and divided into three avatars...

I dont know how much time, the Xue family prepared for tens of thousands of years, and the Holy Spirit, which took countless human and material resources to condense, became Zhao Yuandes first avatar!

This first doppelganger condensed into the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm. All of Zhao Yuande's feelings, exercises, and even swordsmanship had been learned at this moment.

"Huh! Finally, there is a trace of self-preservation!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were burning, and his first avatar was his biggest hole card.

"Your name is still called Zhao XIV!" Zhao Yuande looked at the first doppelganger's profile similar to his own, and could not help frowning slightly. "It's better to change his appearance a little bit!"

Since the first avatar is now the most powerful, Zhao Yuande directly assigned his most powerful treasure directly to him.

"The Chaos Spear should only exert its strongest power in your hands, but your physical body is far less powerful than the body. It is no problem to want to challenge the strong players in the early stages of the Divine Emperor. It may not be in the middle of the Divine Emperor. Opponent! However, the strongest blow of Chaos Spear really broke out, and it should be able to kill the middle of the Divine Emperor." Zhao Yuande took out Chaos Spear and gave it to Zhao Xiv, the first avatar.

"Okay! You can go back to the practice space to practice! The best practice method is to choose Ziqidonglai. Only when you practice Ziqidonglai can you use Yiqi Sanqing! This is the most powerful auxiliary method. !"

"Then you can practise star pickers, take moon hands, and take sun hands."

Zhao Yuandezi carefully and carefully prepared the road for the first point in the future.


Zhao Yuande took a breath, the excitement on his face could not be concealed.

"Qing Mingzi's task is considered completed, let him know now!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Qing Mingzi, and then strode out of the cave.

Qing Mingzi had just corresponded with his friends in Dongfu, and suddenly felt that there was information in the Jade Talisman.

"What's wrong?" Drinking with Qingmingzi is a beautiful woman in a red dress. She saw Qingmingzi come up with a jade charm and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"It should be the little guy named Zhao Yuande. He entered the top five in the qualifying at the outer gate. It should be the sword technique that let me guide him in the past." Qing Mingzi smiled.

"Oh! Was it the outside disciple who gave you a third-grade fairy sword for five million yuan?" The woman in the red dress seemed to have heard Zhao Yuande's name, with a curious expression on her face.

"Good!" Qing Mingzi nodded. "This person's five elements are very strong. This is only a few days, and it is very close to the prototype of the sword."

"There are such geniuses at the outer door. It seems that this time the Huntian Immortal Kingdom trial, we Xuanji Sect should not lose too badly!" There is a trace of sadness on the woman's face in the red dress, it seems that it is just for Sect is worried.

"Let's go see it with me! If you can, she can introduce him to Lingzu, his elders are too elders." Qing Mingzi tried to ask.

"This...I can think about it!" The woman in the red dress nodded. "Suddenly laughing, maybe he is waiting for you anxiously at this time. Let's listen to him say this!"

"Good!" Qing Mingzi nodded.

His spiritual power was injected into the jade symbol, which suddenly heard Zhao Yuande's voice.

"Brother, I have successfully realized the sword intention, and the transaction between us is completed!"

"What! Sword meaning has been realized..." Qing Mingzi's eyes widened incredulously.

"It only took a few days to get from the ignorance to the understanding of the sword's meaning. What the **** is this qualification? No, I will tell grandpa immediately!" The woman in the red dress rushed out of Qingmingzi's cave.

"I'm going to see the next king too..." Qing Mingzi chased the woman in the red dress.

Soon they found a thin, sullen old man on a secluded mountain.

At this time, the old man was talking with a golden bird, which looked very funny, but the old man was very serious.

Seeing the two coming, the golden bird flew down on the old man's shoulder and looked at them curiously.

"Grandpa! We found..." The woman in the red dress said Zhao Yuande's story from beginning to end.

Qing Mingzi on the side seemed to be very familiar with Wang Taishang, adding two sentences from time to time.

When the two mentioned Zhao Yuande's name, the golden eyes of the golden bird flickered at once, and they seemed very excited.

The old man nodded silently after hearing the two's statements, but said nothing.

"Grandpa?" The woman in the red dress looked at the back of the old man puzzled, feeling a little weird.

"Okay! I know, you have done a good job on this matter!" The old man nodded and waved the two to leave.

Suspicious in their hearts, they still left slowly.

"Little fellow, your master really turned against the sky. It seems that the news coming from the lower realm is not groundless, and it still has a certain basis..."

"Tweet..." The golden bird's eyes gleamed with excitement and a trace of pride.

"Brother Zhao, you are so happy, did you really comprehend the sword intent?" Just walked out of the cave and saw Li Jingyang flying not far away.