Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Fierce Competition

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"The third item will be auctioned next! This is another middle class acquired spirit treasure, golden light pestle. This pestle was a weapon of a great supernaturalist in ancient times. It weighed 338,000 kilograms. Among them, the true spirits are not very bright because of their long years of sleep, but the value of Baozi alone is not low! The auction price of this auction product is also 50 million yuan, and the minimum price increase must not be less than 5 million!"

The old man did not put this spirit treasure in his hand this time, but leaned on the ground, because this object is too heavy!

"Boy! I'm fancy this, you must get me!" Heifeng saw the golden light pestle for the first time, and the original drowsy glasses suddenly became bright, and he grabbed the arm of Lord Zhao Yuande. , Looked at him with great expectations.

"This thing is really good, since you want it, then I will satisfy you! You bid for it yourself!" Zhao Yuande looked at Heifeng with a smile, letting him take his own shot.

"Hey! That real person will be addicted to the uncle for a while!" The stubborn shouted directly at the special circle in the VIP Pavilion, "Uncle Ben bids 300 million. Who dare to grab Uncle Ben!" "

The words of the black wind exploded above everyone's heads, and almost everyone in the square looked at the VIP Pavilion that made a sound at this moment. The characters who could enter the VIP Pavilion in their hearts were not the detached ancestors of the big family, or the various sects. The head of the door, or even a disciple of a certain divine emperor, no one would dare to say anything more arrogant.

There were some strong people who wanted to bid. When they saw that someone in the VIP Pavilion was shouting prices, they were all dumb. They couldn't provoke them!

Heifeng looked at the people below in a dumbfounded silence, feeling really boring, just wanted to shout a few times, but Zhao Yuandela lived!

"Don't talk more! Otherwise, you will spend more money!"

As a result of this incident, the black wind got the golden light pestle. When he grabbed the golden sparkle faucet and pestle in his hand, his big mouth was almost smiling!

"Brother Zhao, what you did is unreasonable. You promised me to do it as soon as possible! Otherwise I will definitely be smashed by the pestle!" Yi Jie raised his protest with dissatisfaction.

"Hey! Bald man, you want to find a beating! Come on, let the real person try a new weapon!" The black wind danced toward the golden light pestle and rushed towards a ring.

"Don't use the golden light pestle here, otherwise we will fall into bad luck!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped, their level is too low, if they fall from the VIP Pavilion, who does not know that he is Zhao Yuande, this Didnt you find something?

"You can rest assured that there is only one kind of material missing, and we can proceed at the same time!" Zhao Yuande also appeased the one ring. The original strength of the black wind was stronger than the one ring, and now there are more golden light pestles. There must be some imbalance in one mind, Zhao Yuande needs to balance things.

The auction went on bit by bit, but in just half a day, 36 lots have been auctioned, the lowest price is not less than 100 million top grade jade, and the highest is the first one worth 2 billion Seeking Truth!

It can also be seen from this time how much precious treasure the Wantong Chamber of Commerce has prepared for this auction!

"Here are the thirty-sixth auction items, three blue sky and snow!" A red wooden box appeared in Fu Yunshan's hand. The wooden box was about three feet long and one foot wide. Opening it revealed three plants like ice sculptures. , A powerful force of ice and snow suddenly rippling in the air, almost everyone stopped whispering at this moment.

"These three strains of blue sky and snow are exquisite, and they were obtained by a strong man on the top of the iceberg in the extremely northern continent. Each plant has a medicine collar for tens of thousands of years. It is the best material used by the alchemy master to refine the blue sky! 100 million to play 50 million, the minimum mark-up must not be less than 5 million!" Fu Yunshan explained the value a little, and said the value.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande took a long breath, and this was the most important medicine he needed. It was an essential medicine to open the eyes of the sky. He decided to talk about winning these three blue Linglong grass anyway.

However, his current assets are only tens of millions. Although he can use the three packages for auction in advance, he is still a little uncertain, because although this elixir is only holy, but the output is too low, the competition may be Very intense.

As expected, as soon as Fu Yunshan had finished speaking, the price began to skyrocket, and in the end, in just ten breaths, the skyrocketed to 500 million!

At this point, some dishes with insufficient funds gradually give up, but there are still seven or eight people who are still slacking off, and even some of the VIP cabinets can't help but make the price!

"I have 1.2 billion!" In a blink of an eye, the price reached 800 million. Zhao Yuande clenched his teeth and directly reported 1.2 billion!

As soon as this price came out, everyone couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, basically the highest value of these three elixirs in billions.

"1.4 billion!" But at this time, some people are still raising prices in a hurry!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look bitter when he heard this voice. He was very familiar with this voice, and turned out to be the true deceased lord of the Shengdanzong!

"1.5 billion!" Zhao Yuande said the price with his teeth clenched!

At this time, Jumei was in a VIP Pavilion not far from him, but he did not sit in the first place at the moment, but stood by an old man in red robe.

"Zong Lao, these three medicines have exceeded the highest price, should we give up!" Cassowary asked the old man respectfully.

"Slowly again! It is too rare for these three strains to appear together. My Saint Danzong is not short of spirit jade, but of this precious spirit grass!" The old man in red robe has a thin face and three strands of long beard fluttering At first glance there is a feeling of immortality.

"What Zong Lao said!" The real people of Jumei just wanted to increase the price again, but there was a look of surprise on his face, and then there was a bitter smile!

"What's wrong?" The old man in red could not help but ask curiously.

"It is Zhao Yuande who is bidding with us! Heir of Danding Master!"

"Oh! It's this kid!" The old man in red heard the name Zhao Yuande, his eyes lit up, and then there was a burst of anticipation.

Without the competition of deciding the real people, Zhao Yuande finally got three green plants at a price of 1.5 billion.

When three spirits were delivered to his hand, his heart was finally put down!

"Okay! Brother Yi, we can start this time!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously at him.

"Haha! Good! After this bear is blind, dare to provoke me again, and I will..." Master Yijie looked at the Black Wind with some smugness.

"Since this is the real person, take this opportunity to pick you up first!" Heifeng poke a stick on the head of Yi Jie master, and poke his bright brain door out of a big pimple!

"No **** hair!" Master Yi Jie was so painful that he stared at Venus, almost fell to the ground, and he was dumbfounded when he touched his head. If it wasn't for Zhao Yuandela holding him, he would definitely rush up and fight desperately with the black wind!