Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350: Brilliant Future

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Li Jingyang was also hairy in the eyes of the other party and explained in a low voice: "Senior... I just just got this sword, I can't control it well..."

"Shut up! You bastard, you are not qualified to talk to me!" The middle-aged man put Lv Tian down, Huo's got up and strode toward Li Jingyang, all his face was showing contempt, a kind of red Guoguo's contempt.

When he was scolded as a humble seed, Li Jingyang's eyes suddenly turned red. He was so angry that he never thought of hearing this title!

He has worked hard for more than 20 years to get rid of this title, but he still didn't expect to fall on himself today.

"I'm not a humble seed!" Li Jingyang looked at the middle-aged man with a distorted look, and yelled in a low voice, "I'm not a humble seed, not..."

Li Jingyang's father is also a deacon of Xuan Jizong, but he died in a mission! Only his mother took him, because his father was coveted by some family members, and their mother and son were quickly murdered and moved out of Xuan Jizong!

He was called a lowly seed since childhood, and was looked down upon by many children of the same age, so he was struggling and practicing day and night, which gradually stepped into the outside door, so that those people did not dare to say the word "low seed" !

But I did not expect that this middle-aged man mentioned the word today, and it seems to know his father!

"Humph! The low seed is the low seed. The low seed left by Li Shuangyang dares to hurt my son. I won't kill you today. I just need to abandon your cultivation behavior and let you do the low seed again!" Middle-aged man The eyes are full of resentment, and there seems to be a deep hatred with Li Jingyang's father.

At this moment, a voice came.

"How can Xuan Jizong have such a person as you? My son lost to Lao Tzu. I don't know if Lao Tzu lost, will Lao Tzu's Lao Tzu come out to find a place?" Zhao Yuande came to Li Jingyang in one step and patted gently His shoulders.

A powerful force of soul was instantly injected into the other person's body, allowing his emotions to stabilize at once.

"Boy, you are looking for death!" The middle-aged person has a distinguished identity. When was he humiliated by such a person, he suddenly became furious, and slap in the face towards Zhao Yuande.


Suddenly a big hand was found in the void, directly blocking the big hand out of the middle-aged man, and then a figure came out of the void, staring coldly at the middle-aged man.

"Lu Feng, my disciple, you dare to do it!" Zhong Wuliang looked at the middle-aged man coldly.

"Zhong Wuliang! It's you!" The middle-aged man Lu Feng saw the appearance of the coming person and suddenly looked cold. "You dare to take care of our Lu family's affairs! Believe it or not, I let you disappear in Xuan Jizong!"

"Great majesty!" Zhao Yuande really couldn't stand the arrogance of this man. He dared to export his master who threatened himself, and he said coldly, "Lv Feng, believe it or not, I let you Lu family in Xuan Jizong disappear!"

"Hiss!" Zhao Yuande said, not only Lu Feng was stunned, even Zhong Wuliang was stunned, everyone in the audience was stunned!

Even the many elder deacons who were watching in the big hall were stunned!

How arrogant this is!

Lu Family is the most powerful family in Xuanji Sect. Lu Taishang is the most powerful elder in Xuanji Sect. It can be said that Xuanji Sect is the first person except Xianji!

An outside disciple who dared to openly say that if the Lu family disappeared in the Xuanji Sect, this person was either a fool or arrogant!

"Shen Yan!" Zhong Wuliang's complexion changed, and he hurriedly pulled Zhao Yuande, sending some information from the Lu family to Zhao Yuande.

"It's okay! Master, I'll put my words here today. As long as the Lu family dares to move me a hair, and dare to do something overreaching, I will definitely let the Lu family disappear!" Zhao Yuande's eyes are cold and his chances are infinite.

If the Lu family really controlled the Xuanji Sect, and it was lawless, and those immortal emperors did not take action, he could only eliminate everything to clear the Lu family.

It's a big deal to leave Xuan Jizong. As long as he speaks, the Sun family doesn't know how much they welcome themselves!

Not to mention that he is a true third-generation disciple of Bajing, but a disciple of the old master of Bajing Palace. When he returns to Bajing Palace, the scenery is boundless, why should he be breathed here!

" to death! No one has ever dared to say this to my Lu family. Don't say Zhong Wuliang can't protect you today, even if an elder who is too old can't protect you!" Lu Feng looked Fearful, the cold killing intent in the corner of the mouth.

"Then let's start!" Zhao Yuande raised his head and shouted to the sky, "Lv's family is too high, you express your attitude! If you also mean this, don't blame me!"

"Hum!" There was a cold hum in the sky. "Don't think that my Xuanji Sect is missing you, today..."

"Okay! You don't need to say, it seems that other Taishang elders have the same meaning, so don't blame me!" Zhao Yuande interrupted the voice directly and said to the sky, "Old man Jin, you still owe me seven Millions, dont leave behind for a while, otherwise I wont give up!"

He turned his head to look at his master again and clenched his fists. "The disciples seem to be sorry for the master today. Master, take care!"

"Yuande! What the **** are you doing!"

Zhong Wuliang was sweating anxiously at this moment, and he had a bad feeling that the rain was coming.

"Master, I know you won't leave Xuan Jizong, so I won't say much!" Zhao Yuande waved to Zhong Wuliang and turned his head to Li Jingyang Road, "Brother Li, how did you leave with me, here Nothing will be worth your nostalgia, and I will give you a brilliant future that will make you thousands of times higher than your achievements in Xuanji Sect!"

"Okay! I'll go with you!" Li Jingyang looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes and suddenly showed gratitude in his eyes. He nodded appreciatively.

"Haha! Haha! Are you explaining your last words?" Lu Feng looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help laughing, he didn't believe anything the other party said, thinking that the other party was just talking nonsense.

"Hum! Your sentence is your last words!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, and the spiritual power poured into the jade symbol in his hand.

"Boy, you're too good for anything!" Dong Haichuan looked very bad when he walked out of the void. He looked around and couldn't help but slightly stunned, "Hey! It seems to be Xuan Jizong! What do you call me here?"

"Pick the star!" Lu Feng suddenly looked at Dong Haichuan's face.

Hearing the three characters of picking stars, everyone on the scene is looking very different!

Five powerful figures emerged from the void at the same time. Among them were Jin Yuanzi, Qi Taishang, and three powerful beings that Zhao Yuan had never seen before. Among them was a middle-aged woman with a frost on her face.

These five people saw the star picker appearing, and suddenly looked dignified.