Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351: Gold Winged Dapeng Bird Give It Back To Me

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But Zhao Yuande didn't seem to see them at all, when they were just air.

"Your nonsense is too much!" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Lu Feng, said coldly, "That was your last word just now."

"Pick the star hand, kill him for me!" Zhao Yuande pointed his finger at Lu Feng and said coldly.

"This..." The star picker's face was a little weird.

"Brother Dong, this is our Xuanji Sect. Don't ruin our feelings for an unknown kid!" One of the old men looked solemn and arched his hand at Dong Haichuan. He seemed to have a certain relationship with him. Friendship.

"Brother Dong, please don't intervene in the internal affairs of our Xuanji Sect! Although you are very strong, but don't forget that our Xuanji Sect still has the immortal ancestor!"

"Hey! Take all your disciples away! What happened here is not suitable for them to see!" Jin Yuanzi waved at the old man in charge below.

Jin Yuanzi glanced at Zhao Yuande, and his eyes were full of regrets. This kid was too arrogant and overbearing!

Although the Lu family did not be authentic, he stood opposite to the old man Lu in one sentence, and he couldn't even agree with him!

In desperation, he can only choose the Lu family!

"Boy! I just said I want to protect you, but I didn't say I want to help you kill!" Although Dong Haichuan was not afraid of these people, he didn't want to offend Xuan Jizong!

And the other party said very well, but there are still powerful people in the fairy emperor realm sitting in the town, they might be taken away by the other party, even if they reach the master, they may be scolded to death.

"Really? Then look at what this is!" Zhao Yuande lit up a token in front of Dong Haichuan.

Dong Haichuan's still casual face suddenly showed a terrified look.

"You... who are you... who!" Dong Haichuan stuttered even now!

Can make a fairy monk stutter! It can be seen how much shock this token gave him!

In fact, all five of them saw the token, but with their knowledge, they couldnt see the mystery of this token. They didnt know what it meant!

"Kill him!" Zhao Yuande said coldly instead of answering each other's words.

"Yes!" Dong Haichuan didn't hesitate anymore, and slapped Lu Feng with his big hand.

No one thought that Dong Haichuan would really do it, but he didn't expect the other party to show no mercy as soon as he shot, without any hesitation.

Lu Feng was no more than ten feet away from them at this time, but the five fairy kings in the sky were a hundred feet away, not to mention Dong Haichuan's combat power was much stronger than them.


Just under the eyes of the five immortal kings, Lu Feng was slapped into slush, and the spirits and spirits were all destroyed. There was no chance of a little life.

"No... Feng'er!" Lu Taishang's eyes widened, looking at the blood on the ground in disbelief. For a long time, Lu Taishang finally made a roar and rushed towards Dong Haichuan, "Dong Haichuan, I Fight with you!"

"Brother Lu, don't be impulsive, you are not his opponent!" The old man Jin and several Taishang elders stopped Lu Taishang. When he looked at Zhao Yuande again, there was a trace of regret in his eyes!

"Yes! Brother Lu, we still have to show the immortal ancestor!" Another Taishang elder exited.


Although everyone was angry, no one dared to shoot. They were not Dong Haichuan's opponents at first, and they did not dare to fight even if they were able to fight. They had Bajing Palace behind them and a master who guarded the calves.

If you really hurt your opponent, just wait for Dong Haichuan's master to come to the door!

At that time, I am afraid that the ancestors of Zongmen will hide in fear!

And this clock is countless as if it was cast a fixed spell, it is generally fixed on the spot, looking at his disciples dumbly, I feel very strange!

Dong Haichuan was standing beside Zhao Yuande at this time, although his face was full of curiosity, but he dared not ask.

Just now the other party presented the token of the disciple of Bajing Palace, and it still represents the third generation of disciple, which is the generation of his master!

Bajing Palace is a place that pays great attention to respecting teachers. Disciples should respect and salute when they see their elders. The disciples who have grown up under this influence all have a sincere respect for the teachers.

Seeing this token, Dong Haichuan seemed to see his master coming in person. He knew that even if he killed a **** river here today, the bones were like a mountain. The master would not only blame himself, but also praise himself!

With this confidence, Dong Haichuan hated that Zhao Yuande ordered all these people to be killed!


At this time, an old man appeared in the sky.

He looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but sigh for a long time, with a complex expression in his eyes.

"Have seen the Dust Fairy Emperor!" When the Xuanji Sect saw the old man, they couldn't help but bowed their heads. Even Lu Taishang, who was extremely angry, stood in front of this one and couldn't help calming his anger and bowing to salute.

"Have seen the predecessor!" Dong Haichuan was slightly nervous when he saw this person, and arched his hand slightly.

At this time, Zhao Yuande didn't speak a word, but just looked at the fairy emperor. He wanted to see what his attitude was.

He will not be surprised when the other party makes any decisions, but he does not want to see certain decisions.

"Little fellow, you have done a little too much!" Jue Xiandi looked at Zhao Yuande without a wave of tone, and said lightly.

"Have you passed?" Zhao Yuande sneered, "It seems that the fairy emperor has already made a decision, then please return my golden-winged Dapeng bird! Oh, yes! And my seven million!"

Zhao Yuande extended his hand to this fairy emperor!

"You..." The fairy emperor did not expect Zhao Yuande to be so neat and tidy, which made him unable to say what he said next.

"Huh! I thought Xuanji Sect was my ideal sect! I want to fight for it and fight for more benefits, but I did not expect such a black smoke, so unsightly, you let me down "Zhao Yuande said coldly, "I once said that as long as Xuanji Sect failed me, I would not lose Xuanji Sect, you Xuanji Sect missed a great opportunity, a chance to rise!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande said this, everyone looked weird and felt a little ridiculous!

Your disciples in a world of realities, even saying this before a group of fairy monarchs, or even a fairy emperor, really makes people laugh!

", a child with yellow mouth, even put words in front of Juechen Immortal Emperor, you..." Lu Taishang couldn't hear it anymore, which was simply challenging the majesty of the whole sect of Xuanji Sect.