Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352: Uncle Xiao

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The kid in this area of the world has no idea that the sky is high and the ground thick. He thought that Dong Haichuan could be driven to control the rise and fall of Xuan Jizong, and he could...

"Lu Fang, shut up!" Dong Haichuan glanced coldly at Lu Fang. This person was unreasonable to his elders. How could he stand it, "If you don't shut up, I will shut you up!"

"You..." Lu Tai looked embarrassed and turned to look at the Jade Emperor, "Emperor Emperor, look at him..."

"Shut up!" The voice of Juechen Immortal Emperor was full of irritability, and her heart was full of disgust for Lu Taishang.

"..." Lu Taishang heard this, and suddenly felt a bad feeling in her heart.

"Zhao Yuande, is there any room for change in this matter?" Jue Xiandi looked at Zhao Yuande, and his heart was really mixed.

The Lu family is one of the most influential families in the Xuan Ji Sect. From the Taishang elders to ordinary disciples, the cardinal number is very large, which can occupy almost one tenth of the number of the Xuan Ji Sect. I am afraid that it will cause great uproar, and it will cause great damage to the power of Xuanji Sect. It will be disadvantaged in the upcoming 10,000-year event.

And more importantly, there is also a closed imperial ancestor ancestor Lu in Xuanji Sect!

Although the other party basically broke off the relationship with the Lu family, but if the Lu family was really driven out of the Xuan Jizong, I'm afraid this one will definitely go into trouble.

And Zhao Yuande's identity, talents, and even the golden-winged Dapeng baby bird are all important places for the Great Dust Fairy Emperor. Even the identity of the **** chef makes the Great Dust Fairy Emperor very optimistic about Zhao Yuande. In Jizong, let Xuanjizong have a sense of belonging. In the future, Xuanjizong's disciples will inevitably receive many benefits of food, and even many elderly people who have dried up Shouyuan will also benefit greatly.

What's even more terrible is that Zhao Yuande doesn't know what method can be used to make the star picker follow his words. If Xuan Jizong can get help from the star picker, maybe...

But he soon thought of one thing. Bajing Palace declared that any forces in Immortal Realm would not interfere, that is, to remain neutral, and they should not change this position for the decision to pick the star.

In the mind of Juexian Xiandi, the benefits between the two are constantly calculated, which is really a very determined choice.

In the end, Juexian Emperor looked at the indifferent Zhao Yuande, and then looked at the Lu family, with a long sigh in his heart.

"Zhao Yuande, I really have no way to abandon the Lu family. The ten thousand years are coming. If my Xuanji Sect is gone, the Lu family may not be able to maintain the status of the top five! So..." The face of the fairy mortal emperor also showed frustration. Looking, Zhao Yuande was a little sorry and a little apologetic.

"Hum!" Lu Fang said with a smile that was overcast.

Everyone around couldn't help but frown slightly, and even Juexian Emperor couldn't help but feel a sense of disgust.

"Oh! I guessed long ago that since Xuan Jizong didn't keep me, I would return my gold-winged Dapeng and my seven million!" Zhao Yuande stretched out his palm.

"Fairy Emperor! That golden-winged Dapeng will be able to grow beyond the Immortal Emperor in the future, absolutely cannot give him!" Lu Taishang's eyes were full of chills.

"Fairy Emperor!"

"Fairy Emperor!"

The remaining few Taishang elders could not help showing their determination on their faces.

"This..." Juechen Immortal Emperor's face also hesitated, "Did you mean to dedicate to Xuan Jizong at that time?"

"Huh! At first, Xuan Jizong was my sect. There was no problem with the bow string! But now Xuan Jizong and I have nothing to do with it, so naturally we have to take it away!" Zhao Yuande was indifferent.

"If we don't give it to you, can you still take it away?" Lu Taishang's expression was grim!

He has been plotting that golden-winged Dapeng bird for a long time, and seeing that it will succeed, he did not expect the other party to make such a request!

"Hum! Dare to plot something in my eight-view palace, you have a few heads!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly.

"You Bajing Palace, are you dreaming! Are you a Bajing Palace person, disciple? It's so funny!" Lu Taishang showed a cruel smile on the corner of his mouth, "I don't believe Bajing even if it is a disciple of Bajing Palace. The palace will not be able to get along with our Xuanji Sect for a small person in your area."

The star picker Dong Haichuan on the side, although supporting this sentence somewhat, has to admit that the other party is right. Even if he has a conflict with Xuan Ji Sect, I am afraid that Bajing Palace will not come forward for himself!

Because the strategy of Bajing Palace is neutral, it will not participate in the battle between the major forces.

"Really! Didn't you Xuan Jizong get a lot of information from me? It should have been collected in the lower realm!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at Juechen Immortal Emperor, with a mocking smile on his mouth, "You really don't have my identity You will not get a little news!"

"Your identity...You come from the lower realm!" Lu Taishang looked strangely at the other Taishang elders.

Everyone looked at each other, and they didn't know how this happened!

At this time, Dong Haichuan's face suddenly changed color, he turned his head up and down and carefully looked at Zhao Yuande, saying one by one: "You... you come from the lower realm, your name is Zhao Yuande!"

"Yes! Is there any starting point?" Zhao Yuande blinked at Dong Haichuan.

"When I said this name, I seemed to have heard it. It turned out are the uncle of the teacher!" Dong Haichuan showed a shocked look on his face.

He finally understood why there was that token on the other party. It turned out that this token was originally his. He was a disciple of Zhang Ling's ancestors in the lower realm, his little uncle!

Hearing the conversation between the two, the heart of the Ultimate Dust Emperor suddenly sank. The information he obtained did indeed mention that Zhao Yuande was a disciple of the Eight Kings Palace, but he did not care, and did not expect it to be...

At this moment, there was a kind of remorse in the fairy mortal emperor. If he knew that the other party was Dong Haichuan's uncle, he would abandon the Lu family!

But he knew it was too late! It cannot be recovered anymore!

"Yes! You finally remembered!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, nodded to Dong Haichuan, "In my identity, my things are greedy by Xuan Jizong, what do you say about Bajing Palace?"

"Hey! They have the ability to **** things like my disciples. I guarantee that I will not say one more word, but you are a disciple of Master Zhang, but Master Zhang is one of the old disciples of the old man. Your identity 10,000 times more noble than me!" Dong Haichuan said more respectfully, a pair of eyes glanced at everyone, some kind of sarcasm smile, "I will send a large number of strong men to come in Bajing Palace. Shenglu, if you dont know the truth, you will destroy the sect!