Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353: Accept

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"You... Dong Haichuan, don't be alarmist! He's just a small hybrid of the world, you..." Lu Taishang didn't believe the two at all, pointing at Zhao Yuande and scolding.

"Shut up for me!" Juechen Immortal Emperor slapped back towards Lu Taishang with a slap in the backhand.

Lv Taishangtang an immortal monarch, who had no resistance at all, was slapped by the mortal emperor Jue Chen.

"" Lu Taishang was flying in mid-air, a pair of eyes wide open.

"It's a fool! I'm too elder, I don't have any judgment!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "If the Xuanji Sect is destroyed in the future, it must be the Lu family's drag!"

Many senior elders' faces suddenly turned ugly. Although they felt that Zhao Yuande was arrogant, but they knew that the other party was right about this matter. In the final analysis, the matter was caused by the Lu family, and the root of everything was the Lu family. .

This made their eyes on Lu Taishang a bit cold.

Firstly, Lu Taishang was humiliated violently, and slapped slap in the face by Emperor Juechen. Finally, he was despised by many Taishang elders. Suddenly he felt burned all over the place, and his chest was sullen and tumbling, and a mouthful of blood spewed out.

"Hey..." Dichen Xiandi sighed softly, showing helplessly on his face. "Okay! Give it back to you."

The Great Dust Fairy Emperor made a move, and the golden bird flew out of the inexplicable void.

"Tweet!" When the little guy saw Zhao Yuande, his eyes suddenly showed joy. After flying down to his shoulder, he kept rubbing his cheek with his small head.

"Oh! From now on we will fight side by side." Zhao Yuande saw the smile on the little guy's face.


The little guy cried out in excitement, and his little head was more like a rattle.

"Haha! Uncle Master is really lucky, this is a pure-blooded golden-winged Dapeng. If he grows up in the future, at least he can sweep the entire Xuanji Sect." Dong Haichuan looked at the dust with a smile. Immortal Emperor and many Taishang elders sneered, "This gold-winged Dapeng alone is more valuable than the Lu family, Xuanji Sect is really...cough!"

Dong Haichuan said half of the words, but he didn't go on, but the disdain at the corner of his mouth made everyone on the opposite side look angry and helpless.

"Hey! Now that we have made a choice, we have to suffer the consequences of our choice. We Xuanji Sect will not regret it!" Jade Dust Fairy Emperor sighed softly, a trace of utter desolation on his face.

Of course, even regretting now has no effect!

"Brother Li, let's go with me!" Zhao Yuande looked at Li Jingyang.

At this time, Li Jingyang was always in deep shock. This series of events greatly overturned his worldview.

He didn't expect Zhao Yuande's origin to be so big, Zongmen Immortal Emperor frowned for his and Lu's choice!

"Okay! I thought Xuanji Sect was fair and fair, and it was a place that I deserved to follow for my whole life, but I didn't expect it to be so dark. The elders in Zongmen who always respected each other just blindly guarded each other, even the Immortal Emperor. Master..." Li Jingyang is seeing so many big people for the first time today. Although there are surprises, he is also full of disappointment.

"Okay! Besides, there is no room for their faces!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Especially the Lu Feng of the Lu family, I think he and your Li family absolutely have grievances. Just now he saw your eyes full of resentment. And hatred..."

"Lv Feng..." Li Jingyang turned his head to look at Lv Feng, and suddenly found an undisguised murderous opportunity in his eyes.

"Lu Feng... My father's death, my mother's cultivation was abolished... Hey, forget it, even if you know what it is, Xuan Jizong is a place without justice, my father was an elder mother who was also a deacon. After people are killed, it is not impossible! After I am strong, I will come back to Xuan Jizong again, find out the cause of my fathers death, and return my mother and me to be fair!" Li Jingyang glanced at many elders Dust Fairy Emperor, the clang is powerful.

"Your little bitch, dare to speak loudly! The elders of the great emperor, Master Xian Emperor, this person has a grudge against my Xuanji Sect, and he must not be allowed to leave!" Lu Feng heard Li Jingyang's words, and his eyes suddenly appeared. There was anger.

"Boy, what did you say just now. Your father is an elder and your mother is a deacon. Are they elder Li Zhengyun and Deacon Su Qiong, are they missing?" At this moment, Jin Yuanzi suddenly frowned, as if remembering what.

"Missing... hum!" Li Jingyang was also out of the blame. Today, he died and simply made things clear. "My father's body was sent to the house. Although my mother didn't die, it was scrapped. , This is what you said is missing!"

"Jin Taishang, don't listen to this nonsense bullshit!" Lu Feng felt something was wrong this time.

At this time, Lv Taishang's expression was also extremely dignified. He sneaked a glance at the Jade Emperor, who was not far away. When he saw the coldness on the other's face, he suddenly knew that today's incident was so big that it was hard to end!

"This..." Mrs. Jin froze, and the disciples he sent out to investigate did say that the two were missing. This is only ten years ago, and all the pictures are still vivid.

"Hey! This is Xuan Jizong who has always considered himself a decent, and this is one of the five forces! Fortunately, this understanding is all shady. An elder was killed, a deacon was abolished, and it was really black! "Dong Haichuan turned his eyes to Lu Feng and couldn't help but grin, "You see this guy jumping up and down, you know at a glance that you can't get rid of the relationship at this time, if my Eight View Palace except this kind of thing, I will directly take it, search Its spirit!"

"Dong Haichuan, don't point me at Xuanji Sect, this is something inside Xuanji Sect!" Lu Taishang sneered.

"Hey! Have you slapped you before slap?" Dong Haichuan smirked, "If I said that it was related to me at this time, if I would accept him as a disciple now, my disciple's business is my business, which is me Master, how do you deal with it?"

"This..." Hearing Dong Haichuan's words, Lu Taishang and Lu Feng at the opposite side changed at the same time.

"Brother Li, you are blessed! Don't hurry to apprentice!" Zhao Yuande abducted Li Jingyang and blinked at him.

"Tu'er has seen the master!" Li Jingyang is not a fool. He immediately bowed his head and bowed.

"Haha! Good, good! The kid has the courage, perseverance, and forbearance, although it is a good body, but it is a good material, and the future achievements are definitely above my Dong Haichuan!" Dong Haichuan's eyes are very poisonous, just talking from Li Jingyang A few words revealed his character.