Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356: Taichi Yukou

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Zhao Yuande nodded, as if the worker who had just lost his job was a bit dazed.

The laws he now understands are gold, wood, water, and void, which is two-thirds worse than the original twelve kinds of plans.

The remaining eight species, fire and earth, should be available in the Sun familys secret realm. As for the other winds, thunder, time, space, and reincarnation, the stars do not know whether the Sun family has it!

The laws of these attributes can naturally enter the emperor's realm without comprehension, but each comprehension of a law has very important meaning for his future cultivation and combat.

Cultivation is like building a building. You need to dig a foundation to secure the foundation. The foundation is like a sea of human blood. The deeper the foundation, the more stable the building!

The larger the blood sea, the more solid the foundation of cultivation. The size of the blood sea is directly related to how much essence blood one can store, how much spiritual power and fairy power one can store.

The next body and soul are like the frame of the building. After finishing the frame, you will start to paint it roughly. The rules are like cement and lime, which will make your wall stronger!

The law is like various materials for decoration. The ordinary five elements are the basic materials, and the other specific properties are luxury materials.

The rooms you renovated with ordinary materials and the rooms renovated with luxurious materials are completely two grades!

The gap between them is like the disciples of Zongmen and Sanxiu. They all seem to be able to live in rooms, but the actual price can be several times or even a dozen times!

The next Dao Tian Dao, and even the comprehension of the source, is like buying all kinds of furniture, whether you are buying mahogany furniture or wood **** board furniture.

The more avenues and heavens you understand, the more origin you have, the more expensive your family will be. At first glance there will be grades, just like the true disciples and elite disciples in the sect, people will have face at first glance!

And you only understand one kind of avenue, one kind of source, the more shabby your home...

The road is long, and I will search for it up and down!

Zhao Yuande finally decided to still follow the path envisaged before, and will definitely not change.

Just when Zhao Yuande made his decision, Sun Yang also came back!

"Brother Zhao, tell you the good news, the ancestors agreed to you!" Sun Yang suddenly showed an excited expression on his face when he saw Zhao Yuande,

"Well! I know!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he had returned to the right path, laughing, "It should not be so simple!"

"Brother Zhao is really smart!" Sun Yang had to give a thumbs-up, said, "My Sun's family was originally full, and if he wanted to get one, he would challenge one of the five people in my Sun's world, of course. There are four people besides me! But this should not be difficult for Brother Zhao."

"This is also true!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Among the remaining four of you, Brother Sun, who do you have conflicts with, or who do you dislike? I will help you take him down!"

"Hey! Just wait for Brother Zhao's words!" Sun Yang smiled, "Sun Daozhong, my younger brother's most favorable competitor Sun Daoyi's brother. This guy always troubles me on weekdays, I am If you are bothered, you can take him down!"

"It's easy to say! It's easy to say! But I want to go to your Sun's secret realm to understand various laws first. I don't know if I can do it!" Zhao Yuande made this request.

"This is not difficult! As long as Brother Zhao has fairy jade, everything is easy to say!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Okay! We will go to Sun's house three days later. Brother Sun will have to arrange it for me!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"Relax! From now on, my Sun family will be your second home, and my Sun Yang will be your brother!" Sun Yang felt extremely happy at this time, and he would also like to thank the fools of Xuan Jizong for pushing such a good brother Give yourself!

"Good! I remember Brother Sun's words!" Zhao Yuande focused on his head, and there was a warm feeling in his heart.

Of course, Zhao Yuande also knows that the competition among the Sun family is fierce. I am afraid that he will fall into the vortex of Sun Yang's struggle for master, but he is not worried!

With his means and ability, it is not very difficult for the Sun family to gain momentum in the Sun family.

"Brother Sun went back to practice! I will sit in the food court for three days and earn enough fairy jade first!" Zhao Yuande waved and made a decision.

"I'm waiting for the arrival of Brother Zhao at the Sun's house!" Sun Yang nodded and stepped away.

Zhao Yuande sat in the food court and welcomed another customer with the help of his old servant.

This customer spent eight million to get the quota.

"Master Chef, I don't know if I can solve the uncultivable problem for the little girl." This is a very handsome middle-aged scribe. Although he looks weak in appearance and appearance, his body exudes the same breath as the star picker. It must be a powerful fairy king.

The middle-aged scribes carefully brought out a yellow-faced girl from her own body world.

The middle-aged scribes looked at the girl's distressed face, but the girl barely smiled at her father. This smile made people feel a little sad!

The girl's breath was a little disturbed, as if there was a flame in the body that could explode at any time.

"Gu Qianqian, a child of the ancient family heir, mortal, Taiyi Youguang, high-end ingredients..."

"Taiyi ghost body!"

Zhao Yuande frowned. He had only heard of Tai Yi True Body, Tai Yi Holy Body, Tai Yi Fairy Body, Youguang Ba Body, Youguang True Spirit Body...

Taiyi holy water is supple, so the physique of Taiyi is a supple to yin body, and the ghost light fire is also a strange flame. It is soft and cold at night, but it is extremely hot during the day, and it is Zhiyang the fire!

Only the phantom body needs special cultivation skills to be able to practice, and with this kind of one body, the cold in the body at night will make people freeze directly. The body is now in the daytime, it seems that a body may explode at any time On fire.

To Zhao Yuande's surprise, this physique should die at the same time as it is excited.

However, the other party seems to have used a lot of powerful immortals to form another force in the body.

This power and Taiyi and Youguang formed a three-legged situation, which barely saved her life.

"Mr. Sure enough, I don't know if there is a way for me?" The middle-aged scribe, his eyes showed an extremely anxious look.

Zhao Yuande saw this physique at a glance, which gave him a glimmer of hope.

"This... this is not very difficult! But the treatment takes a certain amount of time, and there are still many secret techniques, and you can't be present. If you can promise this condition, I can try it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the middle-aged Scribe.

"This..." The middle-aged scribes frowned slightly.

"Dad! It doesn't matter, Qianqian wants to try it." Gu Qianqian looked at his father's eyes with a longing.

"Okay!" The middle-aged scribe nodded and looked at Zhao Yuande. "What materials do Master Chefs need?"