Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357: Take What You Need

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Zhao Yuande thought slightly, although the other party's physique was in conflict, but because of some external force, when she accumulated a lot of energy in her body, this was obviously the middle-aged scribe who had treated her daughter for many years, and let her take various fairy medicines, and finally silted up Made.

If one uses the engulfed body to **** up a physique, it may explode these huge energies.

If you take advantage of this outbreak period, you may be able to lead it to absorb it, and you may be able to make it to break through to the Yin and Yang unity.

He wrote a list of materials, in order to let the other party not doubt, also wrote the common fairy medicine.

"These... Basically, I have preparations on my body, just concentrate on the most common elixir. I don't have it here. I'll go out and buy it!" The middle-aged scribe looked at the list and couldn't help showing his face.

"Forget it, if there are several ordinary ones, I have stocks here!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "You leave your daughter here, you can leave first. After five hours, I promise you to see a brand new daughter. ."

"This...okay!" The middle-aged scribe nodded and looked at her daughter, "Qian Qian, Dad is waiting for you outside."

"Dad... rest assured!" Gu Qianqin nodded, his face showing a little anticipation.

The middle-aged scribes left quietly after leaving a storage ring.

Seeing that the middle-aged scribe left, Zhao Yuande got up and came to Gu Qianqian's side.

"Don't be nervous, you may have some pain when I urge the momentum, but if you insist on it, it will pass. Don't resist violently, otherwise you will be defeated!" Zhao Yuande put his palm on the back of the other side. On the side, a small reminder.

"Hmm! Please feel free to be an adult, Qian Qian can do it!" The girl's face showed a firm look.

Since her physique was stimulated, she lived in dire straits every day, and had to constantly eat all kinds of fairy medicines her father found, and endure the pain that ordinary people can't bear. It's just a little pain now, for her Not worth mentioning.

"Okay! Now I am in a stable mood and cooperate with me!" Zhao Yuande urged the body to swallow the vortex and gradually entered the other party...

Zhao Yuande has had several experiences, and now he is familiar with this kind of thing. He quickly inhaled the glorious physique of the other party into his body, forming a glorious bead.

After the completion of all this, Gu Qianqin suddenly felt a sense of comfort that had never been seen before, which was passed from her blood of Dantian blood, and the amount of violent violence in her body began to rotate madly.

Because Gu Qianqian has never practiced, and there is no way to practice any exercises, the ghost light fire that has lost its balance function, the huge stasis medicine that has accumulated over the years burst out suddenly and began to rampage in her body!

"Ah!" Gu Qianqian had just felt the comfort coming from his body, and was immediately swelled by the meridians of the violent and violent amount, and almost burst.

"Suck me..." Zhao Yuande hurriedly engulfed the vortex at this time, and began to absorb these violent amounts of madness, and inhaled this force into his palm, and began to impact the second star.


There was a slight click in Zhao Yuande's body, and his second star seemed to make a subtle sound.

Zhao Yuande was delighted, but the amount of violent violence that followed gradually subsided, and he could only interrupt the continued absorption.

This made him somewhat unsatisfied. If he could have so much power, his second star might start successfully.

But even so, he is already satisfied. Now that his strength has not increased, he has seen hope!

"Don't be careless now, your father must have taught you the exercises, you tried to start running, and I will make food for you now!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Huh!" Gu Qianqian now felt that his body had returned to normal, but it seemed weak.

She began to slowly guide the power in the body according to the exercises that her father had taught...

Zhao Yuande observed for a moment, and then began to take out the gluttonous true spirit tripod and make delicious food.

After four hours, Gu Qianqian was pleasantly surprised to eat the food.

In the endless aftertaste, she felt a warm and huge power, constantly circulating in her body...

"Come in!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to the middle-aged scribe who was anxiously waiting in the outer hall.

The middle-aged scribes rushed in and couldn't wait to see his daughter's face flushed and the steam on her head steamed, leaving only one of the three forces in her body.

He couldn't help but overjoy, and rushed to check his daughter's body directly.

"Don't move her, now help her to guide the strength in her body and form a fetus, and then use this power to enter the Yin-Yang unity in one fell swoop!" Zhao Yuande snorted.

"Oh!" The middle-aged scribes suddenly realized that he was hurriedly helping his daughter to cultivate according to what Zhao Yuande said.

I didn't know how long after that, Gu Qianqian made a loud noise in his mouth, and his eyes opened at once, his eyes showing infinite joy.

"Qianqin! You are finally okay!" The middle-aged scribe had an urge to cry at this time. In recent years, he rushed around for his daughter and traveled between continents in search of heaven and earth, but he has never been able to cure his daughter. Not only is it costly, but it also wastes cultivation.

Today it was finally possible to see the moon and see him, how could he be upset?

"Dad! I can finally practice! Finally, I can practice!" Gu Qianqin plunged into his father's arms, tears of excitement burst into tears.

"Okay! Okay! Dad can finally take you to the world with a sword! In the future, our father and daughter will run away from the fairyland, let your mother..." The middle-aged scribe said suddenly stopped here, a trace of sorrow appeared on his face.

"Forget dad! We won't mention her anymore, she will regret it someday!" Instead of expressing excitement and excitement, Gu Qianqian heard a cool color on her face.

"Okay! Let's not mention it at this time! Come here and thank Master Chef with me!" The middle-aged scribe took the daughter to Zhao Yuande and bent over him deeply.

"Thank you Master Chef!" Gu Qianqin was very grateful.

"Okay! We only need what we need!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"No! Without an adult, I am afraid that I can only live in guilt and self-blame in my life, and my Qian Qian will also suffer forever!" The middle-aged scribe gave a storage ring and a jade card to Zhao Yuande, " This is my gratitude to Gu Shenfeng, and I hope that my lords can do it!"

"Okay! Then I'm disrespectful!" Zhao Yuande dived into the storage ring and found that there were not only 50 million top-grade fairy jade, but also a lot of elixir.

"This jade card is my token of Gu Shenfeng. If someone holds this jade card, the strong men of all continents will give a little face." Gu Shenfeng's words were full of strong confidence.