Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359: Amazing City

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He came here one step and found a food court, but his arrival soon shocked Zheng Li!

"Song Jinglong, leave here! Master Chef is healing me Zong Taishang!" Zheng Li naturally knew this strong man, although he was on the site, but he was not afraid.

"Zheng Li is not a case of your day, and you are not tolerated here! If there is a thunder robbery here, my Xuanji Zongfang City will be devastated. Can you afford this responsibility?" Song Jinglong was a super elder of the Xuanji Sect, and naturally he was no stranger to the deputy suzerain of Tian Yizong.

"I care about Xuanjizong's flooding, don't preach before me, you are not qualified!" Zheng Li's eyes suddenly became very cold, ready to start.

Because although he was waiting in the outer hall, he could clearly feel that the coldness of Zheng Taishang was decreasing at a very slow rate. According to this speed, Zheng Taishang could wake up on his own for up to three days, as long as he could wake himself up, You can urge the body to heal yourself.

You know, as soon as he received Tai Zheng's help, he went through the void and came into the chaos of the void.

Although the Frostthorn Tiger listens to the name, there is nothing surprising, but it is indeed a terrible alien left over from the ancient times. There are almost no rivals under the Immortal Emperor. If it were not for him to hold a Sixth-grade Immortal Treasure, he would not dare to go to the rescue.

Although it was only a breathing time, the sting of the Frost Thorn Tiger penetrated Zheng Taishang's body. Zheng Taishang was frozen directly at that time, and even the soul was directly frozen. If he was not sealed in time himself A trace of true spirit, I am afraid it is already a corpse now.

Now there is hope, how could he let the other party come to destroy.

"In that case, don't blame my Xuanji Sect for being strong and weak, I will tell the Emperor Emperor and let the Elder Emperor tell you!" Song Jinglong's eyes turned cold and left, not enough to take a look in the sky at this time Zi quieted down, making him a little unexpected.

Zhao Yuande finally suppressed the violent force, and then began to absorb the cold frenzy again.

By this time, he had advanced three feet again, and the coldness he could feel was several times stronger than before, but this was already within his tolerance.

A day later, there was a slight click in his throat, and it turned out that the third star had absorbed enough power and began to become clear gradually.

Another day passed, Zhao Yuande advanced three feet again, and a second click made in his throat.

Just as Zhao Yuande was about to move forward again and continue to absorb the cold, Zheng Taishang's eyelids suddenly moved, and a gurgle sounded in his throat.

Zhao Yuande sighed softly in his heart, knowing that his good things had come to an end!

Sure enough, although he madly urged to swallow the vortex, but the cold absorbed was less and less!

In the end, there was a trace of glamour between the opening and closing of the eyes of Zheng Taishang.

Zhao Yuande knew that the other party was clearly awake.

"Vice Sovereign Zheng!" Zhao Yuande shouted helplessly and cleared his throat.

At this point, he is still a little bit away from the third star. If he can stick to it for another day, he should be able to open it!

If the star in the throat is opened, Zhao Yuande can use sound waves to attack the enemy. If it is to display the six-character mantra of Buddha Sect, it might be even more powerful!

But he was already very satisfied, he opened the second star at this time, his physical strength and strength were ten times stronger than before!

His pure power should now be able to fight against the strong mid-terms of the Divine Emperor, and if he uses powerful means, he should be able to kill the strong mid-terms.

His fighting power has gradually begun to recover!

The door was pushed open, and Zheng Li saw that Zheng Taishang already had his own consciousness, and he couldn't help showing a ecstatic face.

"Mr. Zheng, what do you think?" Zheng Li rushed forward and pinched Zheng Shangshang's wrist, and began to examine the condition inside his body.

"Already...barely..." Although Zheng Taishang's voice was intermittent, there was joy in it.

Soon Zheng Li also felt that the violent cold in Tai Zheng's body had gradually stabilized and reached the point where he could gradually recover.

"Thank you Master Chef!" Zheng Li looked at Zhao Yuande. The grateful color hero on his face did not fake. He put a storage ring on the ground. "This is a dim sum in my life. Please also ask Master Chef not to Disgusted!"

This master chef can even solve this terrible injury. In the future, he may find the other party's help.

Zheng Li didn't dare to be a little sloppy. He originally planned to pay the other party 50 million, which is not a big deal, but now he has changed his mind. There are 100 million top-grade fairy jade in the storage ring!

Zhao Yuande was also shocked by the 100 million, but he quickly calmed down, but he spent more than two days!

"As for Feng Taishang's problem, I will help Master Chef to solve it! Just wait for my good news!" Zheng Li hurriedly added.

"Oh... this is fine!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, he didn't care about waving this, "I'm a little tired, you leave!"

In fact, Zhao Yuande should have gone to the Sun's house now, but the cold that he absorbed in these two days was so exciting that he only delayed.

Watching the two leave, Zhao Yuande quickly changed his appearance.

Under the leadership of the old servant, he took the teleportation array and quickly arrived at the great city where the Sun family is, shocking the fairy city!

Jingxian City is one of the largest cities in Baihezhou. Its majestic magnificence does not rain at all. The Baidi City that Zhao Yuande saw.

However, it lacks a strong historical heritage than Baidi City.

"Introduce me to the shocking fairy city!" Zhao Yuande looked at the prosperous scene in the city and couldn't help but feel a little interested in this big city.

"We are shocked that the fairy city is located in the southwest of Baihezhou. It is located in the largest desert sunset desert in Baihezhou. There are countless fierce bandits in the desert. The folk customs here are fierce, so there are often wars in the city, but this big city was killed by me. Owned by the Men and Suns, usually no one would dare to do anything to our Suns!

"Is there any history in this amazing city?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"We were surprised that the construction of the Immortal City and the antiquity. It is said that the earliest was the palace of an ancient god. Later, the ancient **** was killed. Here, a group of powerful people gathered here to build the city with the palace as the center! Later because of the sunset desert There is a scorching scorpion in this country. Although this kind of fierce beast is not high in level, it has an acquired polar sun fire in the body. It is one of the best alchemy flames for ordinary pill masters, so many pill masters come to build in the city After the Danshi Association, the Danshi Association still exists and is prosperous!"

"Dan Shihui!" Zhao Yuande nodded, as he thought he should be a loose alchemy organization.