Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360: Sun Family

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"Because of the existence of the Danshi Association, we are shocked that Xiancheng is also the largest panacea trading city in Quanbai Hezhou!"

"Oh! Not bad, not bad!" Zhao Yuande nodded while listening, a slight smile appeared on his face.

"Take me to the Sun's house first!" Zhao Yuande had his mind in mind after hearing the Danshi Association, but now he still went to the Sun's house to see Sun Yang for the time being.


The old servant took Zhao Yuande around the city and soon reached a majestic palace.

Above the palace are three large characters of Jingxian Palace. From these three large characters, Zhao Yuande can feel a strong breath from ancient times.

Probably the name of Jingxian City came from this palace!

"This is the palace of the ancient god, which is now occupied by our Sun family!" The old servant introduced Zhao Yuande and took him up the steps of the palace.

"Who! I don't know if this is the Sun family's forbidden ground? If I dare to break into the blame, I will be merciless!" At this time, the black guards standing on both sides of the palace gate blocked the two of them, and the eyes were in the second. A constant glance at the person.

"Bold!" The old servant felt that he was being ignored, and at the same time, he was afraid that Zhao Yuande would be displeased. He hurried forward and screamed loudly, "Blind your dog's eyes, dare to run into the son!"

The old servant handed a token directly to the two guards.

Others don't know, but the old servant knows exactly what this means for the Sun family!

This is a big God of Wealth. He only earned 45 million yuan for the Sun family in just two shots. This is simply the constant rain in the sky to the Sun family, and all the water in the rain is fairy jade.

"Damn, **** it! Damn!" After seeing the token, the two guards looked pale and hurriedly bowed back.

"Huh!" Although the old servant said that he was an old servant, he also had great authority in the Sun family. The two guards obviously had not seen him before, otherwise they would not dare to be so arrogant!

"Son, please!" the old servant bowed.

"Okay! Don't do this, otherwise it will attract the attention of many people and may cause unnecessary trouble!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Yes!" The old servant nodded.

The two quickly entered the palace.

Just when the two disappeared, a few people turned out on the corner of the street not far away.

Among them is a young man with extraordinary temperament, his face always showing a charming smile.

Behind him were several young men who also looked non-trivial. They were surrounded by young men, all with flattering faces.

"Brother Sun! You shined in the Danshi Association this time, and successfully refined a piece of earth to return to Zhendan, which is really enviable!"

"Not bad! This time in the trial of the Hundred Heavens Kingdom, you can advance to the Divine Emperor Realm as long as you take this Dan Lima, which will suppress the geniuses of the other four forces of the audience!"

"Brother Sun's pharmacological knowledge really admired me as a mystical pill master. As long as my elder brother devotes a little energy to alchemy, I am afraid that he will become an immortal princess within ten years!"


"Ah! You guys praised! You praised!" Although the young man said false praise in his mouth, but there was a smug smile on his face

"All of you come to my Sun's house to eat some of the fairy grass fruit! The fairy grass fruit in my yard is ripe, everyone will try it today!" The young man heard the compliment and pleased several people.

"Okay! Then we might as well be respectful and obedient!" Everyone was full of joy.

Fairy grass fruit, although it is not a real fairy fruit, but it is also a eight-grade spirit fruit, which is not only delicious but also improves people's physique after eating.

If you take it regularly, it may make a person's physique advanced!

Everyone stepped up the steps, and the two black guards saw the young son, and suddenly nodded and bowed, as if they saw their master.

"Little Lord!"

"Little Lord!"

"Is there anyone who can come to the Sun's house today?" the young man asked, looking at the two black guards lightly.

"Back to Young Master, an old servant brought a young son into the family." One of the guards said.

"Old servant? What kind of old servant?" The young boy's eyes froze.

"I have never seen this old servant, but the shelf is very large, and there are blue tokens in his hands." The guard answered.

"Cyan token!" The young son was surprised, but immediately thought of the identity of this old servant.

Everyone in the Sun's family will issue tokens. What color tokens represent what kind of identity.

Ranked in order is red orange yellow green blue blue purple, red is the lowest, and purple is the highest.

The person who can hold the purple token has the status of the family in the family second only to the elders, but the elders.

I am afraid that this old servant has only one Sun family, that is black old!

An old servant who once looked at the owner, his father, grew up.

According to legend, this old servant was the guard of the previous generation of the head of the family, and later helped the previous generation of the head of the family to teach his father this generation of cultivation.

After the father's generation grew up, he began to teach them this generation, but because he had another opportunity, he had been practicing outside since childhood, so he was not familiar with this old servant.

But the whole family respected him very much, and even Grandpa gave him the cyan token to express the importance the whole Sun family attached to him.

"Brother Sun?"

Many young sons behind him could not help but ask when they saw this man thinking.

"Oh! It's nothing!" The young son waved his hand and told the guard with a roar, "Go tell my brother that the person he is waiting for may have arrived!"

"Yes! Young Master." The guard hurried into the Sun's house.

"If there is something wrong with Brother Sun, we can come again next time!" Someone saw the gloomy glint on the young man's face and couldn't help but jump in his heart.

This brother-in-law looks peaceful, but in fact he is very irritable and has a terrible fighting power. It is said that he is almost invincible in the same rank. Everyone is afraid of him.

"It's all right! Let's continue, continue!" The young son shook his head and led the crowd into the Sun's house.

But the bodyguard had already hurried towards the Sun family in another direction.

Soon he appeared in a Beyond Garden and knocked on the door gently.

"Who?" A crisp female voice came out of it.

"The little came by the command of the young master and wanted to see the young master!" The guard carefully stated his purpose.

"Well! Wait, I'll blame my son!" The woman seemed to be just a maid, and hurried into Bieyuan.

After a while, the gate of Kung Fu Bieyuan opened, and a pretty young maid took the guards into it.

A sweaty teenager is practicing a set of boxing techniques in the performance martial arts field of Bieyuan. Every move and every style is very slow, but it gives a very mysterious feeling.