Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361: Bloody Battle

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"Huh? My elder brother asked you to come?" The teenager finished his punches and turned his eyes to the guard.

"Yes! The young master said, the person you are waiting for may have arrived!" The bodyguard answered carefully.

"Oh!" The boy's eyes suddenly became very cold, and the guard shivered involuntarily.

"Go on!" The teenager dropped some top-grade fairy jade to the guard.

The bodyguard took it hurriedly, and left Bieyuan happily.

But after walking out of the gate of Beyond Garden, he could not help deflated his mouth and secretly said, this young master is too **** stingy!

At this time, Zhao Yuande had been led by the old servant into the depths of the Sun's family and appeared in front of a darkened hall.

"Sonson, this is the residence of my master. He is now retreating inside. Would you like me to wake you up," the old servant respectfully said.

"No, just find a place for me to take a break!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, "Notify me when Brother Sun finishes his cultivation!"

"Yes! Son!" The old servant arranged a rest place for Zhao Yuande beside the gray hall.

Zhao Yuande rested for a while, and Sun Yang appeared anxiously in front of him.

"Brother Zhao! I finally gave you hope!" Sun Yang gave Zhao Yuande a big hug, the expression on his face could not be concealed.

"Oh! I want to come long ago!" Zhao Yuande was also very happy.

"Go, take you to see my grandpa. The old man knows that you are coming and has already arranged a place for you! I even arranged the best shop for you in Jingxian City! Let you re-shop the food court here Drive up!" Sun Yang pulled Zhao Yuande excitedly and left.

"Oh! I'll appreciate the kindness of seniors. The worse the location of the store, the better. Let's not rely on good location to pull people!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Yes! I dreamed about it and forgot..."


The two were chatting, and soon appeared in front of another quiet courtyard.

"Yang'er, you brought your friends!" They squeaked away from them before they knocked on the door.

A spirited old man looked up and down excitedly!

"Brother Zhao, this is my grandfather!" Sun Yang introduced.

"Zhao Yuande has seen his predecessors!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly arched his hands.

"This is Master Chef! Little old son Sun Zhong." Sun Zhong looked at Zhao Yuande's face and showed strong interest.

"Ah! Seniors don't make fun of me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand hurriedly, with an awkward look on his face.

"Come! I will take you to your small courtyard first!" Sun Zhong and Sun Yang are both grandchildren and grandchildren.

Sun Yang shrugged helplessly, followed Zhao Yuande in a hurry to follow Sun Zhong's pace.

They traversed among a group of palaces, and soon came to a beautiful mountain before the peaceful small courtyards lined up one after another.

The spirit of the fairy here is ten times stronger than the outer realm, and practicing here will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

"Brother Zhaos Spirit Mountain is the most central place of my Suns family, and only important disciples are eligible to live on this Spirit Mountain! And the higher the Reiki, the stronger the Aura, and there are many laws of power in the void. From time to time, this is the powerful effect of Lingshan's large mountain protection array and the Eighth Void Forbidden Spirit Array!" Sun Yang introduced it like Shujiazhen.

"Hey!" Sun Zhong in front of him also smiled proudly, "The ancestor ordered me to handle everything about you, and you can directly contact me about your affairs at the Sun's house in the future."

"Grandpa! Is Brother Sun's courtyard arranged at the foot of the mountain or halfway up the mountain?" Sun Yang asked curiously.

"You will know in a moment!" Sun Zhong's mouth smiled mysteriously, and he sold Guan Zi.

"Xiaozhong, here you come!" Two old grey-haired men at the foot of the mountain were playing against each other. After seeing the three men coming, they couldn't help but nod at Sun Zhong slightly.

"Two grandfathers, I brought an honorable guest at the order of my ancestors. I don't know if you two received the notice." Sun Zhong and Zhao Yuande were called Xiaozhong, and Sun Zhong's face was also somewhat It feels hot.

"Hehe! The old ancestors told us long ago, you go to the 19th day of the word!" One of the old men carefully looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

"Okay! Stop watching, let's continue!" another old man urged anxiously.

"Hiss! Tianzi 19th! It turned out to be Tianzi 19th!" Sun Yang couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Even Sun Zhong was slightly stunned at this moment, his face also showed an incredible look.

"Tianzi No.19? Is there anything special?" Zhao Yuande looked at the expressions of the two and couldn't help but show a suspicious look on his face.

"Tianzi on the 19th! There was nothing special in the original, but it became a taboo after being lived by a sixth-grade fairy princess a hundred years ago!" Sun Yang whispered, "Brother Zhao, you must be careful this time. !"

"It's okay! It's okay! This Master Liupin now has inheritors, and there are no major events now!" Sun Zhong quickly explained.

"Grandpa! Don't forget who is the inheritor of the Sixth Grade Master Dan. If he hears Brother Zhao occupying the 19th day of Tianzi, he will definitely be in trouble with Brother Zhao. What exactly does the patriarch mean?" Sun Yang said there was a trace of dissatisfaction on his face.

"Don't talk nonsense! The arrangement of the ancestors must have the deep meaning of his old family. Don't guess at your children's house." Sun Zhong hurriedly shook his head at Sun Yang, beckoning him to stop talking.

"Brother Sun is alright!" Zhao Yuande waved at Sun Yang, and then smiled at Sun Zhong, "Senior takes me! I want to see who dares to find me in trouble!"

"Hehe! The little guy has courage! Yes, young people should be like this, I was..." Sun Zhong looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but gave him a thumbs up.

"Grandpa! You are only over a thousand years old now. It's the best time. Why should you quit Sun's management..."

Sun Yang suddenly raised this question, causing the old man to fall into silence at once.

"Did you see the relationship between your uncle and several uncles? They are all my children..." Sun Zhong said halfway through his eyes, and the tears in his eyes almost came out.

"But..." Sun Yang wanted to say something.

"Okay! Don't let Master Chef cook read the joke, let's stop talking about it!" Sun Zhong shook his head and led the way.

"Fine Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande patted Sun Yang's shoulder gently, he probably could understand what Sun Zhong meant.

The other party was tired of those open fights in the family, and he wanted to devote himself wholeheartedly to cultivation.

In order to forget, the **** battle between the sons for the title of the head of the family.