Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1362

Chapter 1362: Peerless

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The small courtyard on the 19th of Tianzi is located near the top of the mountain on the middle of the mountain. Although the courtyard is small, it is very fresh and elegant, and it is most suitable for cultivation.

"This is the residence of Master Chef. This is the token of this small courtyard. No one can enter without this token." Sun Zhong took out the token and gave it to Zhao Yuande.

The token is engraved with this Lingshan, and the reverse is engraved with the five big characters of the nineteenth day of the word.

"Thank you senior!" Zhao Yuande thanked, "I still have something to ask senior."

"Master Chef, please don't be polite, although you are friends with Xiaoyang, but you are Master Chef in front of me, just ask me anything." Sun Zhong's attitude is quite respectful and humble, he can't see that this is a fairy. The strong, can't even see that this used to be a grandson of the Sun family!

"I don't know what rules our Sun family can understand in the secret realm. It is only half a month away from the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. I want to be stronger as soon as possible." Zhao Yuande asked.

"The secret realm needs a lot of great immortal jade to start...I forgot that the most important thing for Master Chef is the immortal jade!" Sun Zhong frowned first, and then beat his head heavily, suddenly realized that "the five elements in the secret realm are complete, and there are There are twelve kinds of wind, thunder, ice, yin, yang, time and space."

"How to charge?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"The fee is the same as Xuanji Sect's Secret Valley, but you need to apply in advance with all the elders!" Sun Zhong continued, "But if Master Chef wants to go in and understand something, I can take the lead, but only what I need Xianyu is unable to save, this is not my authority."

"Anyway! Anyway!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

As the other party said, he does not lack immortal jade.

"Brother Sun, otherwise you should try it! I can help you bear part!" Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang.

"Don't! Don't do that, Master Chef, you can't make us humans by doing this. This is not a little bit of fairy jade, but the dynamic is hundreds of millions, this is absolutely impossible!" Sun Zhong heard Zhao Yuande I can't help but wave my hand.

"But I have some savings. Xiaoyang, take it with Master Chef!" Sun Zhong thought for a while, took out a storage ring and handed it to Sun Yang.

Sun Yang's eyes lit up, and he quickly reached out to take over. When he saw the numbers, he couldn't help but feel grateful.

"Okay! I'll take you here. Before the Huntian Immortal Kingdom's trial, I can add an extra force, and the benefits I get may be a bit more!" Sun Zhong nodded gently.

Zhao Yuande got acquainted with his small courtyard, and then followed the two grandchildren to the secret hall.

"Oh, Master God, your challenge is arranged three days later, when the ancestors will come in person, I hope you must be kind to the group of cubs!" Sun Zhong suddenly thought of this matter, in advance Asked for his grandson.

"Seniors rest assured, my principle is that people do not commit me, I do not commit anybody, as long as the other party maintains a certain standard, I will never arbitrarily."

This is a criterion for him to do things. He doesn't like being bullied, and he doesn't like to stay in trouble.

The other party was so kind to him, everyone calmly discussed! If he attempts to play any conspiracy against himself, Zhao Yuande will absolutely crush it with no scruples.

"You're so young and youthful!" Sun Zhong nodded. He already had some speculation about Zhao Yuande's words, "Let's go! We will pass now."

They soon came to the Secret Realm Hall. "

The Sun Family's Secret Realm Hall looks more formal than the Xuanji Sect's Secret Realm Valley, and the rules are in the two halls.

But here is the same as Xuan Jizong's Secret Valley, no one patronizes, only an old man is dozing.

"Old brother, I'll come to you to tell the old!" Sun Zhong saw the old man suddenly moved up excitedly.


The two old guys greeted a few words, and Sun Zhong explained the intention.

"Brother Zhong, we can't be late for a long time, let these two little guys do the right thing!" The old man hurriedly led the three into the hall of the rule of secret realm.

"I will understand the law of fire first!" Zhao Yuande walked to the door of the law of fire.

"I understand the law of water!" Sun Yang seemed to be competing with Zhao Yuande to see where he was from the other party.

"Brother Zhong, this is your grandson, who is this?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande's voice and felt a bit unpredictable.

"He is a peerless demon invited by our ancestors, a cash cow! Our Sun family may even expect him to climb to the top in the future!" Sun Zhong whispered to each other quietly, but he couldn't say it clearly.

"Oh! Peerless evildoer! I remember that our Sun family had an immortal ancestor, who once left a record of 218 breaths. I don't know how long it will take him to understand the law of fire?" .

"I'm also looking forward to it. The ancestors attached great importance to him and made me jealous." In fact, Sun Zhong didn't know Zhao Yuande very much, but only knew his identity as a **** chef.

Although the identity of God Chef is enough to go against the sky, he is ignorant of the talents of cultivation.


The two old men waited while chatting, looking at the door of the law of fire with expectation.

At this moment the fire flashed at the gate, and the void swayed gently, and a figure came out of the gate of the law of fire.

"One hundred and thirty-eight breaths! How is this possible!" The old man saw the number displayed on the jade beside him, and his eyes almost glared!

"This..." Although Sun Zhong was already mentally prepared, when he saw this number, he was still deeply shocked!

"Two seniors, what's wrong?" Zhao Yuande looked at their eyes and couldn't help but smile in the corner of his mouth.

Even he himself felt that the comprehension of the law of fire was very smooth, somewhat unexpected.

Of course, this is not without reason. First of all, he once understood the law of fire in the lower realm. Although the two are different in nature, they are ideal.

Thirdly, he is the Chaos Eucharist, and he has a very good affinity for all elements. He cultivates all laws, rules, avenues, and even heavenly paths a few points faster than others.

Otherwise, his time may be doubled or even more.

"Cough! It's nothing, you used 138 interest, you should pay me 6.9 million top grade immortal jade." The old man was cold for a long time before he eased himself, and quickly coughed to cover up the embarrassment.

"Don't worry! Don't you have to comprehend other laws? Waiting together!" Sun Zhong waved his hand and gave a glance at the old man.