Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363: Old Brother

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"Oh! I still premature to hand in some! The family should have family rules." Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring and handed it to the old man. "This is 50 million high-grade fairy jade. I should be more than enough for me to realize all this The law is over, let's make up for less."

"Oh!" The old man took the storage ring and took a breath.

This kid is too wealthy, and just throw away 50 million!

If it is replaced by other disciples, it will definitely take 50 million to buy some powerful immortals, powerful immortals, and let your self-cultivation and combat power increase rapidly!

Although the young man's approach in front of him is to practice the right way, he seems to be much older!

In fact, he knew Zhao Yuande, and there was no immortal treasure on Zhao Yuande. He was a **** chef, a inheritor of Taoism, and even a former Holy Master.

He wanted to improve and cultivate as easily as possible, but what Zhao Yuande wants now is to quickly improve and cultivate, and he must lay the foundation!

"Today I can only comprehend one more law, and I'm afraid I will hurt the soul if there is more!" Zhao Yuande looked at the door of the last law of earth in the Five Elements and resolutely walked in.

"This... this is indeed a demon, a peerless demon!" Seeing Zhao Yuande's figure disappearing into the gate of the law of earth, the old man said with a trembling voice.

"Hey... Its still the ancestor Zonghui who knows people well, and this persons future achievements are unlimited!" Sun Zhongqiang endured not to tell Zhao Yuande the identity of the **** chef to the other party. This is the core secret of the family. Only a few ancestors and He knew that even the head of the Sun family did not have the authority to know.

"I don't know how much time your grandson can understand the law of water. According to his qualifications, he should be able to approach the record of 232 interest!" The old man transferred his curiosity about Zhao Yuande to Sun Yang.

Sun Yang's Qianyuan Immortal Body was actually unknown to the old man, but he could be listed as a young master, and his talent would not be too bad.

"Hey! Although Yang's qualifications are good, he still has some reluctance to surpass the records left by his ancestors, but even if it's not as good as the difference, it won't be too much!" Sun Zhong nodded, and there was a trace on his face. Looking forward to the color.

When they looked forward to looking at the gate of the law of water, there was a sudden wave of water in the gate, and a burly figure among the vast waves of smoke slowly came out.

"Two hundred and thirty-one!" Next to the gate of the law of water, Yubi flashed the original number, and the new record became two hundred and thirty-one!

"Haha! Good! Good!" Sun Zhong was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed, his complacent face could not be concealed.

"Sure enough, it is the young master's choice. This kind of comprehension has surpassed the ancestors and broke the records left by the ancestors. Although it is only a breath, it is worth letting all grandfathers know!" The old man was even more excited. He is always deserted here, but only occasionally disciples come here.

Today, some people break the discipline, which makes the old man too excited.

"Hey! Don't..." Sun Zhong hurriedly prevented the old man from informing the family.

"Why! This is a good thing! This is enough to make the family pay more attention to your grandson!" The old man looked at Sun Zhong puzzled.

"It will bring attention, but it will also bring jealousy and resentment!" Sun Zhong looked solemnly at the gate of the law of earth. "More importantly, Zhao Yuande is now in the gate of the law of earth. What he created I am afraid that the record will cause huge waves, which is extremely unwise!"

"Okay!" The old man exhaled a long breath.

However, the excitement on his face did not decrease by a few points. After thinking about it for a moment, he took out a storage ring and gave it to Sun Zhong.

"This... what does this mean?" Sun Zhongshen glanced at the storage ring and found that there were 20 million top-grade immortal jade, and he asked.

"It's a little bit of my love for Ling Sun, and it's also some support for your old brother!" The old man said with a trace of desolation on his face, "My son Ming Feng feared the Sun's family to fight without wives and no children. There is no apprenticeship, and Xiuwei has now reached the end, old brother, your grandson is also my grandson!"

You should know that this old man is cultivated as a fairyland, and has been guarding the secret hall. The wealth on his body has been accumulated before, not a lot!

Twenty million has already let this old man take out most of his family property!

Although the other party has some investment meaning on the surface, in fact the other party does not need to invest at all!

To know that this old man is older than Sun Zhong, I don't know how much, maybe it is tens of thousands of years old, or even more than a hundred thousand years old!

He was a soldier who followed Sun Zhong to fight against Baihezhou, and the old servants Zhao Yuande had seen before were all people of their time. Their qualifications have reached the end, and now there is no hope of promotion in life, but they are silently. For the family.

These people have already contributed everything to the family, and basically have no desire!

He was able to come up with 20 million, firstly because of his brotherhood with Sun Zhong, and secondly, to see that Sun Yangs talent should continue to lead the Sun family to glory. As for his selfishness, it basically does not exist. of.

"Good! Good! Old brother!" Sun Zhong was a little excited in his eyes, he hurriedly pulled Sun Yang Road, "I don't hurry to give you wind grandpa, if you can really become the head of the Sun family in the future, you must not forget your wind Grandpa's kindness!"

"Thank you Grandpa Feng!" Sun Yang knelt and bowed his head respectfully.

"Good! Good!" The old man gently lifted Sun Yang, only satisfied in his eyes.

"Two grandpas, I don't know Brother Zhao now..." Sun Yang didn't see Zhao Yuande, he couldn't help but look strange.

"This..." The two old men looked at each other, not knowing whether to say.

Say they are afraid to beat Sun Yang's self-confidence.

"The two grandpas! Brother Zhao's talent is simply not what I can match, so just say it!" Sun Yang knew what they were worried about when he looked at the expression of the second old man, and immediately relieved.

"Hey! See for yourself!" Sun Zhong pointed to the jade jade beside the gate of the law of fire.

"Thirty-eight breaths!" Sun Yang took a breath.

Although he had been prepared for a long time in his heart, he was still deeply shocked.

"This guy..." Sun Yang couldn't help but was also speechless!

He witnessed the growth of Zhao Yuande step by step. When he first saw him, Zhao Yuande was just a handy disciple in the yin and yang unity. At that time, he was a realm!

But after only a few months, the other party overtakes himself!

And if it is not for the other party to help themselves with food for many times, if it is not for the family to upgrade to the realm at any cost, the law... I am afraid that I still cannot reach the current height!