Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364: Day 19

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"Huh..." Sun Yang exhaled heavily, which only slightly suppressed the shock.

He knows a lot about Zhao Yuande's secrets, knows that the other party has countless secrets, and has magical things that others can't think of, so no matter what amazing actions Zhao Yuande makes, he won't feel too shocking.

Of course, this shock was also his expectation, but I didn't expect such a big one.

"I have to go on, I must not let Brother Zhao drag me down, otherwise how can I become his brother!" Sun Yang gritted his teeth and continued to walk to the door of the law of fire.

The fairy jade grandpa gave him was enough for him to comprehend the two rules, and with the 20 million yuan that Grandpa Feng had just made, he should be able to comprehend the four rules!

Although he does not have Zhao Yuande's ambition to comprehend the twelve laws, he must also comprehend eight kinds!

In fact, the eight rules of the world realm are already rare in the fairyland. Many people want to quickly ascend. They all directly understand one or two!

Of course, this has caused their future roads to be narrower and narrower. It is also why there are billions of cultivators in the fairy world, and the fairy emperor on the bright surface is not more than 1,000, the fairy king is not more than 100,000, and the king of the fairy emperor on the next level. There is only one!

Seeing Sun Yang's firm pace, the two old men looked at each other and all smiled!

They did not expect that Sun Yang not only was not hit, but also ignited a blazing flame!

They seem to witness a future fairy emperor is slowly growing!

At this moment, the gate of the Law of Earth flickered, and Zhao Yuande stepped out of the gate on the steps of the earth wave.

"One hundred and forty-four breaths!" The two old men were already numb!

Although the two saw this record, they were still shocked, but with the previous record, they were somewhat surprised.

Zhao Yuande was a little tired of the soul at this time. As soon as he came out, he sat directly on the ground cross-legged and began to slowly recover the power of the lost soul.

He has now comprehended the seven laws of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, stars, and void, and five laws have reached his established goals. He decided that he must realize twelve kinds of understanding before entering the heaven complete.

Immediately after entering the Huntian Immortal Kingdom Trial, he will use the Blood God Stone to promote his cultivation to the Emperor Realm!

After a while, Sun Yang also walked out of the gate of the law of fire. This time he used 221 fully. Although it was not as good as the previous ancestor of the immortal emperor, it was only a three interest difference. It's already very against the sky.

However, compared with Zhao Yuande, it still eclipsed a lot.

"Okay! It's exhausting to understand the two laws in one day! You have to rest for at least one to two days!" Sun Zhong's voice was warned with a hint, "Don't rush, or you will be hurt The foundation of the spirit of the soul will be outweighed by the time!"

"Yes!" Both nodded.

"Brother, let's go first! If it's okay, I'll come over and talk to you. I hope my brother won't bother me!" Sun Zhong nodded to the old man and left with the two of them.

"The two of my Sun family really want to rise! I really look forward to seeing the day when Sun Jiajun is in Baihezhou!" The old man's eyes had infinite expectations.

The three left the secret hall, and Sun Zhong found an excuse to leave.

Only two young people remained together.

"Brother Sun, would you like to sit in my small courtyard?" Zhao Yuande issued an invitation.

"No, I don't have Brother Zhao's innate talent. I want to go back to practice quickly and work hard for the Huntian Immortal Kingdom half a month later!" Sun Yang has been stimulated by Zhao Yuande at this time to become a cultivation demon.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and there was also relief on his face.

The two separated, and Zhao Yuande returned to his small courtyard and began to restore his own soul power.

At this time, the young son of the Sun family still tasting tea and eating jelly grass fruit suddenly got a message.

His complexion was suddenly ugly!

"Brother Sun? What's wrong?" Someone found something wrong and asked carefully.

"Damn! Damn!" The young man threw a beautiful jade wine glass to the ground.

Everyone was silent, and no one dared to say anything more.

The young man looked very ugly. He gritted his teeth and said: "Whose idea is it! The word No.19 is my master's residence, and it will become my residence in the future. Why would someone even give it to the **** thing!"

He fell into the wine glass and was still not disappointed. He slapped it on the jade table in front of him.


The jade table shattered, and a large patch of cracks appeared on the ground below, spreading like a spider web in all directions!

Half of the Sun family felt the shaking of the earth, and countless people turned their eyes in this direction.

"Come here!" the young man shouted.

"The young master ordered!" A bodyguard in the distance hurried to the young man, kneeling on the ground with half knees, his face showing fear.

"Click!" The young man slapped the guard's head with a slap.

Blood and white brain splatters splashed, and the splashing young boy screamed.

The young man breathed the **** gas between his noses, and his eyes suddenly turned red, but his excited emotions gradually calmed down at this time.

At this time his eyes flashed with cold killing opportunities, and terrible calm!

"Let's go!" The blood-red eyes glanced at the young men and said coldly, "Remember what happened here, don't give out a word, otherwise you know what will end!"

The people nodded, like chickens eating rice, and their eyes were all fearful.

Seeing the disappearance of the crowd, the young man sneered, "Come here, pull me out!"

After that, he flew away and left the courtyard.

The young man actually lives in Lingshan, but his small courtyard is at the bottom.

After two days of rest, he spent a hundred days in the trial space of the pursuit!

He reorganized the Five Elements Principle to make his newly-created inner world more perfect and the world power stronger.

He also tried to integrate a lot of legal artistic conception and sword intention, but also achieved a little.

To prevent him from using a sword, he will only use the trick of Bihai Chaosheng, so it is easy to be targeted!

He named his swordsmanship, Jin Ge iron horse, fallen leaves Zhiqiu, Bihai Chaosheng, Xinghuo Liaoyuan, peak circulation.

Soon he left the other side of the world and pushed the door out of the courtyard.

Today is the third day, challenging the qualifications of the heavenly kingdom.

"Master! You are out! The time is coming!" The old servant stood at the gate of the small court and waited very respectfully at this time.

"Oh! Then take me over!" Zhao Yuande nodded.