Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365: Challenge

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The old servant soon took Zhao Yuande to a huge square. One of the squares had a large battle platform, and there were already a crowd of people around the battle platform.

The two came to the battle platform, and suddenly countless eyes turned on the two.

Walking to the battle platform, Zhao Yuande saw an old man with a goatee looking at him cheerfully. The old man with a goatee looks far from ordinary people, but his body exudes a kind of suffocating breath.

"Have seen the fairy emperor!"

Zhao Yuande hurriedly bowed to salute.

"Well! That's right, that's right! Jue Chen's old guy is a fool!" The old man said, although other people didn't know what it meant, Zhao Yuande was very clear about the salute.

"Since you came to our Sun family and made this request, I have no reason to refuse you, but in order to convince everyone, you still have to show some strength!" The goat Hu Xiandi had a joy that could not be concealed. .

Ability to absorb Zhao Yuande into their Sun's family is simply heaven's favor!

In fact, as a high-ranking fairy emperor, he did not have to control the opinions of Sun's family, but he really wanted to see how powerful Zhao Yuande was, so he only made this request.

"Predecessors said it is reasonable, everything in fairy world must be spoken according to strength, if plain white for no reason deprived me of a genius, I am afraid this genius is also dissatisfied, this battle is very necessary!" Zhao Yuande faced a fairy Emperor strong, naturally must maintain due respect.

In terms of personal strength alone, the immortal emperor in front of him wants to kill himself, which is easier than killing an ant.

Zhao Yuande quickly followed the Immortal Emperor to the battle platform. At this time, there were five people standing on the battle platform, and Sun Yang was awesome.

"These five people are the top five of my Sun family in the world. They are also the five people who went to the Huntian Fairyland for trial this time. If you want to get a quota, you must defeat one of these five people!" Goat Hu Xiandi Pointed at five people.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande blinked at Sun Yang first, and then looked at the other four one by one.

Among these four men, two men and two women, the men are teenagers, heroic hair, the women are all cyan girls, pretty and moving.

These four people are obviously younger than Sun Yang by a few years. Speaking of them, Sun Yang's training qualifications are somewhat inferior to these people.

But the Qianyuan Immortal Body has made up for everything. Even now, he is just a combination of yin and yang, which will be more valued than these four people.

"That's Sun Daozhong!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two teenagers with a faint smile on his face.

"Sure enough!" Many people are like mirrors at this time in their hearts.

They had long heard that Sun Yang had brought back a helper. Since Sun Yang's helper challenged Sun Daozhong, that would be a sure thing.

Among the onlookers in the distance, the young boy's eyes were extremely cold.

There was a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, which made everyone around him feel a chill.

"Haha! Now that you have chosen me, then I will be desperate for you for this quota!" One of the teenagers suddenly laughed, he laughed unrestrainedly, he laughed unscrupulously, and endless passbooks in his smile Anger and killing intent.

"Huh?" Hearing Sun Daozhong's words, even the Emperor Goatee frowned slightly.

But he quickly shook his head helplessly, he knew that the descendants of the Sun family were over!

The other party apparently prepared a lot of killing moves and wanted to deal with Zhao Yuande.

But he knows Zhao Yuande very well. He sent a lot of information to the lower realm to collect a lot of information and got a lot of amazing secrets.

Not to mention the disciples of the world, even if the disciples of the Sun family in the emperor realm want to kill Zhao Yuande, it is absolutely impossible!

"Just do it!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly and whispered, "I am very principled. If you have the idea of killing me, don't blame me for being merciless!"

"Hum! Take my qualifications, break my way, how can I be at peace with you in this deep hatred! Today is not your death or my death!" Sun Daozhong came to Zhao Yuande in front of him, and his eyes were murderous.

"Okay! In that case, I will let you take the shot first, which is also a chance to give you a shot!" Zhao Yuande's expression was dull, as if he was not fighting in life and death.


In the hands of Sun Daozhong, a long sword was raised, and a cold beam of light swept through the sky, and suddenly the sky was full of wind and wind. The endless horror wind blade cut the void, and the defensive formations around the battle platform were all choked with cutting.

Everyone only feels that they are now in a desert of wind and sand, surrounded by endless hurricanes.

At the same time, a black flame rushed out of his body and flooded into Zhao Yuande, covering the entire battle platform in an instant.

Everyone could not clearly see the battle in the battle platform at this time, only the endless black gas and the violent wind blade continued to cut.

"This kind of attack! Even the emperor might not stop it!"

"That's a dark black fire, a terrible acquired flame, with a terrible poison inside, and ordinary people will die!"

"This is the artistic conception of the sword! When this artistic conception comes out, it can crush almost all ordinary practitioners!"

"It seems that the other party is careless, he certainly did not expect Sun Daozhong to be so powerful!"

"Its just an outsider, I dont know what it is that makes the immortal emperor ancestors value it. I think he is going to die this time!"

"Yes! Outsiders want to suppress our Sun family genius, he dreams!"


Many people of the Sun family were instigated at this time, squeezing Zhao Yuande, an outsider, to the opposite side instantly, making them fight against the enemy!

At this time, even Sun Yang was a bit worried about Zhao Yuande. He didn't expect that Sun Daozhong could have Bi You Black Fire!

Because this blue dark fire is the flame of Sun Daoyi, this is his blaze!

The goatee fairy emperor's brows were slightly frowned, and an unpleasant expression appeared on his face.

If Zhao Yuande really died here, their Sun family would have lost a lot!

To know the identity of Zhao Yuande's **** chef, if he has always made money enough to earn the income of a large city of the Sun family, what a tens of millions a day is a huge return!

He was monitoring the battles in his radiant battle platform. In case Zhao Yuande was really in danger, he would definitely rescue him immediately.

However, under the sweep of his soul, he suddenly saw Zhao Yuande standing quietly in the endless sharp wind blade, letting the black flames burn.

And he didn't even leave a little wound on his body!

"Now it's my turn!" Suddenly remembered Zhao Yuande's voice in the battle platform.

"What! He's okay, how is this possible!" Many people under the battle were surprised when he heard Zhao Yuande's voice.

"It's not uncommon to be able to withstand the concept of the sword, but this dark and black fire has terrible temperature and toxic, I am afraid that the emperor and the strong can not bear the Lord!"

"This person is terrible, I think Sun Daozhong seems to be defeated!"