Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: An Outsider

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Just as everyone was talking, they seemed to hear the sound of waves pounding.

The endless hurricane and black flames on the battle platform disappeared, and a vast blue ocean appeared.

Zhao Yuande stood alone in the middle of the ocean, with a sword in his hand shaking towards Sun Daozhong.

At the same time, the sea suddenly rolled over and the endless waves hit the sky.

And that sword light was unimaginably slow at this time, and the giant wave came to Sun Daozhong in an instant and slapped him down!

"Huh! This kind of artistic conception is also out of shame..." Sun Daozhong just showed a trace of disdain, but the color changed suddenly at the next moment.

"Brother be careful!" There was a loud drink from a distance, and the young son and grandson came to the battlefield in a flash.

"What are you going to do?" Suddenly an ice-cold voice came into Sun Daoyi's soul. This voice was filled with the terrible will of life and death, making his heart cold at this moment.

He instantly heard who was talking!

It is the demon emperor of the Sun family!

That is, the old man who looks amiable and always has a goatee on it!

The name of the demon began in the fairy demon war 50,000 years ago. The fairy emperor was only a fairy monarchy at that time, and he was alone in the army of the demon world, killing dozens of powerful devil monarchs. The hunt still escaped alive to the camp of the fairy world.

At that time, it was given the name of Zhumo by the Central Immortal Palace!

The name of the Immortal Emperor is not everyone's name, but the name given by the Central Immortal Palace!

Being able to get the name "Zhumo" shows how powerful the Zhumo Xiandi was!

This fairy emperor entered the realm of immortal emperor all the way, killing countless, although now is only a mid-level strong emperor, but its combat power can be ranked in the top 20 even in Baihezhou!

In front of such an immortal emperor, he did not dare to give Sun Dao ten thousand guts.

"The juniors just love their brothers earnestly, and hope the immortal emperor to forgive sins!" Sun Dao knocked down on the ground with a thump, and gave the goatee the evil demon emperor nine knocks.

"Humph!" Zhu Mo Xiandi snorted coldly, and ignored him again.

At this time, on the battle platform, the blue sea was rippling, and a long black arrow looked slowly, but it started later and penetrated into Sun Daozhong's eyebrows before the violent waves.

Standing in the middle of the distant ocean, Zhao Yuande gently shook the void sword in his hand. Sun Daozhong was suddenly torn by the terrible sword, and even the soul of the **** was directly annihilated.

"Brother!" Sun Dao, who was still kneeling on the ground at this time, stared at Zhao Yuande, his eyes spitting fire!

Except for Sun Yang, the other three also changed their looks at this time!

Especially the two girls, at this time there was a look of fear in their eyes!

They deeply know how powerful Sun Daozhong is, and they are almost invincible among the five of them, but when they encounter this outsider called Zhao Yuande, they are just dead.

They couldn't help but glanced at Sun Yang and found Sun Yang's face filled with pride.

They couldn't help but feel a chill in their hearts. This person obviously was removing the obstacles for Sun Yang on the road ahead. It seems that he should never be against Sun Yang in the future, otherwise, if...

"His!" Everyone in the audience made a cold breath!

"My mother! It's too decisive! This is the family's parents and sons who say kill and kill! Is he not afraid that he will not have a good life in the Sun's family?"

"You didn't even dare to take more than half a step of Sun Dao without seeing it. There was a demon ancestor who stood beside it!"

"Hey! Sun Daoyi's personality must find an opportunity to avenge revenge, and then I don't know who died or who was born!"

"Regardless of our business, let's go!"


"Zhao Yuande succeeded in the challenge and got the qualification to test in the Heavenly Kingdom! Everyone is gone!" The voice of Zhumo Xiandi slowly fell, and the figure disappeared in an instant.

Everyone took a breath and left the battlefield.

They felt that the Sun's family would be surging from now on.

"Go! Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande walked to Sun Yang with a smile on his face.

"Haha! Let's go, I invite Brother Zhao to drink!" Sun Yang was very happy at this time.

Although he and Sun Dao Zhong Sun Dao were cousins, but the other side bullied him from an early age.

He was warned by his father that he should never clash with them, but this pair of brothers used his father as the head of the family, and he unscrupulously attacked him.

He even nearly killed him once. If his father didn't arrive in time, he might have died in the other's hands.

Later, he realized that at that time, his father and uncle competed for the title of the head of the family. Although they failed, they made the uncle blow a grudge. All these were secretly taught by the uncle!

The three fathers and sons are extremely vicious, but they are very acting on the surface, and they are full of benevolence and morality in front of many great elders and even the old ancestors.

Although these things can't be concealed from several ancestors, I don't know why all the ancestors chose to ignore them.

It wasn't until Sun Yang inspired the Qianyuan Immortal Body that this was valued by the family. His status only rose, and even the status of his parents was promoted in the family.

Of course, this is also the advice of several ancestors.

In fact, Sun Yang is a family who does not like this kind of deception, but born in this family, he really has no way.

Fortunately, there are parents who love him and grandpa who cares about him!

The figures walked farther and farther, and the people behind them looked at them, and they didn't know what their expressions were on their faces, but they all felt like they were going to wind and wind.

At this time, in a dim hall, Zhumo Xiandi sat quietly, and a middle-aged man was kneeling opposite him.

"Old ancestor! Why should I do this, why should I watch my son be killed!" The middle-aged man was indignant on his face, and he could not understand it at all.

"Your son is going to kill others, and naturally they will not be merciful!" The emperor Zhumo looks dignified and his tone is weak.

"But... but that's just an outsider! It's just an outsider!" The middle-aged man couldn't understand it, and asked in disbelief, "Does if the first one wants to kill him, you will also watch the first one die in his hands ?"

"Don't say it is Dao Yi, if you want to kill him, I will kill you without hesitation!" Zhu Moxian Emperor's words came out, and the whole hall suddenly died.

The middle-aged man's eyes were wide open, he even thought he had misheard!

But he is the owner of the Sun family, a strong man in the fairy realm. He has worked for the Sun family for more than ten years. He does not believe or understand it. The imperial fairy emperor will say such ruthless words!

"Don't doubt it! I said this sentence from the standpoint of the family! Compared with him, you have nothing to do with the family's hard work these years!" Zhu Mo Xian Di said.