Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Old Water God

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The price of 10 billion has exceeded expectations for Zhao Yuande, he is very satisfied!

But the next thing is the highlight, and he is the most anticipated auction. He hopes to see what he wants!

"The last auction is also the auction that everyone cares about the most, the third jade card!" Fu Yunshan raised the last jade card in his hand, "Although the third jade card our Wantong Chamber of Commerce helped the auction, I dare not make any guarantee! After all, an ancient demon avenue is too unfavorable, and even our Wantong Chamber of Commerce cannot confirm whether the owner can do it! Finally, a word of caution, this third jade brand needs to prepare its own materials of!"

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, and Fu Yunshan's move was his expectation. If he had changed before, he couldn't even believe it was true, but the previous trials had given him the confidence to do so.

"If you believe it, please bid!"

Indeed, as Fu Yunshan said, this kind of thing is so big that even the Wantong Chamber of Commerce dare not promise easily, those who watched the lively crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

However, many strong men do not worry about this at all. With their strength, if the other party cannot fulfill their promises, they will just take things back!

"My Jiang family is very interested in this and is willing to produce a congenital earth spirit pearl!" Ji Chengyue's voice sounded for the first time. She may have received Ji Yuling's information, so she knew.

The congenital earth bead is a kind of spirit bead that was born when the heaven and earth first opened, but the birth of this kind of spirit bead is not a single one, but ten or even dozens together, so when it comes to innate things, Spirit beads of various attributes are the lowest value!

But Ji Chengyue's opening played a good role in throwing bricks and attracting jade.

Immediately after that, the head of the headroom who got the second jade card said again: "Since I took the second one, the third one can't be missed! I have a congenital thunder spirit bead here, I don't know what the seller thought how is it?"

Among all the congenital spirit beads, the five elements are the lowest in value. Others such as wind, thunder, void, and yin and yang are slightly higher in value, but Zhao Yuande is obviously not interested in congenital spirit beads.

Innate things are all treasures that can be encountered but not sought. Although the world is infinitely vast when chaos opens, there are countless spiritual creatures born, but the area of the entire chaotic world is also huge, which covers the infinite vastness of the starry sky. There are not too many innate things in the big world!

The scene was silent for a while, no one bid!

"I am making a broken innate spirit Baoshan River!" A voice sounded in a VIP pavilion near the corner, the voice could not distinguish men and women, sometimes majestic and sometimes kind.

A magnificent spectacle flew out of the VIP Pavilion, a large river with a turbulent peak and a steep peak, a large river sometimes with a dragon head in the choppy waves, and a large fish leaping out of the water. A white tiger roared up to the top of the peak, vomiting the essence of the sun and the moon...

Stuck to this wonderful scene projected in the sky, suddenly some people in the VIP Pavilion began to discuss.

"This is really a picture of mountains and rivers born innately! What we are seeing now is just the projection of this picture!"

"It is said that this picture is broken, where is it left?"

"If you look closely, the white tiger Xiaotian on the peak can swallow the essence of the sun and the moon. Unfortunately, no sun, no moon, no stars, this is the biggest flaw!"

"In this way, the value of the picture can be greatly discounted, it is estimated that it can be a little bit more than various spirit beads!


Listening to the exchanges of many powerful people around, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nod. These people's knowledge is extraordinary, and they are worthy of being the top powerful people in the East Emperor Great World.

If the picture is complete and intact, Zhao Yuande will gladly accept it, and if it is incomplete, it will not be of great value!

The strong man who took out the crippled mountains and rivers hadn't seen anyone respond for a long time. He suddenly knew his things and they couldn't look at you, so he had to put the things in the sky and the scene disappeared.

"I have a make-up stone here! I don't know if I can get the third jade card?" There was another voice from the VIP Pavilion. This time it was a woman, but there was a trace of hoarseness in the voice. I don't know if it was intentional. This is still natural.

Make up the stone! Zhao Yuande's heart moved, this is a good baby!

The so-called make-up stone is a kind of spirit stone refined by ancient gods and men, which can be used to repair the lack of innate spirit treasure!

As for the broken mountain and river map just now, if it is repaired with patch stones, it will become a complete innate spirit treasure!

His heart really moved, it would be nice if he had no choice in exchange for a make-up stone!

The strong men present widened their eyes when they heard the words "Tian Tian Shi", and countless gods sent messages to the VIP Pavilion in an instant, and the women in the VIP Pavilion were very annoyed for a while!

"Everyone! I only changed the third jade card for this supplementary stone, and refused to exchange all conditions!" Soon the woman's voice came out again, disappointing a strong man.

Although Zhao Yuande is excited, he is not satisfied. His goal is not this make-up stone, but another thing!

Although this kind of waiting is a bit vague and unrealistic, Zhao Yuande still has a feeling that a miracle may happen today!

After a little while, Zhao Yuande did not send a message to Fu Yunshan, and Fu Yunshan immediately knew what he meant.

"Are there any seniors who continue to bid?" Fu Yunshan reminded timely.

"Cough! Since all the Taoists believe that the world's best food, the old man will also try!" An old voice came from a VIP room, and an old man with silver hair slowly walked out of the VIP room Going out and standing in the void, this seems to be really an old man, trembling along the road, and seems to have no strength to speak.

But when everyone saw this old man, they all showed shock!

"Yes... it's the old water **** of the water **** palace!" someone exclaimed.

"What! This old man is still alive, isn't it rumored to have died in the foreign powerhouse war five thousand years ago?"

"I obviously saw him fall, was it my dazzle?"

"Impossible! Absolutely impossible. I was also invited to participate in the ritual ceremony of the Water Shrine..."

"You... old man, I actually want to take this opportunity to ask you to apologize and let you worry! At that time, my water **** palace needed me to die, so I died, and now the water **** palace wants me to live, and I live again! "The old man made a punch, and then took out an object and put it in the palm of his hand. "This is a big seal, which is called chaotic sky, but it has lost a corner. The old man has obtained it for tens of thousands of years, but unfortunately I have never been able to comprehend the mystery, but I have a feeling that this thing is absolutely extraordinary! I took out this thing and exchanged it.

"A missing big seal, I don't know what level of items it is, old water **** I think you are crazy!" Someone looked at the big seal with disdain and sneered.

"Hey! Brother Dao, I haven't seen you in thousands of years, and your hot temper is still there! When will the complaint be reported, I'd like to ask you to have a drink later, and we can smile and be envious?" Looked in one direction, bowed slightly.

"Ah! Old Water God, since you said so, what else can I do, you and I will be resentful, but drinking it will be free!" The man sighed slightly, the other party could wipe his head down, and naturally he could not mention it again. Those old sesame rotten millet.

Zhao Yuande carefully observed the big seal, and always felt that the breath was a bit familiar, as if he had ever been in contact with it.