Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: A Test

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In the Baidi Palace, there is a young boy with a strong atmosphere, not to be underestimated, which makes Zhao Yuande slightly surprised.

"Lin Hai, a descendant of the White Emperor Palace, a broken fairy body, the peak of the emperor, high-end ingredients..."

It turned out to be a delusional fairy body. This kind of fairy body is a bit more powerful than the Qianyuan fairy body, especially a pair of delusional eyes, you can see some tricks, and the blood and blood running route in the body can play in the battle. Great effect.

To deal with this kind of person, either you must kill in one blow, or just ignore him, otherwise the battle will be very painful, and eventually it will be planted in the other's hands.

Of course, this physique also has shortcomings, that is, the body is slightly poor, you can use a strong physique to suppress the other party, I am afraid that encountering Zhao Yuande is enough for him to have a headache.


Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to continue to observe other people, the thousands of feet of the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom not far away suddenly opened slowly, making a loud noise.

It is faintly visible that a magnificent small world is slowly turning in the gate, among which the mountains and rivers are magnificent, and a strong breath passes from it.

"Time is up, give me a spirit!" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor's face was correct at this time, facing the ten people behind him, "Don't relax when you enter the gate of the void, you may fall directly into it. In the fierce beast lair, it depends on your luck!"

Everyone looked serious, and all nodded.

"Everyone will be assigned to their own area after entering the trial field! Remember, don't believe anyone except yourself, even if you were friends and brothers before!" Zhu Mo Xiandi told everyone .

Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande at this time, and he couldn't help showing suspicious expression on his face. Did the ancestors say that I was?

impossible! If I can't believe Brother Zhao, who else can I believe, the ancestors are just so worried!

Zhao Yuande also remembered this sentence, and he couldn't help wondering, what exactly does this sentence mean?

"Give me all in!" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor waved his hand, and the crowd only felt an irresistible force flying them directly into the small world.

Zhao Yuande only felt a flash of light and knew that he appeared on a high mountain. He stood alone on the top of the mountain, and there was no one around him quietly.

"It may have been randomly transmitted!" Zhao Yuande had experienced this kind of scene before, so he was not panicked.

He observed the next four weeks and found no danger at all.

There is a dense jungle in front of the mountain, and there are chirping birds from time to time in the jungle.

There are birds here, indicating that there are no powerful and terrible beasts. It seems that the place where I appear is just an ordinary mountain, and there are no evil beasts around!

Right now, I simply use this time to directly promote to the Emperor Realm!

Although after being promoted to Emperor Realm, the cultivation level will still be suppressed in the world, but the combat effectiveness can be improved.

He did it when he thought about it, and soon he found a hidden cave house, in which a group of ordinary wolves lived.

Zhao Yuande did not expel the wolves, but dug a deep channel inside the cave again, and dug a secret chamber for cultivation under hundreds of meters.

Just when he took out the gluttonous real Ling Ding, he suddenly felt something different outside, and it turned out that someone was here.

His soul was swept away and turned out to be Sun Yang!

At this time, Sun Yang was with Sun Xiaomeng, who did not like to talk, and there was a powerful beast behind them roaring repeatedly.

And Sun Yang was holding a delicate fragrance of fairy fruit in his hand.

It is apparent that Sun Yang snatched the fairy fruit guarded by the fierce beast, and was chased to this point.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande hurried out of the cave.

"Brother Zhao! Hurry up, you and I teamed up to kill this beast!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande appearing, and he was overjoyed, and he threw at the fierce beast behind him, "Damn beast, you chased For such a long time, I should get some interest back!"

Although the fierce beast is powerful, it is only equivalent to the fighting power of the emperor's peak. Under the powerful flesh of Zhao Yuande, he will soon beheaded.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, this is really a treasure!" Sun Yang raised the fairy fruit in Yang's hand and excitedly said, "This is a fifth-grade fairy fruit worth tens of millions of high-grade fairy jade. If I sell it, the next one You wont worry about cultivation!"

Seeing Sun Yang's performance, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a trace of doubt.

Sun Yang's tone and tone, even accustomed to all aspects, have no problem at all, but Zhao Yuande always feels that something is wrong!

If Sun Yang really got Wupin Xianguo, he would definitely hand it over to himself, let him help him identify what it is, and can he double his efficacy with eating.

But the other party only thought of selling.

Zhao Yuande did not speak, but turned his eyes to Sun Xiaomeng who was beside Sun Yang and asked, "Brother Sun, where did you meet Xiaomeng girl?"

"Oh! Halfway, Xiaomeng saw that I was being chased and wanted to come up to help, but I didn't expect that both of us could fight this beast, so..." Sun Yang explained.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded, still feeling something was wrong.

Sun Xiaomeng's description in Sun Yang said that it was someone who didn't like to communicate with people at all, and it was because Brother Lobby didn't like Sun Yang. How could she still help at this time?

Thinking of what the imperial fairy emperor said before, don't believe anyone, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sweep the soul against Sun Yang, and the appraisal technique was launched.

"The remaining spirit species in the heavenly kingdom of immortality can imitate anyone and understand the heart of anyone..."

"Sure enough..." Zhao Yuande just nodded his head and swept Sun Xiaomeng again, and it was indeed a remnant spirit!

"This... this turned out to be just a test!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but secretly surprised, but then sneered, and said, "I want to see what the purpose of this test is!"

He didn't move or expose it, but just said lightly: "Brother Sun, I intend to retreat for a period of time to use it to impact Emperor Realm. As long as I can reach Emperor Realm, there is no need to be afraid in front of everyone!"

"Retreat?" Sun Yang shook his head, "Here are a lot of treasures of fairy medicine, what to do in retreat! Let's go together to find opportunities, maybe you can also get this level of fairy medicine." Sun Yang confuses.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded, looking reluctant.

"Go! When we fled, we saw a large lake in the south. The treasure light shone in the lake, and a strong sharp air came out. It seemed that there was a fairy sword to be born!" Sun Yang's eyes shone with strange colors.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a happy look, if it is a fairy sword above the fifth grade, the price is absolutely amazing.