Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372: Big Lake

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"Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande cried in surprise. ,

Sun Yangzheng turned his head blankly and looked around, only to hear Zhao Yuande's scream.

"Brother Zhao, what did you experience just now?" Sun Yang asked Zhao Yuande when he came.

"Oh! Naturally I met you, Brother Sun, but I really know you too! The other party soon showed his feet..." Zhao Yuande said about his own experience, and Sun Yang was secretly stunned.

"I am about the same, but I was deceived by Brother Zhao for a long time, and finally I saw the flaw. The other party actually asked me to take a fairy medicine and protect me! This is not our style at all... "Sun Yang smiled.

"Haha! It's not our style!" Zhao Yuande also showed a discouraged smile on his face. "Let's go! Let's go to a safe place first. We will each understand an ancient devil avenue before we talk!"

"Good!" Sun Yang's eyes could not help revealing the brilliance of his eyes.

Ancient Demon Avenue! That's all the avenues that the ancient strongmen practiced. Basically, they are all super powerful. As long as you understand success, you can definitely leapfrog and challenge the same level of genius.

Just when two people were chatting, more and more people appeared here, and finally the whole space was almost full.

At the moment when the two disappeared, a pair of hateful eyes slowly withdrew.

"Everyone, this is your reward, come with me!" Lu Tian, who was full of viciousness, threw a few storage rings to the people around him, "As long as the kid is killed, I will kill the rest Ten million will be paid to everyone."

"Lv Tian rest assured!" One of them had a grin on his face, "Dare to provoke you, dare to provoke the branch of the Lu family of our central fairyland, no matter who is going to die for me!"

"Good! After killing these two guys, we also went out early to look for opportunities. The opportunities here are very limited!" Another agreed.

"Go!" Lu Tian waved his hand, and several figures flashed, quietly chasing the direction of Zhao Yuande's departure.

At the moment when the Lu family left, several people followed with coldness on their faces.

"This kid has a lot of Qiu family. If the first group of people can succeed, if it fails, we just take the opportunity to kill people and win treasure... Hey!"

"Our cold family..."

Zhao Yuande flew for a while, and they saw a stretch of mountains not far away.

Zhao Yuande suddenly frowned: "We were followed!"

His present spirit is equivalent to the peak level of Divine Emperor, and he soon felt that someone was behind him.

"Is it the same person?" Sun Yang said.

"No!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "We don't care about them first, we will find a place to retreat first, and then say, if they really want to find death, they will slaughter and talk!"

For the follower Zhao Yuande, he didn't care, because his current strength is almost all crushed!

The two quickly fell into the mountains, and Zhao Yuande unexpectedly said that a large lake in the mountains was rippling and a purple beam of light rose into the sky!

"This..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned. Why is this scene so familiar?

"Brother Zhao! There are babies in this big lake!" Sun Yang saw the bright light in the sky, and his eyes suddenly showed bright light.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande jumped into the lake without a word.

As in the illusion, he soon fell to the bottom of the muddy lake.

To his surprise, however, the beam of color was just a purple gas spurting from the lake.

"It turned out to be a purple gas!" Sun Yang was a little disappointed.

"Purple Qi is also a good thing. My avatar needs these purple qi!" Zhao Yuande burst out a figure in his body and flew away towards the place where the purple qi spewed out.

This is Zhao Yuande's first doppelganger. He is practicing Ziqi in the trial space, but he did not expect that there is a purple qi spurting out here, and it is exactly the same as the purple qi produced by the Zijing Donglai practice method in the Bajing Palace.

"This is your avatar?" Sun Yang looked at the figure inconceivably.

Although Zhao Shixiu's current practice was suppressed by this world, he returned to the world, but the terrible power contained in his body still surprised Sun Yang.

"Good! An avatar is now the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm!" Zhao Yuande did not hide.

"Good guy! No wonder you are so confident, a divine emperor realm is enough to crush everything!" Sun Yang said enviously.

"Unfortunately, this is the practice of the Eight Kings Palace. I can't teach you, otherwise you can also have avatars!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Hey! Forget it! I don't want to die. I'm stealing the Bajingong exercises. I'm afraid I will kill it directly! Even the Sun family can't save me!" Sun Yang waved his hand hurriedly.

This is not a joke. The power of the Eight Kings Palace who doesn't know, even if an immortal emperor dared to learn, would be abolished.

Soon Zhao Yuande's complexion changed, and said to Sun Yang: "No, this is not a big lake, but...go!"

Zhao Yuandela appeared in the place where Ziqi sprayed thinly with Sun Yang in the shape of an electric brake. Now Ziqi has completely disappeared, it seems that it was absorbed by Zhao Shizi.

Where the purple gas is thin, there is a large black lacquered hole underneath. At this time, huge bubbles rush out under the large hole from time to time.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuandela rushed directly into the big hole with Sun Yang.

After about a dozen breaths, several people headed by Lv Tian also appeared above this big cave.

"They went in, what shall we do? Wait or go in?" someone asked.

"Since they dare to go down, then we go down." Lu Tian gritted his teeth.

He hated Zhao Yuande, and now there is only one thought, that is to kill Zhao Yuande!

"Okay! Since they dare to go down, we can go down naturally!"

"Go down!"

The opinions of several people soon unified.

When a group of Lu family entered the big cave, a group of people appeared behind.

Among them was the first young boy with a very tall figure, a head taller than ordinary people. A narrow slit opened and closed between his eyebrows, and he looked at the **** eyebrows with wrinkles.

"I always feel that this time there is a lot of crisis and some upset, we still can't go down!" The teenager waved his hand. "As for the two, wait until they come out!"

"God Young Master has a very acute sense of danger, we listen to you!"

"Go! Young God has never made a mistake, this time there will be danger!"


The young boy, who was called God the Young Lord, turned around and turned away with many people.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and they entered the **** hole. When they entered it, they suddenly saw a nearly dry ocean below. The sea water in the ocean was all purple, and some purple gas floated in midair.