Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1373

Chapter 1373: Taikoo Whale

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And Zhao XIV was suspended in mid-air to absorb these purple qi.

"The purple ocean under the big lake?" Sun Yang felt an incredible feeling as soon as he came in.

"It's so familiar here! There is a very familiar feeling!" Zhao Yuande felt the breath here, and there was a trace of confusion on his face.

"Let's go in that direction!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt something different in front of him, and suddenly took Sun Yang to the purple sea that had not dried up completely.

A huge whale with thousands of feet in the ocean has exposed its spine at this time, and the shallow water has lost its body!

They opened their mouths and breathed continuously.

These huge whales seem to be in a formation at this time, with a small whale with a length of more than 100 feet in the middle of them, swimming in the shallow purple water.

"This little guy seems extraordinary!" Zhao Yuande felt a strong breath dormant inside the little whale, which seemed to contain some terrible power.

"The descendants of the Taikoo Dragon Whale contain a trace of the Taikoo Whale bloodline, the ninth order beast..."

This is equivalent to Emperor Realm

"It's not as good as we accept it. This kind of big guy is definitely extraordinary! If it is cultivated..." Sun Yang glanced at him.

"This is okay! But I don't know if your Sun family can afford it!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the huge whale that was thousands of feet long. "They need amazing food!"

"Hey, although my Sun family is not the first family of Baihezhou, but a Taigu Dragon whale can still be raised, Brother Zhao probably does not know that our Sun family still has a huge territory in Taiyuan Xinghai. Taikoo whales are kept inside without food!"

"Taiyuan Xinghai! What is this place?" Zhao Yuande had never heard of this place, and his face showed curiosity.

"The Taiyuan Xinghai is the huge ocean among the five continents of the fairyland. This huge ocean is ten times larger than the five continents of the fairyland! It is said that there is a transmission channel to the mysterious area in the center of the Taiyuan Xinghai. , But no one has ever been to the center of Taiyuan Xinghai, because after more than 100 million miles, there are endless horror Xinghai behemoths, each of which is not weaker than the immortal king, and the monsters in the fairy emperor realm are also Team up! With the strength of the five continents of Fairyland, we have only explored the scope of one billion miles." Sun Yang explained.

"It turns out that I have a lot of knowledge!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The more he knew, the heavier the fear of Immortal Realm. Even the giant beasts of Immortal Emperor Realm were formed in groups. More powerful giant beasts will inevitably be found in Taiyuan Xinghai, and it is not a few.

It seems that Immortal Realm is said to be ruled by many immortals. In fact, if a terrifying giant beast surpassing Immortal Emperor Realm bursts out of Taiyuan Xinghai, it will be able to sweep the entire Immortal Realm!

"We don't charge the big guys like this small Taikoo whale..." Sun Yang looked at the huge Taikoo whale and couldn't help but tremble.

"Did you not see the look they expected? This sea has dried up, and if you don't leave this little Taikoo Whale, you will be thirsty to death!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the group of Taikoo Whales.

Sun Yang really saw a slight pleading in their eyes.

"Do you need me to help you?" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"No... no!" Sun Yang originally wanted Zhao Yuande to help himself, but he rushed straight over with his teeth.

Sun Yang's inner world is also big enough, and there is a vast ocean. He rushed up and pressed his hand directly on the body of the small Taigu dragon whale. Without feeling any resistance, he collected it into the inner world.

Seeing this situation, the group of Taikoo dragon whales all formed a happy expression.

"Boom! Boom!..."

The huge body of the Taikoo Dragon Whale exploded into a cloud of blood mist and merged into the dry ocean.

The explosion of the Taikoo Dragon Whale caused the dry ocean not only to not increase in water level, but also to fall slowly.

Soon it dried up and seemed to be sucked away by something.

At the same time, the purple qi in the sky also disappeared, and Zhao Shizi's body fell slowly, standing beside Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao, what the **** is this place? How do I feel a breath of death pervading around me, as if I came to the mass grave!" Sun Yang felt a panic in his heart.

"I don't know!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "But I felt something in which direction seemed to attract me!"

The direction of Zhao Yuande's fingers seemed to be still around with a hazy black mist.

"It seems like a black dead air." Sun Yang looked dignified in that direction.

"Brother Sun dare to follow me to see!" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Sun Yang.

"Dare! Brother Zhao is not afraid of what I am afraid of!" Sun Yang felt that Zhao Yuande was like a big mountain, backed by a big mountain, even if the sky fell down, he could not hit himself.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande flew towards the black mist.

Zhao Fourteen and Sun Yang all silently kept up.

As they flew towards the black mist, a large hole suddenly appeared in the sky, and several people fell from the sky.

"They went over there! Let's keep up!" Lu Feng saw Zhao Yuande at one glance, and immediately flew over the first one.

"It seems there is one more person?" Someone saw Zhao Shishi's voice at the tip of his eyes.

"Tell him! I don't believe that they can withstand the terrible power of Tianleizhu! I'm not afraid of how much it comes!" Lu Feng sneered in the corner of his mouth. Before entering the trial of Huntian Immortal Kingdom this time, his grandfather handed it over He has twenty-four thunder beads!

Although Tianleizhu was suppressed in the trial space, the twenty-four pieces exploded at the same time, even the strongest of the emperor's peak could not bear it.

And these people even have powerful treasures to protect them. Zhao Yuande simply cannot fly.

"It's still the people behind us." At this time, even Sun Yang saw the people behind him.

"Let them go! If there is time to clean up after a while!" Zhao Yuande didn't even care about the few people behind him, as long as he wanted to do it, he didn't need much time to destroy it.

But now he has no time, because that familiar feeling is getting stronger and stronger.

what exactly is it? Why does it give me a sense of familiarity?

Is it the people of Bajing Palace? Otherwise, how can there be purple qi transpiration, and the purple qi is exactly the same as the purple qi from the Zi Qi Donglai practice.

Zhao Yuande kept guessing.

But looking at the black mist not far away, he couldn't catch up anyway, as if the black mist would move by himself, and it seemed to lead him all the way forward.

However, Zhao Yuande is not in a hurry. It seems that this thing is deliberately leading him to somewhere. Although he dare not guarantee that there is no danger, but with his extraordinary sense of danger and powerful spirit, he did not notice any difference!