Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375: All Killed

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Lu Tian only felt a chaotic color in front of his eyes, and Wu Yi's fear of death was about to instantly cover his mind.

Lv Tian was terrified, his body retreated sharply, and he instantly smashed three jade symbols of different colors.

The three layers of light film protect Lv Tian, and Lv Tian has withdrawn from it to a distance of a thousand feet, but the chaotic color edge is still in the shadows.


Fengmang pierced the three layers of light effortlessly and directly pierced his chest.

The next moment the edge disappeared, and Zhao Shizi held Chaos Spear and picked Lu Tian at the tip of the spear.

"No..." Lu Tian only felt the endless terror from the chaos spear, rushed into his body constantly to destroy the five internal organs and all the internal and external veins of his body.


After a soft sound, Lu Tian's blood sea of Dantian shattered like soap bubbles.

"You can't kill me! You can't kill me!" Lu Tian was terrified and screamed in horror.

"Why can't I kill you?" Zhao Shizi looked at him coldly.

"I... I am a disciple of Xuanji Sect, my grandfather is the elder of Xuanji Sect, and I have an ancestor who is the emperor of Xuanji Sect! Dont be fooled by Zhao Yuande, you killed me, It will bring endless troubles!" Lv Tianman was full of sorrow, and he wished that even the eighteenth generation of his ancestors could speak up.

"Oh!" Zhao Shizi smiled slightly. "These are not enough. Tell me a reason why I won't kill you!"

"You let him go! My central fairy domain Lu family can open a net for you, otherwise as long as my central fairy domain Lu family strong man arrives, your Sun family will inevitably hand you over! You will regret it when the time comes Late!" said a cold boy not far away coldly.

"Yes! Our Lu family is not comparable to your grandchildren's family. It's easy to kill you!" said another boy.

"As long as you put down Lu Tian and help us kill those two boys, today's affairs will be cancelled!" A teenager is even more direct.

"Ah! Haha!" Zhao 14 laughed, and the chaos spear in his hand suddenly shot several chaotic colors, shooting towards several teenagers.

Suddenly the whole world seemed to be shrouded in chaos. A few teenagers only felt like they were wandering in a chaotic sea, but this time a terrible death also swept toward them like a hurricane.

"Not good! Rewind, this person is incapable of enemy!" Several teenagers' faces changed suddenly.

Although they are all Lu family geniuses, they are still one point worse than Lu Tian.

Even Lu Tian could not escape this terrible attack, let alone talk about them.

The level of the Chaos Spear is inestimable. Its sharpness can almost pierce everything. No matter what defense these few teenagers display, all of them will be pierced under the Chaos Spear's sharpness!

"Puff puff"

A few sounds of spears coming into the body came, and the chaos spears had pierced all these young men like a sugar cane gourd in the next moment.

"Leave must not die!"

"Leave us..."

"You dare to fight against the Lu family, you are dead..."

" cultivation, my flesh..."


The teenagers' horrified curse, but still can't change their fate like being skewered.

"Have you killed all?" Zhao XIV turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande didn't speak, just glanced contemptuously at Lv Tian on the Chaos Spear, and a cruel arc appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's eyes and expressions, Lu Tian was suddenly scared, and he knew he could not be spared today!

At this time, he truly regretted that he should not be against Zhao Yuande!

People are too lazy to even do it, but they are like a fool, embeded behind their ass!

At that time, Juexian Emperor looked at the complex expression in his eyes.

He originally thought it was encouragement and expectation, but now it's a pity that it's just a tasteless taste, and the other party looks at himself as if he saw a piece of chicken ribs!

If he can never, he will not come to kill Zhao Yuande again, he will hide far away...

But now there is no chance, and his destiny is already doomed when he enters the trial zone of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom.

Zhao Shiji and Zhao Yuande had the same mind, and a cruel smile was drawn slightly in the corner of his mouth, and the chaotic spear shook gently in his hand.

The teenagers strung on it were suddenly shattered by terrible power, leaving no trace of the spirit.

But at this time, the inner world of the teenagers was all broken like soap bubbles with their annihilation.

Zhao Shizi doesn't want to violently slay the heavenly things. These guys are all the arrogants of heaven, and they surely have a lot of possessions hidden in them.

A piece of brilliance flickered, a large amount of treasure material was ejected like a fountain, and piled up like a hill.

Zhao Shizi saw a smile on his face, and he swept his sleeves, a powerful force of suction came, and all the treasures were inhaled into the world.

The family of these young people is not bad. It can be seen that all of them have been valued by the Lu family. This time, in addition to seizing a lot of fairy materials and spirit materials, they have also received more than 40 million high-grade fairy jade and several pieces. Xianbao of low rank.

The young man named Lu Fenghua and Sun Yang kept fighting, and the two were evenly matched. If they fight like this, there will be no victory or defeat for three days and three nights.

However, at this moment, the destruction of the Lu family teenagers caused a great shock to Lu Fenghua.

In a trance, Sun Yang's star-shaped knife struck his shoulder directly.

Sun Yang succeeded in one move, and his morale was greatly boosted.

The whole battlefield seems to be a bright starfish at this moment, countless twinkling stars are falling, and every falling star is a terrible knife.

This is what Sun Yang created after the comprehension of the rule of stars, the power of the stars was so powerful that it made the peers tremble.

Although Lu Fenghua is also very powerful, the world is discolored by the spear's edge, and the Dao's edge cuts the void, shaking the world.

But after all, the opportunity was lost, and those who were suppressed by the stars could not look up.


The knife in Sun Yang's hand cut off Lu Fenghua's leg at once.


Lv Fenghua roared with pain, and immediately sacrificed a big tripod with **** glory in his hand.

Da Ding floated on top of his head, and scattered the **** rays of the next road to protect Lu Fenghua's whole body.

No matter how powerful Xingchen Daoyi is, it can't break through this **** light.

"This is a fourth-grade fairy treasure. It seems that the other party really has something in hand!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth, but he was not in a hurry. He believed that the Sun family valued Sun Yang so much and would inevitably bring him a powerful fairy treasure.