Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377: Xuanji Sect

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At the end of the passage, they saw two forks. Zhao Yuande carefully distinguished the breath in the two forks, and immediately selected one.

"Brother Zhao, how do I feel that these blood demon vines seem to be dead, otherwise why don't they attack us?" Sun Yang looked at the dense blood demon vines in the passageway, as well as the blood fist fruits of the size of fists, he couldn't help but question. .

Especially the aroma in this passage makes people want to pick a fruit.

"No, there seems to be a voice in front!" Zhao Yuande's soul is powerful, and he has already felt the front passage, and there seems to be a strong power fluctuation. "Could someone enter this passage like us?"

"Let's go and see!" Sun Yang was also curious.

They didn't even carelessly, their feet were forced to shoot like electro-optics, and after just a few breaths, they reached a turning point.

The battle happened just after the turn, they did not go directly, but explored with the spirit.

"What!" Zhao Yuande's faces changed at the same time.

They saw a horrible sight.

The whole channel of blood demon vines are all alive at this time, besieging several cultivators insanely.

These blood demon vines are like scary poisonous snakes, continually swallowing the white mist of blood, and the blood devil fruits are like meteors, waving constantly in the sky!

A scream that sounded like a demented magic sound came from the blood devil fruit, which made people listen to the hair in his heart for a while.

Those cultivators are also not weak, and the sword in their hands is constantly swallowing the terrible blades, constantly cutting the endless blood demon vines.

Although they can cut off the blood demon vine, but after being grounded, the blood demon vine will be turned into a pool of blood and quietly penetrate into the ground to be absorbed by the small roots of blood demon vine.

And the blood demon vines were eagerly moving in several passages not far away, and they gradually surrounded them towards them.

The situation of these people is very bad, and it is already a bit precarious!

If you don't think about it anymore, you will have to die here sooner or later.

"Brother Zhao, is a member of Xuan Jizong, shall we help?" Sun Yang recognized these people immediately.

"Hey! I used to be a sect. I still have a friendship. I can't stand by with my arms folded!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head slightly.

And these people have met each other, and he can't watch these people die here.

"Help!" Zhao Yuande rushed into the channel first.

The Void Sword in his hand released a terrible swordman's awn, breaking the countless blood devil vines around him.

At the same time, he stretched out a large hand of aura, and continued to grab the blood devil fruit with a terrible scream.

Sun Yang and Zhao Shixi also closely followed him, showing their magical powers!

Under the storm of the three people, an empty space was suddenly cleared.

"You all leaned over, we rushed out together, the chance may be greater!" Zhao Yuande's voice vibrated the entire channel, so that everyone in the distance heard it,

"Yes...Zhao Yuande!"

Everyone who was fighting not far away saw Zhao Yuande's figure appear, and there was a hint of hope in his eyes.

"Isn't he rebelling against our Xuanji Sect? Why did he come to save us?" Sun Wen slightly revealed a look of doubt.

"Rebellion? I don't think so, although I don't understand Zhao Yuande, but according to my observations, he is a bottom line person. Although we don't know what happened, I always feel that this matter and Lu Tian must be significant. The relationship!" Although Duanmu Feiyun is a woman, she is calm and analyzes her way.

"Good! People like him can't rebel at all, and there must be hidden feelings in it!" Jiang Jian also nodded.

"I think this person looks like Ji Yuxuan, and his eyebrows are brave, and he is a bright and decent person!" The little Taoist nodded and agreed with the two.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and go! Otherwise, we may be directly overwhelmed in a while!" Sun Wen began to urge the crowd to hear this.

"If you didn't pick two fruits just now, can we be in danger?"

"Aren't we just going to pick fruits?"

"Okay! Don't be noisy..."


The two gangs were all struggling in one direction, and soon they got together.

But this time the whole channel of blood demon vines are all violent, swarming towards the crowd, each blow has the most powerful force in the world!

"It won't work like this, we will be exhausted here sooner or later!" Duanmu Feiyun frowned, "Is there any weakness in this thing!"

"Fire! Its weakness is fire!" Zhao Yuande thought of it, and suddenly a blaze in his palm suddenly threw it towards the blood demon vine in front of him.


The flames exploded, directly burning dozens of blood demon vines around to ashes!

"Sure enough, everyone is fighting against the enemy!" Zhao Yuande shouted.

The flames in his body seemed to turn into a huge fireball, dashing continuously in the passage.

The blood demon vines that were still attacking frantically made a frightened squeak at this time, and kept going back.

"Haha! You also have today!" Sun Wen's fairy sword shot a blaze of flames, constantly tearing the blood demon vine.

Everyone showed their means, and the blood demon vines retreated, and soon the blood demon vines in this passage were all wiped out, and in the distance, there were countless blood demon vines all returned to their original positions at once, as if Nothing happened just now.

"Hoo! Finally saved!" Duanmu Feiyun exhaled a long breath, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of gratitude.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Although Sun Wen was defeated in Zhao Yuande's hands, but now the other party saved himself, the grievances in his heart had long since disappeared.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Jiang Jian didn't talk much, but it was extremely sincere.

"Xiao Dao Zheng Yu, thanks to Dao You for his life-saving grace!" The small Taoist also smiled and nodded at Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! Everyone used to be in the same room before, and they all had an intersection. If I couldn't survive the hurdle in my heart!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, instructing everyone not to.

"I don't know how did you enter this passage?" Sun Yang on the side couldn't help asking.

"We just saw a glint of blood below on a cliff, and thought that some treasure appeared and fell under the cliff, but we didn't expect it to be a deep cave!" Sun Wendao said, "but I didn't expect to see the depth of the cave. When I arrived at this passage, I just picked a fruit and was attacked by these **** vines."

"These are the legendary blood demon vines. It's terrible. We didn't dare to pick a blood devil fruit along the way. We were afraid of this situation!" Sun Yang said.

"Blood Devil Vine..."