Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1378

Chapter 1378: Aboriginal

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Hearing the name, the four all gasped.

Although they don't know this kind of thing, they have heard the legend of the blood demon vine, especially the place known as the secret realm of death, who knows who is unknown.

Anyone who needs the precious fairy medicine, such as the blood devil fruit, will have to hire a powerful presence in the fairy realm to enter the death realm and pick up some blood devil fruit.

But I didn't expect to see this kind of thing here.

"What are you going to do? Do you want to continue exploring here or turn around?" Zhao Yuande looked at the four.

"Go back! This place is terrible. If I knew there was such a thing here, I would never come in!" Duanmu Feiyun's face showed a fearful look.

Although she is powerful, her main means of attack are punches and palms. There is really no advantage in dealing with these blood demon vines. Instead, she is forced to be surrounded by dangers. She is really a little afraid of these blood demon vines.

"Yes! Go back, here is terrible!" Sun Wen and Zheng Yu also agreed.

Only Jiang Jian's eyes flickered at this moment, which seemed to have the meaning of staying.

But he saw the other three insist, and he didn't want to say anything.

"Good! Then we will **** you all!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Don't you leave?" Sun Wen couldn't help but feel a little weird.

"The more dangerous the place is, the greater the chance is, and we decided to explore here!" Zhao Yuande naturally couldn't tell the truth to them, just casually.

"Okay! Brother Zhao deserves to be Brother Zhao, we might as well!" Duanmu Feiyun could not help but nodded secretly.

A group of seven people walked carefully through the passage, and soon appeared in front of another passage.

"No... we just came in from here!" Duanmu Feiyun's beautiful eyes revealed an incredible light.

"How could the hole disappear? It's impossible!" Sun Wen couldn't help shouting.

"I think something is not right. I once left a mark here on the trail. The mark has not disappeared yet! The passage... where is it!" Zhengyu little Taoist pointed at a place, and everyone really saw a lotus flower Imprint.

"Now that you know that the passage is here, you might as well cut a road directly!" Jiang Jian flashed a terrible swordman's hand.


Jianmang was inserted into the wall of the cave, and only a small mouth was torn open, and the small mouth began to heal as soon as it was torn open!

After Jianmang disappeared, Xiaokouzi was completely healed!

"His! What a tough wall!" Jiang Jian took a breath and changed his face.

"Why don't you go out from where we entered!" Zhao Yuande thought a moment, and said suddenly, "I think there seems to be power constantly changing the channel, we have to be fast, otherwise..."

He didn't say anything, but everyone knew what he was going to say.

Under Zhao Yuande's leadership, they returned in the same way, and the channel they had gone back to was gone.

"It's over! All the way out is gone! Now it seems that we can only explore all the way!"

The people couldn't help but change their faces, and there was a trace of fear in their eyes.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande had a gloomy face, this is to force them to go all the way!

What exactly is ahead? Is that familiarity from the same source an illusion?

Zhao Yuande calmed down to feel it carefully, and found that the familiarity and call were still there, and did not weaken in the slightest!

"Let's go! Since there is only one way, let's move on!" Zhao Yuande showed a faint smile on his face. "We are now seven people, it should be a powerful strength, and the realm and cultivation of these blood demon vines. All are suppressed in the world, I think we should have the opportunity to go out from here."

"Yes! We should be able to go out!" Sun Yang has always trusted Zhao Yuande.

"Go! It's a big deal!" Sun Wen Yi gritted his teeth.

"I think this is a good opportunity to experience!" Jiang Jian showed his faint excitement in his face holding a long sword.

With Zhao Yuande's encouragement, everyone renewed their spirits and moved towards the depths of the passage.

Zhao Yuande led the way with that call and familiar feeling.

After a day passed, the people were still spinning in the passage. Although the blood demon vines in the passage did not attack them, they were getting bigger and bigger, and some of the trunks already had buckets!

These trunks hang on the top of the passageway, splitting into vines, and from time to time, there is a mysterious liquid constantly flowing, making a grunt.

In the silent passage, this kind of voice is particularly emaciated!

"How long do we have to go!" Sun Wen's face faded at this time, he couldn't imagine what would happen if these thick blood demon vines attacked them!

"I don't know!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. He also felt a little depressed and felt something was wrong.

"Huh! There seems to be a fight in front!"

"Hurry up and see!"

The crowd speeded up, and soon they saw a **** massacre.

Seven or eight cultivators were pierced by thick and thick blood demon vines at this time. The blood of these cultivators quickly ran through and quickly turned into a corpse of worm!

At this time, one of them was holding a blood devil!

"These people... don't seem to be the ones who entered the Huntian Immortal Kingdom with us for trial. Their costumes are very old, as if they were thousands of years ago!" Sun Yang could not help but frown at these practitioners.

"Could it be that other places have entrances to enter the Huntian Immortal Kingdom Trial Area?" Sun Wen said.

"No... absolutely not, otherwise it is impossible for so many powerful forces in the central fairyland to come here!" Sun Yang shook his head.

"Are they natives here?" Duanmu Feiyun said.

"Indigenous? It is possible!" Sun Yang nodded. "Many people have died in the trials of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom in the past, and there may be people who are not willing to go out, and it is not impossible to leave offspring."


"It seems that as long as we don't pick up the blood devil fruit above, these blood demon vines will not attack us, as long as we control our hands, we will be temporarily safe." Zhao Yuande was leading the way while facing him Behind everyone said, "However, no one knows what is going on, and everyone should not relax their vigilance."

They set off again, the more spacious the passage, the thicker the blood demon vine appeared in the passage, and the main trunk that appeared later was several inches thick!

However, these blood demon vines seem to be asleep, as long as Zhao Yuande does not pick their fruits and does not actively attack them, there will be no danger.

After another full day, they finally reached the end of the passage.