Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379: One Hand

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During this period, they saw many corpses that had been sucked into human stems. These were people who tried to pick up the blood devil fruit, and finally all became the nourishment of the blood devil vine.

At this time, they appeared in a huge space. The space seemed to be a huge sea of blood. From the bottomless blood water, from time to time, huge bubbles popped up and exploded on the sea surface, a pungent **** gas And a faint breath of death passed on the sea continuously.

The white fascia, which is thousands of feet wide, is crisscrossed in a huge space, and the fascia is covered with dense blood demon vines.

A thick blood demon vine trunk as thick as a sky pillar was deeply inserted into the blood sea, constantly drawing blood from the blood sea.

"This... this will not be a heart!" Sun Wen screamed suddenly!

"Heart!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised. If it was a heart, then the **** channel they had walked through these two days must be a blood vessel! And that vast expanse of ocean should be the blood of Dantian...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be taken aback by the scene he thought of. If this is true, how huge this person must be!

The blood demon vines rooted in the heart of this person are all powerful existences in the fairy emperor realm, so has this person already surpassed the fairy emperor...

Shouldn't this powerful existence beyond the fairy emperor be eternal and immortal?

Why did he die here again, in the trial field of the Heavenly Kingdom?

What horrible existence killed the strong man?

Why do you feel that familiarity in the heart of this strong man, and where does the same source feel come from?

Questions poured into Zhao Yuande's heart!

"Save me..."

At this moment, that voice appeared again in Zhao Yuande's heart.

"This voice came from...from the sea of blood!" Zhao Yuande felt the direction from which the voice came, and felt that the same source was in the sea of blood.

"You are waiting here!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone, "I'll go down and explore!"

"Brother Zhao, I will go with you!" Sun Yang stood up.

"No, I feel that there is no danger underneath. It may not be good if there are more people. I come and go freely but it is safer!" Zhao Yuande patted Sun Yang on the shoulder. "You stayed, Zhao XIV. With them."

Zhao Yuande nodded to Zhao XIV.

Seeing that Zhao Yuande is so determined, Sun Yang can only go by him, but he is praying in his heart, and pray that Zhao Yuande should not be okay.

In fact, Zhao Yuande did not feel the danger, but felt the great danger!

If these people go down, not only can they not help him, but they may all die below!

He resolutely jumped into the sea of blood.

Suddenly a thick **** air came to his face, and he urged the law of water to separate these blood waters and slowly dived into the sea of blood.

The blood sea did not know how deep, he found that the thick blood demon vine was getting thicker and thicker as he continued to dive, and countless small roots were separated from the blood demon vine trunk, and also fluttered in the blood sea, constantly Absorb the blood in the blood sea.

He almost went down the main stem of the blood demon vine, and he was so full of money that he saw the bottom of the blood sea.

I also saw the roots of the blood beneath the sea of densely inserted into the ground, some of these roots up to thousands of feet, and some hundreds of feet, criss-crossed, forming a huge net.

Zhao Yuande also saw something that had been calling himself at this time, which turned out to be a thick palm.

At this time, the palm of the hand exudes a blazing flame, and the palm is tightly held, as if there is some mysterious treasure in the palm.

And this palm is now shrouded by countless braided nets.

Although these roots were very afraid of the flames emanating from the palm of their hands, they blocked the palm of their hands so that they could not escape from here.


One palm exudes infinite fire, and the palm is clenched...

This picture makes him feel very weird. Whose palm is this palm and what is in his palm?

Zhao Yuande frowned, if he wanted to rescue this palm, he had to face those roots. If he attacked these roots himself, would he attract the whole blood demon vine to attack himself?

This should be the main root of the blood demon vine, the main root was attacked...

"Who the **** are you? Why did you call me?" Zhao Yuande did not rush, but asked.

Now that the other party knows to call for help, they should be able to communicate!

Although he knew how unreliable it was to communicate with one hand, he could only try it for now!

"I am...I am...Who am I...Who are you...Where is this?"

In the tightly held palm, a burst of intermittent sound came, and the sound was full of endless confusion.

But at the moment when the voice came out, Zhao Yuande felt that his blood power was constantly surging.

What exactly is going on?

Is the owner of this palm really in the same vein with him? Like the ancestors encountered in that little palace in hell? Like the giant in the sky on the demon battlefield?

He once got a drop of essence blood from the ancestor in the palace of hell, and only then had a second avatar!

In the giant on the demon battlefield, I learned the secret of the Seven Stars!

I don't know what he can get in this palm?

At this moment, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but start thumping vigorously!

"How can I save you!" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"Cut off the beard, let me out!" The voice seemed to gradually sober, and there was a little excitement in the business.

"Cut off the roots..." Zhao Yuande said, as expected!

But this palm must be inextricably linked to himself, and he would not be able to get through this hurdle without saving him.

"Forget it! Now that you have come here, don't hesitate!" Zhao Yuande drew out the nihility sword and exploded with all his strength, chopping towards the roots.

This sword already contains all of his strength. He didn't want to drag the mud and water, he had to save his palm with one blow.

However, this sword fell, Zhao Yuande suddenly dumbfounded!

A sword fell on the root hair, and even without hurting the root hair at all, instead he bounced his body high, causing him to deflate and almost shut his breath for a while.

The blow didn't even feel like a root beard, and he didn't turn around and attack him because of his attack.

It seems strange at this time, but in fact it can be understood by thinking carefully.

This blood demon vine is equivalent to a powerful existence of a fairy emperor realm. Although its realm is suppressed in the world realm, its body is extremely terrifying!

However, no matter how powerful Zhao Yuande is now, he can only play the pinnacle of the realm of the world, and the pinnacle of the world is in front of the powerful body of the fairy emperor, which is probably greater than the distance between an ant standing in front of a divine dragon!

If the ant's weak power bites the dragon, I am afraid the dragon will not feel a little bit.

So Shenlong was simply too lazy to look at this ant, and even looked at it.