Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381: Bright Moon

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Hearing Jiang Jian's words, he immediately turned around without hesitation and rushed into the channel again, a thin line of fire shot out the **** demon vine that cut towards the thick!


FireWire cut off the blood demon vine directly, but at this time Duanmu Feiyun has been dragged back a dozen feet, and countless blood demon vines punctured her madly.

"Ah! Explode me!"

Duanmu Feiyun suddenly shouted, and his body burst into flames, and the horrible heat wave rolled almost the entire passage into a terrible sea of fire, and countless blood demon vines died in the rolling flames.

After the sound of the explosion, Zhao Yuande saw Duanmu Feiyun lying dying in the center of the explosion. She had passed out, the whole body was black, and the skin all over the body was burned by a terrible flame, and the whole person seemed to be Generally cooked.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande grabbed a void in the palm of his hand, directly shot Duanmu Feiyun into his hand, and took her directly out of the channel.


As they rushed out of the passage, a thick blood demon vine suddenly rushed out of the passage and swept towards them.

Zhao Yuande's face changed drastically. This blood demon vine is about a dozen feet thick and stretches the entire passageway. If it is caught up by him, I'm afraid it will be killed immediately.

"It's okay, it dare not come!" But at this time, Zhao Yuande's big hand on his shoulder was slow, "There is something that he is afraid of, so he..."

Zhao Yuande they did not dare to neglect, their body and mind flickered again, but they ran out of thousands of feet in the blink of an eye.

But they didn't feel the thick blood demon vine chasing.

They couldn't help turning their heads curiously, only to see that they appeared at the mid-waist of a high cliff, and the thick blood demon vine was constantly waving at the entrance of the cave, but they never dared to rush out.

" have released my prisoners! I will curse you, and I will let you fall into **** forever and endure endless pain in hell!" An angry roar came and echoed in their ears.

"Hey! Finally escaped this guy's claws!" Big hand seemed to exhale for a long time, with excitement in his emotions.

However, Zhao Yuande did not have time to care for him at this time, but took out a few healing elixir and stuffed his brain into Duanmu Feiyun's mouth.

Only then did she find a piece of clothing to drape over her almost red fruit, and the skin on her body was almost completely scorched, almost twisted with others.

"This girl is ruthless enough! If I would never dare to detonate the Sunfire Rune by her side! Fortunately, the power of the Sun Fire Rune was suppressed to a range that the world can bear, otherwise she might be blown into fly ash directly. It's over!" Sun Yang could not help but admire Duanmu Feiyun.

"Sister Duanmu is a ruthless person! Ruthless to others and ruthless to herself!" Sun Wen also showed admiration on his face.

"Normal people can't bear it, so they can become enlightened, and Duanmu Daoyou will have unlimited achievements in the future!" Little Taoist Zhengyu's face revealed enlightenment.

"You take care of the law for me, I will help her treat it!" Zhao Yuande interrupted the crowd and continued to dare to lie down, and put the palm of her hand against her back, pouring the vitality of her body into the body of Duanmu Feiyun.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuande, in other people, couldn't bear the passing of this kind of life force.

After a full dozen breaths, Duanmu Feiyun slowly opened her eyes. At this time, her only eyes were still bright.

She silently felt the injury in her body, felt the power of life injected continuously behind her, and she couldn't help showing a grateful look in her eyes.

"Brother Zhao, you don't need to infuse me with vitality, I should be fine as long as I take a few pills!" Duanmu Feiyun was scorched all over her body at this time, but she was still naked with only a coat on her body. Being ruthless to herself is just a girl, and she is also shy.

Zhao Yuande nodded and slowly retracted his palm.

Even if he is as strong as he is, he feels a little vain at this moment.

However, this does not affect the combat effectiveness, and then a random meal can be made up.

Duanmu Feiyun himself took out the Elixir from the storage ring and began to practice after closing his eyes.

Zhao Yuande also took some pills, and he remembered the big hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuande looked at the big hand.

After entering the blue space, the big hand kept shut up and became silent.

"This... why is it like this... how many years have I been imprisoned..." The voice of the big hand was full of uncertainty and a little scared.

"What the **** are you talking about?" Zhao Yuande frowned, and the other responded unanswered.

"Here... why is it so lifeless, is it... does that prophecy come true?" The big hand still ignored him, but whispered.

"Here..." Zhao Yuande wanted to ask something, but found that the big hand on the shoulder flew up and flew towards the center of this blue world.

"I'm going to find her... find her..." Big hand hissed in a low voice.

"Where are you going?" Zhao Yuande followed involuntarily.

"Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande catching up, and he hurriedly chased behind him.

The hesitation in the eyes of several other people looked at Duanmu Feiyun, who was sitting on the ground, and finally stopped thinking of advancing with Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang were so fast that they followed the big hand and went out for thousands of miles.

Originally still rolling mountains, it now appears in front of a turbulent blue lake.

There are rows of houses in front of the Great Lake, but it looks dilapidated.

"Mingyue...Mingyue..." The big hand saw the house suddenly rushed excitedly.

Zhao Yuande followed with a slight frown, and he felt that it was sullen here, as if standing on a chaotic grave post at night, giving a feeling of palpitations.

The speed of the big hand is very fast, and then he entered one of the houses.

"Ah... how could this be... how could this be..." A sad cry from the big hand.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yanggang wanted to enter the house and found that their big hands shook back out of the house with some shaking.

A monster with green hair walked out of the house step by step.

"Mingyue...Mingyue...who harmed you in the end! Who hurt you in the end!" The big hand trembled, and the voice was filled with endless anger.

The green-haired monster heard the word Mingyue, and its body was stiff.

A pair of empty eyes suddenly flashed a hint of red.


At the next moment, the red-haired monster rushed towards the big hand.

"Mingyue...Mingyue...It's me...I'm back! Mingyue you wake up...It's Fengcang's back!" The voice of the big hand was full of crying voices, as if grief-stricken.