Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382: Who Is Feng Cang

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"Ao! Ao!" The red-haired monster is getting more and more violent, more and more crazy, and the sharp big claws are constantly dancing in the void.

"Okay! She has been dead for a long time, she has become a zombie, and she has already lost her original wisdom!" Zhao Yuande stood in the distance and couldn't help but persuade.

"No... absolutely impossible, my bright moon..." The big hand growled!

"I'll help you imprison her first!" Zhao Yuande looked at the state of the big hand, and there was a trace of pity on his face.

This must be an infatuated person again.

The big hand trembled, dodged for a long time, and finally could only helplessly say: "Okay! First imprison her, I will find a way to wake it up, definitely!"

The last sentence seems to be comforting myself, but it seems a little lack of confidence.

This red-haired monster is actually not powerful, only equivalent to ordinary people. Zhao Yuande randomly imprisoned her in a void cage, so that she can't move.

"Who the **** are you?" At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but asked the other party.

The Sun Yang behind him looked at this big hand curiously, a big hand that could talk, which really made people wonder.

"I am...I am..." The big hand was confused, and seemed to be lost in thought.

After a while, the big hand that had been tightly held open slowly, showing his palm.

"His!" Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang took a breath at the same time.

Seeing the scene in their palms, they couldn't help but step back.

In the palm of my hand, there is an eyeball, bloody!

This eyeball seems to be constantly beating, as if there is a unique life system to maintain its vitality.

"I... just one of his eyes, just one eye! Only one eye..." The eyes slowly murmured, with confusion, despair, and endless misery.

"Who is he? Where is this?" Zhao Yuande became more and more curious.

"He... is a great being! One..." The eyes seemed to be recalling, but the next moment seemed not to be remembered.

"What's his name?" Zhao Yuan asked.

"Feng Cang... Feng Cang... I'm not Feng Cang! I'm just one of his eyes, only one eye..." The eyes are growling, it seems a little unwilling!

"Who is Feng Cang?" Zhao Yuande asked unwillingly.

"Feng Cang... a great existence... Feng Cang... I'm not Feng Cang, just an eye... just..." The eyes seemed to fall into an endless loop.

"Okay! A man named Feng Cang, a great existence!" Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang looked at each other, but all shook their heads helplessly.

"Brother Zhao, shall we go back and look for the people of Xuan Jizong?" Sun Yang asked.

"Forget it! Let's explore for ourselves! The four of them have their own means, especially the little Taoist, who is unpredictable, and has never shown the strongest means!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and pointed forward, "I feel far away There seems to be a weak aura fluctuation, and there should be others."

"Oh!" Sun Yang shook his head helplessly, he didn't feel it at all.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the still confused eyes, and called him tentatively.

"Bring the bright moon!" The big hand held it again, putting my eyes in the palm of my hand, and fell like a teleport on Zhao Yuande's shoulder.

The red-haired monster imprisoned also fell in front of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was helpless and directly swept it into his own inner world.

"Who the **** are you? Who is Feng Cang? Where is this place?" Zhao Yuande flew in the direction of the waves and asked again.

"Here is Feng Cang's body. As for who Feng Cang is from and where I came from, I forgot!" Big hand emotion gradually recovered, but it still fell a little.

"A person's inner world...then that should be his heart just now!" Sun Yang couldn't help but take a breath of air, and he was frightened at once, "How big is this wind and green? It's more than a star Is it huge?"

"It should be millions of li!" Zhao Yuande had been guessed, but he was still shocked.

What kind of scene is a person who is millions of miles tall standing in the starry sky!

"I heard from my grandfather that in ancient times, some ancient gods came to the heavens and the world, and each one was huge. It is said that there is one of the most powerful existence bodies across several star fields! This wind is not the ancient god. A member!" Sun Yang couldn't help saying.

"Absolutely this is possible!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but soon he shook his head, "No! Absolutely not! Don't forget, this is the test place of the ancient Hun Tianxian Kingdom, which is earlier than the ancient times, At that time, the ancient gods had not yet come to the heavens and the worlds, and the great immortal kingdoms informed the entire heavens and the worlds."

"Yes!" Sun Yang nodded. "And I don't know why the big fairy countries seem to be destroyed overnight. The entire sisters of the heavens seem to be back to the original all at once, even the inheritance of the big fairy countries has not been left. What a big secret is hidden in it."

"Okay, these are not what we should worry about for now." Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly. He is only a world now. What he needs to face is this trial. As for the history of the rise and fall of other heavens and the world, they temporarily still There is no need for research.

They soon saw several cultivators searching in a dense jungle, as if looking for something.

"These are obviously not the people who came in for the trial. Although I didn't know all the 500 people who tried, but I have seen one side, these people are very born." Sun Yang looked at these people and affirmed.

"It seems there are indigenous people here!" Zhao Yuande flew at a high altitude, and looked at everyone below.

"Found it! Finally found it!" At this moment, the practitioners below suddenly burst into cheers.


Zhao Yuande and the two hurriedly looked around, and suddenly found one of them holding a two-leaf plant in his hand, like a jagged grass.

"For this Soul Grass, we lost a lot of people, this ancestor finally saved!" The man grabbed Ling Grass, his voice revealed joy.

"No! There is a grudge, we'll leave here soon!" At this moment someone shouted suddenly.

Several people looked in the direction he was pointing, and really saw a faint blue shadow floating from a distance.

Although this shadow was floating aimlessly, these people's faces changed all at once, and they became a little panicked.

"Come back! These grievances are not something we can resist. We can hope to survive as soon as we escape into the passage!" The cultivator holding the seal soul grass responded first and rushed in one direction.