Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383: Another Chaos Eucharist

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"Big Brother is right! Let's run away!" Several people chased behind this big brother and fled.

"Brother Zhao, do you feel something is wrong?" Sun Yang looked at these practitioners with some doubt.

"It's really wrong! Their divine power is so weak that it's shocking, even to an ordinary person from the outside world! How do they cultivate?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel infinite curiosity in his heart.

These people's cultivation practices are all in the world, and the spirits of the gods are so weak that they are not as good as ordinary people. No wonder they will be afraid of the grievances.

"It seems there are secrets we don't know!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Catch up and see!" Zhao Yuande looked at the cultivators who were gradually away, and soon reappeared on their heads.

Although the soul of this group of people is weak and pitiful, the physical strength is very amazing, and the speed is hundreds of miles in a flash, so Zhao Yuande and the two can't help but reveal a shocked look.

These people quickly rushed into a mountain and appeared in front of a smooth stone wall.

The elder brother holding Fengshen grass in his hand, his eyebrows cracked a gap, and a ray of light emerged from it, directly hitting the stone wall.


A void gate appeared slowly on the stone wall. After seeing the gate, the practitioners made a long breath, and followed their elder brother into the void gate.

"Let's keep up too!" Zhao Yuande's yin and yang sky mirror launched, directly covering the two people's bodies.

The two rushed into the Void Gate that was about to close.

When the two entered the gate of the void, they felt less than one thousandth of an hour before, and light appeared before them.

They were now in a secluded valley, with birds and flowers in the valley, small bridges and flowing water, and a red sun hanging in the sky.

"This round of red sun seems to have been turned into a fairy treasure!" Zhao Yuande looked at the red sun in the sky and couldn't help but see the light in his eyes.

The big hand seemed to be a little excited at this time, and the hand was shaking slightly.

However, Zhao Yuande did not pay attention to him, but quietly followed behind these practitioners.

They soon appeared in front of a beautiful peach forest, with peach blossoms in full bloom.

A few seemingly plain farmers are busy in the peach forest. They saw these cultivators greet them one after another, and they looked very harmonious.

After passing through the Taolin, it is at the end of the valley. In a square-footed space with dozens of miles, ancient houses are neatly arranged.

In front of the house, there is a flat practice field, and several teenagers are sweating in the practice field.

Several old people were sitting next to the training ground, and they watched these young people practising the exercises cheerfully, with joy that could not be concealed in their eyes.

"Kobayashi is back! What's the gain from going out this time?" One of the old men saw the returning practitioners and looked forward to it.

"Seven Grandpa, this time we found Fengshen Grass, and the ancestor's injury was finally saved!" The cultivator who was called Xiao Lin, that is, the big brother, held Fengshen Grass in his hand, and his face showed excitement. expression.

"Have you gone to the Wraith Forest? Did you encounter the Wraith Forest?" The old man suddenly stood up, the original ricket's body stood upright suddenly, a violent blood surging, the whole trembling valley was shaking.

"Not encountered!" Xiao Lin was obviously very afraid of the old man. He stood upright and his face was very anxious.

"Still lying, I can smell the smell of resentment on you." The old man snapped, "Honestly!"

"Encountered! But we ran right away! No one was hurt." Another young man replied with a strong fear of the old man.

"Huh! You don't know how terrible the Wraith Soul is, even the ordinary Wraith Soul is fatal to us! In the future, Wraith Lin must never go again, I don't want to lose any clan!" A trace of anger.

"Got it! Seven Grandpas!" Several people bowed their heads together, showing guilt on their faces.

"These old men's flesh has reached an incredible level, I am afraid that they can be comparable to the powerful in the fairyland!" Sun Yang observed these old men and couldn't help but show shock on his face.

"Yes! It's just that the soul is too weak!" Zhao Yuande nodded, "If they fight the fierce beasts at this time, they can definitely kill the tenth order beasts, but if they encounter an attack of the gods, they may be killed immediately. Their spirits Its just as weak as ordinary people."

"Hey! Why is the human soul here so weak?" Sun Yang puzzled.

"It should be that this world limits their growth of souls!" Zhao Yuande guessed, "They are living in this inner world called Feng Cangren. Obviously this Fengcang inner world will limit the growth of the soul!"

"Probably this is the case!" Sun Yang agreed.

"You guys come in with me! Remember not to mention the Wraith Forest, or the ancestors will punish you heavily!" Grandpa Seven took these cultivators to a relatively spacious house in the middle.

Just when Zhao Yuande hesitated whether to go in, the big hand on his shoulder suddenly shivered with excitement.

"Quick! Go in! Go in!"

Zhao Yuande was also curious about who the ancestor was, and he couldn't help but followed everyone into the house.

The furnishings in the house are simple, with only tables and chairs and a wooden bed!

A gray-haired old lady was sitting on the wooden bed right now, as if meditating and practicing.

Seeing this old lady, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stay. Is this what they call the ancestor?

At this time, the big hand on his shoulder began to tremble violently!

"Old Ancestor! Kobayashi and several of them found a Soul Sealer in the outer door, and your injury should be recoverable!" Seven Grandpa bowed to the old lady very respectfully, holding the Soul Sealer in his hand.

The old lady opened her eyes slightly, and she saw a lot of joy on her face when she saw the Seal Soul Grass in the hands of Grandpa Seven.

"Sure enough, it's Fengshen grass, they didn't hurt!" The old lady took Fengshen grass and looked at a few of Xiao Lin, her face showing worry.

"They're okay! None of them hurt!" The seven grandpas hurriedly replied, "Thank you ancestor relationship, ancestor, please continue to practice! We will not disturb."

The old lady nodded slowly, and Grandpa Seven hurriedly left the room with a few people.

"Huh! This old woman is not simple...her body..." Zhao Yuande felt the breath from the old woman and couldn't help but change her face.

"Feng Susu, the descendant of Feng Canghe, the world's triple dominance, Chaos Eucharist..."

This old lady turned out to be the Chaos Eucharist!

How can this be! Isn't there only one Chaos Eucharist in the world?

Why is there another one here? This is totally out of the ordinary!