Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384: Chaotic Giants

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"Who are you?" Just when Zhao Yuande was shocked, the old lady's eyes looked in the direction where they were, some kind of cold light, she suddenly lit up six bright stars on her body, illuminating the whole space at once .

"This... how is this possible!" Zhao Yuande showed his figure, looked at the old lady in disbelief, and exclaimed in silence, " turned on six stars!"

Zhao Yuande was not shocked, and even if he opened six stars, even pure physical strength, he could contend with a fairy emperor!

How could such a person nest in this place? This is not normal!

"You... who are you?" The old lady saw Zhao Yuande appear and heard what he said.

No one here except her knows what the six stars mean!

"Ming Yue! Ming Yue! You are the bright moon... I finally found you the bright moon..." The palm of Zhao Yuande's shoulder suddenly flew up in excitement, and the palm of his hand spread out, the eyeball was dazzling!

"Ming Yue!" Upon hearing these two words, the old lady immediately focused her attention on the palm of her hand.

When she saw the eyeball in her palm, she was stunned!


The old lady knelt down to the ground and bowed to the beads!

"Ancestor! You are finally out of danger! The juniors are incompetent and cannot help you out of danger. Please also forgive your ancestors!"

"Mingyue... You are not a brighty moon, not a brighty moon!" The eyes shuddered continuously, as if an unbearable result was obtained, and there was endless despair in the voice.

"Ancestors! Ancestors! The ancestors of Mingyue have passed away for hundreds of millions of years, and we haven't found her body..." The old lady's face also showed extreme sadness.

"Hey! Forget it! I have found Mingyue, but it takes some time to wake her up!" The eyeball gradually returned to normal, and he turned his pupil to Zhao Yuande and said, "Let Mingyue come out!"

Zhao Yuande nodded and released the green-haired monster imprisoned in the inner world.

As soon as the green-haired monster was released, it suddenly opened its teeth and clawed, screaming at the crowd.

"Hey! Seal her with Peerless Sealing Technique! When I restore a certain power of the soul, I will wake her up personally!" Eyeball looked at the green-haired monster and couldn't help sighing again.

"Yes!" The old woman turned her palms, and countless Taoist mysterious rune lights shrouded the green-haired monster.

Then the green hair monster turned into a small light group and fell into the palm of the old woman.

"Ancestor! Who are these two people?" The old lady looked at Zhao Yuande and looked at them.

"They are all foreign testers, they rescued me from the seal of the blood demon vine!" The eyes looked at Zhao Yuande, which showed a very interested look, "This little guy has the same origin as us. Its also the Chaos Eucharist!"

"It's also the Chaos Eucharist! How could this be possible, doesn't it mean that there will be only one Chaos Eucharist in this world?" The old lady wasn't shocked at first, the outsiders would come in batches in a few years, the outsiders he had seen had already Too many, but the Chaos Eucharist made her incredible.

"Hey! Speaking of it, you are not a real chaotic body, he is!" The eyeball looked at the old woman, and there was a touch of helplessness in her eyes.

"I...I'm not? How is that possible, I have turned on six stars, and the seventh star has already sensed it!" The old lady looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, "He... he only turned on two stars! "

"Little fellow, send your friend into the body world first! Then what we said is not suitable for him to listen to!" Eyeball looked at Sun Yang, there was no doubt in his words.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded and looked at Sun Yang.

Sun Yang entered the body world very consciously.

"Little guy, now I will tell you in detail, what the **** is going on!" Suddenly, a bright light curtain erupted in the eyes, covering all three of the house.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande found the impact and the old woman standing on the shoulders of Wei An who did not know the height.

At this time, there were four other great shores beside this great shore figure, and they were flying extremely fast in the starry sky.

At the same time, the huge body crossed the galaxies, and smashed the stars that blocked the way forward.

"This is me! Feng Cang, the ancestor of Chaos Giant Race!" The big hand was still grabbing Zhao Yuande's shoulder at this time, and a very desolate voice came.

"The ancestor style has always been what I yearn for!" The old lady beside him showed a very excited look in her eyes.

Zhao Yuande was shocked and speechless at this time, Chaos Giant Clan!

This is simply an unimaginable race. Crossing the galaxy physically, smashing countless stars blocking the road, what a powerful existence!

"Where is this going?" Zhao Yuande looked at the galaxies that were as wide as hundreds of millions of miles. His voice was shocked or shocked.

"The chaotic Xinghai resources we live in have dried up, and I can only lead the tribes to migrate." A helpless voice came from the big hand.

"Chaotic Xinghai! It turned out to be Chaos Giant Clan of Chaos Xinghai! I depend, old man I saw God today!" The old man with white beard in Zhao Yuande's heart roared excitedly.

"Little guy, let the little thing in your body shut up, otherwise I don't mind pinching him!" The big hand suddenly said coldly, "I don't avoid him because of his sincere help for you! But don't challenge me My bottom limit!"

"Okay! I shut up! Shut up!" The old man with a white beard was so scared that he paled and shut his mouth tightly. He never dared to say another word.

"This..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help being speechless.

At this time, a huge battleship appeared in the starry sky ahead, and a dense and powerful presence stood on the battleship.

Feng Cang stopped in front of the battleship to communicate with an old man in gray on the battleship.

Although this old man is only the size of an ordinary person, it seems that there is a huge chaotic universe running slowly above his head, and the bright yellow world under his feet is flashing, as if it is an ancient god.

Above the sky, on the ground, an undisguised dignity made Zhao Yuande and the old woman, who were separated by countless time and space, both tremble. If they were not standing on Feng Cang's shoulders at this moment, I am afraid they would directly explode!

"This old thing is him... if it weren't for us, our Chaos Giants could not be overthrown. I am the sinner of the Chaos Giants..." The big sign was full of anger, unwilling!

"Who is he? Why harm Chaos Giants?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"He is called Dao Tian! One of the ancestors of the Void Dao!" Feng Cang said the name slowly, and his tone was full of helplessness.