Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385: One Blood

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"His!" Although the old man with white beard covered his mouth hard, he still made a cold breath.

At this time, the big hand did not have the mood to care for the old man with a white beard, but continued slowly: "For his ambitions, for survival! Although the Void of Ten Thousands is extremely prosperous, it has also developed for hundreds of billions of years, and resources will be exhausted at any time! So they entered the starry seas of the stars, occupying a lot of star seas, star seas, eternal light star seas, south star seas, boruo star seas, east forest star seas...but they are still not satisfied, and they have to occupy more places!"

Zhao Yuande didn't think how to say this, but the old man with a white beard was staring at the eyes, and his face was unbelievable!

That kind of shock seems to be a mortal seeing the fairy flying through the sky!

"I was negotiating with him and wanted to find a suitable Xinghai life for him! And he let us fight for him and gave us a very powerful method of "chaotic purple energy", but I didn't expect to eventually introduce us In the abyss of death," Feng Cang said miserably. "We entered this unknown world surrounded by chaos, and we immediately had a terrifying battle with the indigenous people of this unknown world!"

Chaos Purple Qi!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder, is this chaotic purple qi the source of that kind of purple qi?

Could it be that there is some relationship between Daotian and the owner of Bajing Palace?

"These tiny humans have erupted with terrible fighting power. I finally died in this place called the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and all my people have disappeared! And all the immortal kingdoms are exhausted at this time, and then the hands are behind the scenes. Appeared, and effortlessly put the whole world into the world."

"How did you get sealed here?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"At the end of the battle, my body smashed into the depths of this earth. At that time, I had not died yet. A princess named Mingyue appeared. She was the high priest of the heavenly kingdom. She had already predicted this battle, but yet Because of the exclusion in the fairyland, it can't be stopped in the end!"

"She saved my last true spirit, but because the injury was too heavy, I abandoned this body and reshaped my body to survive!"

"Our first offspring was a daughter. She was so beautiful and beautiful, inheriting 90% of my blood, but unfortunately left this world and went outside and never came back! The second offspring is a boy, looks good As majestic as I am, but unfortunately only inherited my blood..."

"Is this the descendant who has inherited a bloodline?" The old woman shivered in her voice.

"Yes! Yicheng bloodline can only open seven stars, and finally cannot be cultivated into a chaotic giant!" The big hand looked at Zhao Yuande with expectation, "And you are a descendant of my ninety bloodline, you can open the nine stars, and finally Turn into Chaos Giant!"

"This..." Zhao Yuande looked weird. It turned out that Feng Cang turned out to be his ancestor!

In hell, what I encountered in the little palace must be the first daughter Feng Cang said!

It turns out that his ancestors were so bullish!

"If you become a Chaos giant one day, you must avenge our ethnic group! You must kill Daotian... you must kill him!" Feng Cang's voice gritted his teeth.

"This..." Zhao Yuande tentatively asked, "Ancestor, do you think you could defeat Daotian?"

"This..." The wind lingered slightly, shaking his head, "Unbeatable!"

"In the beginning, you were a real giant of chaos, and you couldn't even defeat it. Do you think I might be?" Zhao Yuande thought of the powerful person called Daotian who had an unspeakable power in his body, and he was playing drums in his heart!

That kind of power is hundreds of millions of years apart, but just seeing an influence can shock him and make him an enemy... Zhao Yuande can't imagine how he can defeat each other.

"This..." The wind was silent, but soon his voice came again, "If we can gather the power of our five Chaos Giants, maybe we can do it!"

"Gather the five Chaos Giants!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning. This is not so simple.

"Gathering the power of the five Chaos Giants, it should be possible to turn on the ten stars in the legend, and ten stars will open to the earth, absolutely!" Feng Cang Yue said more and more excited.

"How can I find the other four Chaos Giants? Where are their bodies?" Zhao Yuande frowned.

"As long as you turn on the five stars, you will feel the other chaotic giants, then you can find them one by one!" Feng Cangdao said.

"Oh! Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "I promised this! But how did you later get sealed in the blood demon vine?"

"The Lord of the Heavenly Kingdom found me and Mingyue. I didn't reinvent the flesh at that time, and I was not as good as him, and he was sealed by him! But I don't hate him. After all, he is the father of Mingyue. I will forgive sins for the sins that destroyed the Heavenly Kingdom!" Feng Cang's tone was full of helplessness.

"The ancestor, what about me? What should I do if I persisted in the ideal of revenge for so many years?" The old lady on the side also lost a sense of confusion and lost her father's revenge. She felt that her existence seemed meaningless.

"My inner world limits your growth, so that you have no future, you can leave here to live the life you want! But for the revenge of our Chaos Giants, I still hope you can put that blood into the blood Leave it to him!" Feng Cang's eyes looked at the old lady, and there was a bit of intolerance and expectation in her eyes. "Of course, if you don't want to, I won't force it, I'm sorry for you!"

"This..." The old lady clearly hesitated.

"Forget it! Don't do it!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "If you want to leave, I can help you. You can stay in my other side of the world for a while. I can help you arrange a safety after you go out. Local life."

Zhao Yuande knew that if he had gone to that bloodline, this old woman's devotion might plummet, and perhaps he would become a waste person. He could not be so selfish!

"Okay!" Feeling the sincerity of Zhao Yuande, the old woman said, "The purpose of my life is to save the first ancestor, and now this goal has been achieved! So I will give you this bloodline!"

After the old lady finished speaking, her fingers were lighter in her eyebrows, and a blood line suddenly shot out of the old lady's eyebrows, directly into Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a itch in his eyebrows, a strong breath suddenly spread out from between his eyebrows, and a vague star appeared directly between Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.