Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387: Lei Zhenzi Vs. Sun Yang

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"In this case, your cousin, come back!" Shang Guanjin waited for the other party's words. The people of Tian Yizong shot it, it was better to kill the other party, and they couldn't lose anything if they couldn't kill them.

"Hands! Slaughter them!" The thundering boy's eyes in the province were very cold, and the five of them waved and attacked the little priest together.

"Lei Zhenzi, can you be more shameless! Have the ability to fight alone with me!" Jiang Jian is now close to the exhaustion of the lamp, and he is still standing strong, and the blood stains on his body are as if they are fine. Sawtooth cutting almost became a blood man.

"Hey! Jiang Jian, I know you are powerful, but you can turn the sky even more powerful! I admit that I am not your opponent, but it is you who died today!" Lei Zhenzi looked at Jiang Jian's cold eyes flashing, he There was a sword wound on his chest, and he almost sliced the entire chest open. This was the gift Jiang Jian left him.

"You..." Jiang Jian opened his mouth with a blood arrow, his face suddenly turned paler.

"Kill me, kill them all! The people of Xuan Jizong are going to be destroyed here today!" Lei Zhenzi saw Jiang Jian vomiting blood, and he couldn't help showing a little excitement in his eyes.

"Lei Zhenzi, how dare you!"

Just at this time, a shadow in the sky came radio, and the voice had not fallen yet, and Zhao Yuande had appeared in front of the little Taoist.

"You...Zhao Yuande! Why are you here, haven't you been expelled from Sect by Xuanji Sect?" Lei Zhenzi naturally knew Zhao Yuande.

In the city of Xuanji Zongfang, Zhao Yuande made him lose his face, and he can't forget it until now, as long as he thinks of it, he must gnash his teeth.

However, he has heard many legends of Zhao Yuande, and he knows that this guy is very powerful. If he joins himself, the five people will not necessarily succeed in winning each other.

"Lei Zhenzi, you dare to take advantage of me not hurting the members of Xuan Jizong, it seems that you are going to die here today!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other coldly, thinking in his heart, this guy needs to seize it for a while, and must not be cut Killed, the Lei Di bloodline in his body should be useful.

"Okay! Zhao Yuande, you want to fight against me, right?" Lei Zhenzi turned to look at the humanity of the Shangguan family, "Brother Shangguan, this person will be given to you, as long as you kill him, everything on him Its all yours!"

"Oh!" Shangguan Jin looked at Zhao Yuande, the greed in his eyes flashed away.

"Lei Zhenzi! You bastard, even colluding with the puppets of the Shangguan family to commit murder, I can't spare you today!" Sun Yang arrived at this time and saw Lei Zhenzi at a glance. Come up!

"Brother Zhao, the Shangguan family is not a good thing. It's better to kill them all! Let me hand it over here!" Sun Yang yelled at Zhao Yuande and collided with the angry Lei Zhenzi next moment.

"You little son of the Sun family, you are dead today! Lei Zhenzi don't kill him, I want to live!" Shang Guanjin looked at Sun Yang as if he was an enemy.

It seems that there must have been an unpleasant past between the two.

Zhao Yuande didn't have time to see Sun Yang at this time. He had absolute confidence in Sun Yang. His eyes were now fixed on the five members of the Shangguan family.

"Boy! I don't care who you are or what kind of genius you are, but if you want to be an enemy of our Shangguan family, it's a dead end!" One of the fat-looking teenagers looked at Zhao Yuande with some frenzy.

"Shangguan cousin, let's let Xiaojiu solve him!" The only woman in the Shangguan family looked soft and weak, but a pair of vicious eyes kept sweeping on Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt like he was being stared at by a viper, and his body seemed to be chilling.

"Xiaojiu, be careful, this person can be stunned by Lei Zhenzi, indicating that he has something extraordinary, don't overturn the boat in this small ditch!" Shang Guanjin saw that Xiaojiu was going to take action, Suddenly there was a trace of joy on her face, and she would definitely die if she shot.

Zhao Yuande did not like this cold feeling, and raised his hand to summon Zhao Shizi.

"Go, kill her!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold.

Zhao Shizi did not speak, holding a chaos spear, and walked directly towards the other party.

Zhao Shishi is a real Divine Emperor Realm strongman, although he is suppressed in the world realm, but the powerful combat strength is not something that the other party can defeat at all. If the other party is five people together, maybe they will win. opportunity.

The woman known as Xiao Jiu also felt the strong breath of Zhao Shishi, but she was not afraid, but instead giggled.

"The little girl is weak, and she also asks the young man to pity!" There was a wonderful rhythm in her voice.

Zhao Shiwei only felt that the scenery in front of him had changed. In a beautiful peach blossom forest, a glamorous woman dressed in light gauze was dancing lightly. Her every move and smile were full of temptation.

Zhao Shishi, who was walking ahead, stopped at once, with a trace of ruddy on his face, and there was steaming steam on his body.

Xiao Jiu didn't know when there was an additional short sword in his hand, and he spooked forward like a ghost.

"Successful!" Shang Guanjin couldn't help but look at this scene with a greasy smile.

Shangguan Jin looked proudly at the opposite Zhao Yuande, wanting to see the wonderful expression on his face, but what he looked at was a smile-like expression.

He suddenly screamed badly in his heart and shouted at Xiao Jiu, who flew away: "Be careful!"

But this time it is too late!

Zhao Xie's eyes suddenly became bright, and the chaos spear in his hand seemed to shuttle through the heavy void, and penetrated Xiao Jiu's chest directly.

Xiao Jiu looked at the other man's cold and ruthless man inconceivably, as if he had been pierced into his chest by a spear, and as he was picked up high.


Zhao Shishi drank coldly, and the chaotic spear in his hand exuded a dazzling edge, directly tearing Xiao Jiu pierced on the spear edge into pieces.

"Xiao Jiu!" Shangguan Jin saw that Xiao Jiu was killed but was too late to rescue him. His eyes turned red instantly and hissed and roared, "Kill! Kill me to revenge Xiao Jiu!"

All four of Shangguan's family rushed to Zhao Shizi in anger.

"Humph! Find death!"

How did Zhao Yuande let them besiege Zhao Shizi, and the sword of nothingness stabbed him towards Shangguan Jin.


The four members of the Shangguan family suddenly felt that they had come to a rippling sea, and a person in the middle of the sea slowly pierced a sword towards them!

"Not good! This is the concept of time. This person has mastered the concept of time!" There is a master of sword in the Shangguan family. He could not help but exclaimed when he saw this scene.