Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1388

Chapter 1388: Shangguan Jin Died

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"What about the sword of time! See my space fist, one fist out of the world, one fist out of the world, one fist out of the fragility!" The Shangguan family made a fist, as if a star fell to the ground, towards the ocean. Zhao Yuande directly suppressed the past.

Zhao Yuande sneered: "When I only have time sword intention? I will let you see what is called the void sword intention!"

The sword in Zhao Yuande's hand is still slow, but the entire space seems to stop all at once, and everyone's brain slams, as if it has also fallen into a momentary stagnation.

"Even if it's really the sword of the void, the void collapses for me!" Shangguanjin's face changed greatly, and I didn't know when there was an extra burning stove in his hand. The stove cover was opened, and a blazing flame burst out. Zhao Yuande swept through.

Under the swarm of flames, the void confined by Zhao Yuande suddenly turned back.

But at this time, Shang Guanjin only felt a cold eyebrow, not knowing when an invisible sword mandrel had penetrated his sea of knowledge.


Shangguanjin's body fell to the ground, and the stove in his hand fell to the ground.

The flame in the stove overflowed a little from the stove and instantly ignited the whole land!

"Cousin!" the remaining three shouted in unison.


However, at this time, Zhao Xie's opponent was split into two halves by his spear from head to toe. The blood swelled in the two corpses, and the internal organs rolled out, describing the miserable.

It was only an instant, and there were only two left in the Shangguan family!

The two looked at Zhao Yuande in horror. They knew that either they died or their opponent died today!

Although they were afraid, they did not back away, screaming and rushed towards them.

"No difficulty!" Zhao Yuande resolved his opponent with a sword, his face relaxed and comfortable.

His soul reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, and the control of Jianyi has reached a very terrifying point. It is a piece of cake to rush to deal with these people.

At this time, Zhao Shixiu was a divine emperor, and he had the same artistic conception as Zhao Yuande, and it was very simple to kill his opponent.

In just less than five breathing hours, all five of the Shangguan family became dead souls.

Zhao Yuande gathered all the things that were dropped from the five people, and then turned his attention to Sun Yang.

At this time, the Taoist priests were able to block one man and two women in Tian Yizong by one-on-three. Although Jiang Jian was bathed in blood, he was still inseparable from the killing of a Tian Yizong disciple.

At this time, the most fierce battle was between Sun Yang and Lei Zhenzi.

Sometimes the thunder roared, sometimes the stars died, and the two men's battle had reached the most critical moment.

However, the continuous screams of Zhao Yuande's side obviously attracted Lei Zhenzi's attention. He was shocked by the powerful means of Zhao Yuande and they were only slightly distracted and could not be held back by Sun Yang.

Seeing that Sun Yang was in the upper hand, Zhao Yuande suddenly widened his heart and gave Zhao Shishi a look.

Zhao Shixi flew past Jiang Jian in the direction of Jiang Jian, holding a chaos spear.

Jiang Jian's opponent couldn't attack for a long time, and was anxious in his heart. Suddenly he felt a powerful crisis coming, and suddenly panicked!

Masters can decide birth and death instantly, especially Jiang Jian, a terrible swordsman, just gave him a chance to pierce the opponent's eyebrow with a sword.

Before Zhao XIV shot, the battle was over.

Zhao Fourteen shook his head helplessly and continued to walk in the direction of the little Taoist Zhengyu.

"Damn! The opponent is too strong, we are not opponents! Let's just run!" The three young men fighting Zhengyu saw the Shangguan family die one by one, and Tian Yizong also had one person cut down, and he suddenly gave birth to his heart Retreat.

"Brother, isn't that good! Brother Lei Zhenzi, he..." One of the girls was now pale.

"Hey! Can't control that much, let's go!" The other girl was older and knew that she had already returned to heaven. After hearing the young man's suggestion, he suddenly stabbed a sword and turned to escape.

The other two looked at each other, and they all closed their hands behind the girl and drove towards the distance.

"You... you three bastards!" Lei Zhenzi, who was not far away in the battle, suddenly felt cold when he saw this scene.

"Brother, I'm sorry! We are going to die here if we don't run!" The girl heard Lei Zhenzi's roar and couldn't help but pale, and hurriedly explained.

It seems that Lei Zhenzi is too prosperous on weekdays, and the girl is really afraid of him.

"Humph! Lei Zhenzi, what are you roaring! You are going to die here today!" Sun Yang took advantage of the opportunity to tear the other person's chest together, almost digging out the other person's heart.

Zheng Yu looked big and the three of them escaped without stopping, but spit out a long breath.

"Let them go! They are just bewitched by Lei Zhenzi!" Zheng Yu looked at Zhao Shisi who wanted to chase down and hurriedly stopped.

Zhao Shiwei froze for a moment, but then nodded. If the other party was not willing to pursue it, forget it.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had come to Sun Wen. Although Sun Wen was hit hard, it seemed that he was alive and dead, but Zhao Yuande found that the other party was only in a coma.

And there is a mysterious force in his body that is repairing his injury, and his life is now intact.

The panacea he took out and healed was stuffed into his mouth.

The situation in Duanmu Feiyun is still relatively good, because her previous injuries have not been healed. She barely participated in the battle just now, but the last power broke out at the critical moment, and she is now falling off the ground.

Since Zhao Yuande came to the rescue, Duanmu Feiyun felt that the crisis had been lifted, and he had begun to recover from his injuries.

Zhao Yuande felt relieved when he saw that everyone was okay. Although he had left Xuan Jizong, it was all because of the Lu family. Now, Lu Tian has died in the hands of Zhao Shishi, and his breath is considered to have disappeared. Halfway through.

These people are his former fellows, and they have intersects with him. He has a clear sense of resentment, and he still misses the old feelings to the people of Xuan Jizong.


The situation of close competition in the field has long been reversed, and now Sun Yang has gradually defeated Lei Zhenzi.

They seemed to appear in a chaotic galaxy. Numerous bright stars were buried and floating in the galaxy. Under the impulse of Sun Yang's knife, each star fell towards the thunder vibrator.

The stick in Lei Zhenzi's hand was already overwhelmed, and the horrifying thunder in his body had gradually extinguished. At this time, a large flesh and blood on his chest were blurred, as if he had been seriously injured.