Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389: Ledi Family

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"Sun Yang! Lao Tzu fights with you!" Lei Zhenzi can no longer bear the knife intention mixed with the rule of stars.

He knew that if he continued this way, he would definitely die, and at this time, several of his brothers and sisters had fled, leaving him alone.

The stick in his hand was put away, and there were several chapters of yellowed rune paper, and a head was thrown towards Sun Yang.

Sun Yang's face suddenly changed when he saw these runes, and he didn't want to sacrifice the seal directly.

The imprint of Yinxi is infinitely expanded, as if a giant mountain lie between the two.

"Boom! Kacha! Zizi..."

Various bursting and breaking sounds continued, and several powerful and unmatched attacks struck the seal, flying the mountain-like seal.

However, Lei Zhenzi retreated rapidly at this time, with the help of a strong anti-seismic force, he escaped hundreds of miles at once and fled in the direction of the escape of several younger brothers and sisters.

"Let me stay!" Just when Lei Zhenzi felt he was about to escape, he suddenly heard a voice in his ear.

A sword light seemed to have crossed time and space, and instantly penetrated into his back.

"Ah! Zhao Yuande, you can't kill me. I am the hope of Tian Yizong. If you kill me and go out, you will definitely be chased by Tian Yizong endlessly!" Lei Zhenzi was put through a chest through a sword hole and did not lose his action. ability.

But his face was terrified. He did not expect Zhao Yuande to be stronger than he thought.

Just now he clearly felt the danger of this sword and wanted to sacrifice a fairy treasure to stop it, but the speed of this sword was completely beyond his imagination.

He knew that the opponent's strength was definitely above Sun Yang. It was basically impossible for him to escape today.

Therefore, he can only speak harshly and threaten the opponent with Tian Yizong.

However, he obviously overestimated Tian Yizong's deterrent effect on Zhao Yuande. The other party didn't answer at all, only a sword light struck.

"Zhao Yuande...I...ah!" Lei Zhenzi felt his two legs cool, and both legs were cut off by the other side with a sword.

"Boom!" Lei Zhenzi lost his legs and suddenly lost his balance. He fell directly from the air.

"Lei Zhenzi, you can't escape today, leave me obediently!" Zhao Yuande came out again, seemingly extremely slow, but he had already arrived.


A sword flew by, taking away one of Lei Zhenzi's arms, and the long stick in his hand rolled down to the ground.

The whole of him was rolling on the ground, covered with mud and dirt, and there was still a little master's majesty in the sky.

"Forgive me! Forgive me! I am willing to promise you all conditions and become a servant for slaves!" Lei Zhenzi had already felt his life was about to come to an end at this time, he no longer had the arrogance of the past, a pair of eagle eyes Full of fear and pleading.

"Late! The only value you have for me now is the Lei Di bloodline in your body!" Zhao Yuande has quietly fallen in front of Lei Zhenzi, showing a cold smile to him.

" did you know!" Lei Zhenzi seemed to be hundreds of years old when he heard the words "Lei Di's bloodline", and his spirit suddenly languished.

"In front of me, you don't have any secrets!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the other person by the neck and sealed him instantly, throwing him into the body world and imprisoning him.

Sun Yang was relieved to see Lei Zhenzi captured by Zhao Yuande.

This battle really made him very tired just now. If the other party is not mentally ill, he will not be able to defeat the other party.

However, he has also achieved great results in this battle, which has laid a very good foundation for his future growth.

"Brother Zhengyu, how did you meet this group of people?" Seeing that several others were still healing, Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang came to the little Taoist and asked what happened.

"Hey! They came out of the jungle in the south, and they attacked us without hesitation when they came up, thanks to the brothers who arrived in time, otherwise we will be killed today!" Color.

"Hey! Before I said that, I was also a disciple of Xuan Jizong. I still had some friendship with Xuan Jizong. It was Gao Fengliang who was the brother of Zhengyu. When I was in danger, I still refused to give up my friends. It really made me admire!" Zhao Yuande sincerely admired.

"You Dao friends came along with me, how could I leave them alone and run away!" Zheng Yu said, "But Dao friends need to pay attention in the future, this Shangguan family is a crazy family, if they know that you killed After their disciples, they will inevitably die with you in the future."

"Well! Thank you Brother Zhengyu for reminding me, I will pay attention to this." Zhao Yuande nodded. "Dao You will recover! We will wait for you all to recover before leaving!"

"Thank you Dao!" Zheng Yu nodded.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's soul entered the inner world, and when he saw the imprisoned Lei Zhenzi, he did not talk nonsense with him, and directly searched his memory with his powerful spirit power.

Soon many memory fragments poured into Zhao Yuande's mind.

Only then did he know where the other party came from and how to get here.

It turned out that the last time a case was discovered when someone entered the Huntian Immortal Kingdom and tried this place, but it was not fully explored because of the urgent time.

After returning to Zongmen, this person dedicated a map depicting this place to Zongmen. This time Lei Zhenzi was told the secret before they entered and gave the map.

As soon as they entered here, they met the five members of the Shangguan family. They all feared each other's strength. They immediately decided that the two gangs would join forces and work together. After gaining the benefits, they evenly divided.

Unexpectedly, they met the four members of Xuan Jizong as soon as they entered here.

The relationship between Xuanji Sect and Tianyi Sect is a confrontational relationship, and the natural battle is triggered at once, and then it is what Zhao Yuande saw!

What makes him more interesting is that Lei Zhenzi's identity, Lei Zhenzi's true identity turned out to be a descendant of the ancient **** Lei Di, and their family has been hidden in Baihezhou.

Although Lei Zhenzi has the bloodline of Lei Di, it is not the purest blood, but there is no chaotic thunder fire body of the inheritance system of the Lei Di family, so it is only the fate of an ordinary disciple.

Up to now, there has not been a chaotic thunder fire body in the Lei Di family, so that many strong members of the family can't help but feel whether the family is going to fall.

However, Zhao Yuande knew one thing. The chaotic thunder fire body is the same as the chaotic holy body, and only one will appear in a lifetime!

The chaotic thunder fire body of this life is a person called Zhang Fan, as long as this Zhang Fan immortal Lei Di family can not be born chaotic thunder fire body.

However, the root of the chaotic thunderfire body is Lei Di. This Zhang Fan may have some relationship with the Lei Di family.