Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Zhou Family Bloodline

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In order to complete his three packages more perfectly, Zhao Yuande decided to make his own special cuisine in Wantong Baolou.

No one here dares to make trouble, otherwise it is only death that greets them.

The powerful members of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce have a special method, which can be traced back!

This is a weird exercise that restores the truth of things. It has no lethality, and can only restore one thing to the moment it happened.

This technique is useless for others, but for the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, it is the strongest means of pursuing suspects. Anyone who dares to provoke the Wantong Chamber of Commerce will be restored by this kind of exercise, and can directly find opponents. Hometown!

Once an old rival wanted to destroy a large auction of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce by controlling the **** corpse, snatching an innate spirit treasure in the auction, but finally was pulled out alive, and the powerful of the God Emperor Realm was killed.

How powerful is a strong man in God Realm!

He can destroy the heavens and the earth, destroy the stars, and want to destroy a big world in a single thought, and just such a strong man, the existence of the closest immortal, was killed by Wantong Chamber of Commerce!

The whole Wanjie was silent at that moment. Only the powerful innate demon gods and legendary immortals could kill a **** emperor. Is there really such a terrible existence in the Wantong Chamber of Commerce?

After getting this conclusion, no one dared to work with Wantong Chamber of Commerce since then!

"Senior Fu, I am very satisfied here. Please take me to thank the special envoy Master!" Zhao Yuande sent Fu Yunshan away and then took a long breath, watching the triumphant smiles on the faces of the three people around him.

"Okay, let's start the first package now! Are you ready?"

"Ready!" The three men of the Black Wind were all confident and stood upright!

"Black Wind, you go and invite Senior Zhou to come!"

"Hey! Good!" The black wind rushed out!

Zhao Yuande photographed Jinguang Pestle for him, this guy is still in excitement, his legs slipping!

"Come on, you two helped me dispense the elixir material first!" Zhao Yuande took out a lot of storage rings, each clearly marked with various numbers.

Yi Jie and Ji Yuling also rushed up excitedly and started their work.

What Master Yijie thought at this time was that Zhao Yuande would start the Sky Eye Plan by completing the three packages early!

However, Ji Yuling was aroused by Zhao Yuande's interest in learning. By sorting out these elixir spirit materials, she would understand and improve this knowledge faster. In the future, even if she can't become an alchemist, she can help Zhao Yuande and become his Good wife.

At this time, the Black Bear has invited Zhou Tianqiang, Zhou Tianqiang, to a hall with gorgeous decoration.

The Zhou family is a first-class family. Within the family there are emperors and ancestors sitting in town, which are comparable to the Mo family and Luoxue Palace.

And this Zhou Tianliang is the elder of the Zhou family, a powerful person in the world, and dealing with such strong people, Zhao Yuande should not be too sloppy.

"Haha! This is Zhao Xiaoyou!" Zhou Tianliang's appearance is a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face, a beard on his face, and he looks like a straightforward and bold person.

"Senior Zhou! The kid is Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande looked at this person for not being a good one, and came up to call his little friend cordially.

"Well! Good, good! The physical body is unparalleled, the mana is as powerful as the river, the future is boundless, the future is boundless!" Zhou Tianliang looked Zhao Yuande up and down, and he was a little surprised in his heart, and couldn't help but praise!

"Predecessors are ridiculous!" Zhao Yuande Gongqian smiled.

"Hey! I like to tell the truth, you are much stronger than my little cub!" Zhou Tianliang waved his hand, "Little cub, don't hurry out!"

Suddenly, a virtual world emerged from the back of the head. Among the small world were mountains, rivers, flowers, birds, fish and insects, various buildings, and many figures were shaking. A figure stepped out of this big world and appeared in Zhao Yuandes before.

This is a young boy in a black suit with a strong body. His appearance is similar to that of Zhou Tianliang. At first glance, he is a direct descendant. His appearance is similar to that of Zhao Yuande. His body shows a fierce breath, and he seems to often wander in the life and death between.

The boy in black was staring at Zhao Yuande with interest at this time, and seemed to be very interested in him.

"This is?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhou Tianliang, asking something that he knew.

"Haha! He is my grandson, Zhou Hao! In the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, the first package I took was for him! Zhao Xiaoyou, what do you think of my grandson? Can it succeed?" Zhou Tianliang is somewhat complacent Looked at Zhao Yuande, hoping to hear good news from the other party.

Hearing Grandpa's introduction, Zhou Hao raised his head slightly!

"Zhou Hao, a young generation genius of the Zhou family, has a trace of the ancient Tianpeng bloodline in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, and has not yet inspired... Intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe'Golden Spirit Chasing the Sun', there is a small chance of getting the ancient Tianpeng bloodline List... It's impossible to catch difficulty!"

"Well! This is not easy to say!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhou Hao's message and looked at Zhou Tianliang with some hesitation.

"It's okay, Xiaomin just tell me!" Zhou Tianliang is very satisfied with this grandson.

"Although this brother Zhou is in good condition in all respects, I can also guarantee that he can be completely entered into a yin and yang unity!" Zhao Yuande said here, Zhou Tianliang and Zhou Hao's faces all showed excitement suddenly, with each other The protection of them, they immediately have a bottom in their hearts!

"But..." Zhao Yuande's words were not finished yet, continued, "But Brother Zhou seems to have the ancient Tianpeng bloodline that has not yet been actuated. If he can not excite it before the Yin and Yang unite, he will be less likely to be aroused in the future. , But the choice is two..."

"What! Hao'er has Gu Tianpeng bloodline?" Zhou Tianliang suddenly heard the words of Gu Tianpeng bloodline, his body suddenly began to tremble, he unbelievably pulled his grandson to his side, and began to explore with a powerful spirit Zhou Hao inside.

At this time Zhou Tianliang's inner excitement could hardly be described in words!

No one knows that the ancestor of the Zhou family is a congenital demon, an ancient Tianpeng born in chaos!

The ancestor unfortunately fell in a battle in the ancient times, leaving a blood vein to fall into this world of the Eastern Emperor!

The Zhou family prospered in the world of the Eastern Emperor. At the beginning, the powerful people who had the blood of Gu Tianpeng emerged endlessly. At that time, the Zhou family and the super family such as the Jiang family Ji family had a high capital, but after endless years, Zhou The blood of the family began to become mottled and impure, and the disciples of Gu Tianpeng's blood were fewer and fewer!

The last recorded heir of the ancient Tianpeng blood line appeared 30,000 years ago, and no one has appeared since then!

Now the Gu Tianpeng bloodline heir has fallen in a war, the Zhou family has also begun to become headless, and the entire Zhou family has gradually declined!

In recent years, the Zhou family has almost forgotten the fact that his ancestor was Gu Tianpeng. I did not expect that Zhao Yuande actually said this at this time, so how could Zhou Tianliang's heart not be excited.