Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390: Snow Mountain

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And according to Zhao Yuande's estimate, the Thunder Prison Family in the Lower Realm must also have a close relationship with this Lei Di Family!

Taking advantage of Xuanji Sect's rest time, Zhao Yuande had nothing to do, let Zhao Shizi and Sun Yang help him guard, and he began to extract the blood veins from Lei Zhenzi's body.

If the ability to swallow the vortex is known to others, it will inevitably be shocked, not only can swallow the constitution, but also swallow the blood!

In the terrified eyes of Lei Zhenzi, he felt that his blood was actually being taken away by people!

He instantly changed from a peerless genius, Tian Yizong's future hope into a disabled waste.

Although his cultivation practice still exists, even if he returns to Tianyizong or Leidi family now, no one will care about him, let alone restore his limbs and practice again!

His heart is full of endless despair, and he is even more remorseful, he should not be opposed to Zhao Yuande, and he should not enter the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom!

But all this is too late. There is no regret medicine in the world.


He simply exhausted his remaining strength and exploded his knowledge of the sea directly!

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande got a blood vein, originally intended to let him go, let him spontaneously die in the world on the other side.

But he didn't expect him to be so violent and directly exploded his knowledge of the sea!

"Am I a pity for the enemy?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smile and shook his head, "This emotion must not appear again in the future!"

This Lei Di bloodline is very powerful, if you use this to turn your other avatar into Lei Di avatar...

This idea appeared in Zhao Yuande's mind, but it was quickly rejected. The blood of Lei Di must not be revealed. Otherwise, if found by the people of Lei Di's family, it may cause trouble.

According to Lei Zhenzi's memory, the Lei Di family is an ancient and powerful family, much more powerful than the Bai Di Palace, but it has been living without a dispute and is now in a semi-hidden state.

However, there are still many disciples walking around, and the news of Lei Zhenzi's death will soon be passed back to the Lei Di family. If he is found, he will wait for the endless pursuit of the Lei Di family.

Although Zhao Yuande is not afraid of trouble, he doesn't want to cause too much trouble, especially the big trouble of the Lei Di family, so this matter is temporarily not feasible!

After resting here for half a day, the four members of Xuan Jizong were fully recovered.

"Oh! This is a map I got from Lei Zhenzi. You should have some effect!" Zhao Yuande gave them a map and waved at them. "Since you have recovered, then we can Got to go!"

The color of gratitude appeared in the eyes of all four people, especially the color of gratitude in Duanmu Feiyun's eyes.

They waved to Zhao Yuande, and their hearts were extremely depressed.

It should have been Zhao Yuande leading them in this trial space, but he left Zongmen!

But Lu Tian, who was going to treat Zhao Yuande, didn't know where to go at this time, which was really chilling.

"Okay! Everyone is attentive! Don't suffer the loss!" Duan Mu Feiyun's face showed a solemn color, "This is the trial of the Heavenly Kingdom, we can't rely on others blindly, we also have our own way to go !"

"Yes! After this battle, I also have a lot of experience, and the fighting power has increased greatly. I think it is at least twice as powerful as me before. We can survive here without relying on anyone!" Revealed a confident light.

"We have to work together to strive for maximum combat effectiveness! I believe we will not be weaker than others!" Jiang Jian's tone is relatively plain, but it is said that everyone's heart is up!

Not weaker than others!

"The Daoists said very much! Extremely!" Zheng Yu little Taoist had a bit of joy in his eyes. He felt the blood in everyone's heart and couldn't help but also full of confidence in the future.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang, and Zhao Shixing, according to the map marked by Zhao Yuande from Lei Zhenzi, headed towards the extreme north of this clear blue space.

This clear blue space was originally Feng Cang's inner world, but after the death of Feng Cang's flesh, he reunited the flesh with a ray of true spirit. Naturally, he was not interested in this already dead flesh, but was entrenched in a place in the original inner world.

But he did not expect to be beheaded in the end, leaving only one hand and one eye.

Originally, the owner of the Heavenly Kingdom wanted to kill hands and eyes together, but he couldn't stand the begging of her daughter, and finally sealed them under the blood demon vine.

In this vast body of the world, almost all creatures have died, and most of them have turned into grievances full of grievances. After hundreds of millions of years, many places have undergone tremendous changes.

Many geniuses and treasures were born, and some strange beasts were also born.

The descendants of Feng Cang survived in this environment.

Zhao Yuande they soon came to a frozen land, where it was extremely cold, covered by snow all the year round, there was a red dot in the map left by Lei Zhenzi, it seems that there is something baby here.

"It's so cold here!" With Sun Yang's physique, there was a bit of cold bitterness here.

"Well! The cold here is not simple. If it is not suppressed, I am afraid that we will be killed here!" Zhao Yuande said with a solemn face, "I guess this is an ice field formed by Feng Cang's seniors understanding the origin of ice, However, it is a pity that our current state simply cannot comprehend the mystery of it, otherwise we can really retreat here for a while."

"Hey! How can we understand the perception of this level of existence, we can only sigh!"

"Let's go! The red dot is not far from here, maybe we will have any chance!" Zhao Yuande's eyes shone.

"Hey! Brother Zhao! There are red dots and green dots on the map image you passed to me. Do you know what this means?" Sun Yang asked.

"I don't know! It's a pity that this guy Lei Zhenzi blew himself up just now, otherwise it would be nice to ask him!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, slightly regretted, he thought for a moment and then said, "But I think the red dot should be a chance, and the green dot may be Represents fairy medicine!"

"Okay! Let's not guess! The snow mountain in front should be the location marked by the red dot!" Sun Yang pointed to a towering snow mountain not far away.

"Huh? What a powerful breath fluctuates like a terrifying beast!" Zhao Yuande's soul radiated past, and suddenly felt a fierce breath reverberating in the snowy mountains, as if a peerless beast lurked in the snowy mountains.