Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391: Variation Icefield Bear

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"A powerful beast should guard what treasure!" Sun Yang's eyes lit up.

"Yes! Let's kill the past!" Zhao Yuande and the three speeded up and rushed excitedly to the snow mountain.

"Huh! There's nothing! The fierce beast can't be found? Is it the fierce beast?"

"This... is this map out of date, or someone here has been here before!" Sun Yang sat on the top of the snowy mountain with a little disappointment on his face.

"No, not only did the breath of the fierce beast not diminish, but it became stronger and stronger!" Zhao Yuande suddenly doubted.

"It seems... it seems..." Zhao Xie suddenly looked strange, and he looked at his feet.

"What does it look like?" Sun Yang asked hurriedly.

"It seems that we are stepping on the head of this fierce beast at this time!" Zhao Yuande and Zhao Shiwei communicated with each other, and immediately said it for him.

"This... how is this possible! This snowy mountain is so high..." Sun Wen looked at his feet in disbelief.


The snowy mountains at the foot suddenly moved violently, and the endless white snow was shaken off in this vibration, forming a huge avalanche.

Zhao Yuande and the three of them suddenly rose into the air, and when they flew into the sky, they saw a huge white giant bear roaring angry at them.

Thick bear paws slammed at them, and the horror hurricane brought by the slam swept the world instantly.

The three men's faces changed greatly, and their bodies were raised a bit again.

"Variant Icefield Bear, Devouring Chaos Giant's Blood Variation, Sanpin Fairy Beast, Huge Life Energy Contained in the Body, High-Level Ingredients..."

"I rely on! You must kill this guy, it is a big supplement to us!" Zhao Yuande saw the appraisal, and suddenly his eyes were shining. This big guy is simply a moving Baoshan!

" do we kill? Although its realm is suppressed, but the innate power cannot be suppressed, we may not even be able to break its skin!" Sun Yang felt very tricky, this guy didn't know at first glance For thousands of years old monsters, their strength has long been terrifying.

"Kill! It must be killed! And now is the best time to kill it. If we get this big guy, our physical body can be at least doubled, and..." Zhao Yuande was trembling with excitement!

If this mutated icefield bear is placed in the outside world, it is equivalent to a powerful existence in the fairyland, not to mention killing it, even if it is close!

But here, no matter who cultivates is suppressed in the world, even this big guy is just the world!

If it is outside, it's terrible atmosphere only makes them unable to get close, and even they can be killed by the roar directly.

But here, all the crises are gone, only the other party's power is still there!

However, the other party's physical body is too large. Although the attack range is wide, but the loophole is huge. As long as they are careful, they can fully open the other party's attack!

When Sun Yang heard Zhao Yuande's description, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"This risk is worth taking!" Sun Yang's eyes are also very excited!

"What are you waiting for, come up with the most powerful attack!" Zhao Yuande shouted excitedly, and rushed directly towards the roaring icefield bear.

Zhao Fourteen and Sun Yang also followed, and the chaotic spear in Zhao Fourteen's hands became hundreds of feet long. The terrible sharp edge torn the void, and the big paw waving towards the icefield bear was directly cleaved.

Sun Yang simply gave up the knife in his hand. Although his knife is sharp, it is also a fourth-grade immortal treasure, but his seal seal is a fifth-grade immortal treasure. Not only does it differ by one grade, but its power is very different.

Especially to deal with this big guy with huge skin and rough skin, Yinxi will have a greater effect!

The seal of India is continuously magnified, becoming the size of a giant mountain, and directly suppressed toward the icefield bear.

At this time, Zhao Yuande didnt need to use the sword of nothingness. Although his sword intention was very simple to deal with the people in these worlds, he knew that if he encountered power, he wouldnt play a big role at all. The three flavors of true fire in the Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing can definitely restrain each other!

A series of lines of fire formed a large net, and the head facing the icefield bear was directly covered.

"Roar!" The icefield bear can grow so big, naturally it is not a fool!

It also felt a burst of danger. Two large paws pulled outwards, and a icy breath erupted from its mouth.

"Poof!" The Chaos Spear directly cut into the bear arm of the Icefield Bear, but it only brought out a blood stain that was several feet long, and the hot blood rolled down the Chaos Spear.

However, the ice sheet was too cold, and the blood that had fallen down had not yet fallen to the ground. It turned into frozen blood beads, which crashed to the ground and dyed a large area of snow red.

"Boom!" Sun Yang's seal immediately fell.

Yin Xi is huge like a mountain, but is colliding with the big paws waving from the icefield bear.

After a loud noise, Yin Xi was flapped by a paw, but a slight click was also heard from the large paw.

And Zhao Yuande's Sanwei Zhenhuo net was to shatter the fragment of that cold cut, but when it covered the icefield bear's head, it basically consumed most of its strength.

However, even a small half of the power directly burned the icefield bear's head into a large piece of burnt.

Zhao Yuande and the three of them used the strongest means as soon as they came up, but obviously they only hurt a little fur of the icefield bear!

Even the most powerful chaos spear has only a blood mark cut out, and the icefield bear's grass is thick, and this spear may have just pierced its fur.

But at this time, the attack of the three people made the icefield bear directly violent. The original white hair suddenly turned red, and the whole body was once again huge, especially a pair of eyes with the size of houses. anger!


The hairs of the icefield bear are all upright, and each hair is more than ten feet long. This upright seems like a huge hedgehog, so they can't get close at all!

It stood up, a pair of big paws waving wildly towards the three people in the sky.

The whole ice sheet suddenly fell into an endless hurricane attack at this moment. Before Zhao Yuande and the three of them felt an irresistible force flying with them, they couldn't attack at all.

"Chaos Spear gives me the strongest power!" Zhao Yuande suddenly ruthlessly.

Although the Chaos Spear is extremely powerful, it depends on who uses it. Although Zhao XIV is a Divine Emperor Realm, it is still too weak to exert its power of 10,000th. 30% of the power!