Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392: This Is The Ape King Spear

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"Give me a lot!" Zhao XIV roared again and again, and the Chaos Spear infused all his strength.

The chaos spear is getting bigger and bigger, and finally turned into a thousand feet, and the hurricane dancing in the sky can no longer shake the slightest,

At this time, the Chaos Spear is like a spear with a penalty, with an unmatched horror force, and a fierce spear is slashed toward the icefield bear!

The icefield bear has fallen into a violent state at this time. Although he felt a terrible crisis, he still could not dodge.


The chaos spear fell and chopped directly on one arm of the icefield bear.


The icefield bear's thousands of feet were cut down at once, and then the spear of chaos remained untouched, and he fell directly on the icefield bear's shoulder!

As one of the arms of the icefield bear landed, the blood poured down like crazy.

Chaos Spear deeply penetrated the icefield bear's shoulder, and could not be pulled out between the bone cracks!

The icefield bear was trembling at this time, and the hurricane it created disappeared for a moment without one arm.

"Damn it!" Zhao Yuande came directly to Zhao Shisi and sent him into the body world to recover from the instantaneous exhaustion of all his strength.

But he grasped the Chaos Spear and pulled it all out!

It can't be moved at all!

"Brother Sun helps!" Zhao Yuande shouted.

This is how Sun Yang reacted. Just now he was really scared by Chaos Spear!

This reminded him of many things!

But at this time Zhao Yuande shouted. He had no time to think about it again. The seal of his hand once again became the size of a giant mountain, and fell down fiercely, hitting the spear of chaos spear.


Chaos Spear took Zhao Yuande and flew out directly.

At this time, the icefield bear had a crack of dozens of feet deep on his shoulder, and Bai Sensen's bones were exposed.


The icefield bear was completely mad at this time, and Zhao Yuande, who was flying towards the collapse with his red eyes, flew over, and a thick column of cold air spewed out of his mouth, covering almost half of the sky.


Zhao Yuande shouted, and the chaos spear in his hand suddenly became the size of the needle tip, and he was absorbed into the body world.

And he was trying to control his body at this time, but found that the overwhelming coldness hit him, so that he could not hide.

"Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing, give me all the urging!" Zhao Yuande was also cruel at this time, the appearance of Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing appeared, the three flavors of real fire sprayed out, and greeted directly towards the overwhelming cold.


The impact of ice and fire made a sudden burst of noise.

At first it was evenly matched, but at the next moment Sanwei Zhenhuo clearly prevailed, pushing the cold wave back and forth.


The icefield bear screamed, and the three-flavored real fire, which had occupied the absolute upper hand, burned his face black, and the hair on his head was all burnt.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuande's power also consumed half of it, otherwise this burning might directly scorch the head of his icefield bear, which would save the next war.

At this time, the icefield bear had fallen into a state of absolute madness, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande in desperation. The huge body moved like Foshan Yue, and the surrounding space of the pressure clicked and rattled.

"My God, run!" Zhao Yuande rose to the sky, avoiding the impact of the huge body, but he was still entangled in the sky by the strong wind and turned a dozen circles in a row.


The icefield bear leaped high and shot towards Zhao Yuande.

At this time, a huge wound appeared on the icefield bear, and blood was continuously sprayed out. The blood was scattered all over the sky, dyeing a whole piece of icefield red.


Zhao Yuande did not avoid it, was caught by a bear and swept to the side, and flew fiercely and flew out thousands of feet away.

"Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang was shocked and hurried to come forward to rescue.

Zhao Yuande's body was ejected from the ground into the air. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his face showed a dignified color.

This slap almost smashed his flesh directly. If it wasn't just rubbed to one side, he might just become a puree!

"Brother Sun, don't come over, I'm fine! You put that amputated arm away first and collect some more blood! I will take this beast around!" Zhao Yuande knew at this time that Sun Yang was basically unable to help him. Flying deep into the icefield.

However, his flight speed did not reach the fastest, he was waiting for the icefield bear to chase.

Now that the icefield bear is seriously injured, he is more violently attacked, causing the blood in the two wounds to overflow like river water. If this situation continues, no matter how strong the icefield bear is, there will eventually be time for the blood to drain.

At that time, I am afraid that Zhao Yuande will not be killed, and it will be exhausted.

So Zhao Yuande is playing this idea now!

Sun Yang is not stupid, naturally seeing Zhao Yuande's thoughts, and will not care.

He first put the bear arm that was hundreds of feet into the space, and then began to collect the frozen blood on the ground.

The cold here is extremely heavy, although the blood of the icefield bear is hot, but when it splashes out, it is frozen, and it is really effortless to collect on the icefield!

Zhao Yuande was avoiding the icefield bear's attack while taking the icefield bear around in the icefield.

Half an hour later, the icefield bear's blood was almost drained, and it suddenly fell to the ground.

At this time the icefield bear was dying, although the eyes still showed a fierce light, but there was no trace of strength at all!

"I will send you on the road!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xueyuan Xiong's fierce eyes and sighed softly.

Then the Yin-Yang Zhao Tian Jing sprayed a three-flavor real fire, directly into the snowy bear's head, completely killing it.

"Hoo! This big guy is so fierce! It's a miracle that we can hunt him!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing excitement.

"Oh! Yes, this is our biggest gain here!" Zhao Yuande was also full of joy.

With this big guy, I am afraid that opening the third star is expected!

The third star he intends to open the throat, can allow him to display the six-character mantra, making his attacks more variable!

After entering the current general in the future, you can also use your words to follow the law, and even urge the world to use it for yourself!

"I will put away this big guy before I talk!"

Because this guy is too big and full of heights, Zhao Yuande looked for an unmanned place in the other side of the world, and then put it in.

"Brother Zhao, your spear of chaos..." Sun Yang asked with a solemn face when he saw everything was done.

"You see it!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, "Yes, as you think, this is the ape king spear!"

"What! When you went out that day...pulled out the spear of the ape king?" Sun Yang looked at each other in disbelief. He became more and more mysterious, powerful, and unpredictable!