Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394: Qibao Liuli Tree

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What shocked them was that there were more and more people coming around. They found more than a dozen people, and nearly a hundred people entered the forest!

"What are they looking for? Did we miss something?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

"Shall we find someone to ask?" Sun Yang turned his eyes to the six members of Xuan Jizong's group not far away.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Miss Duanmu, what the **** happened? Why did so many people come to this forest?" Zhao Yuande thought about it and finally sent a voice to Duanmu Feiyun.

He rescued her, and felt that the woman was calmer, and there was something that could calm her down.

Duanmu Feiyun heard Zhao Yuande's voice, not panic but very calm.

"Brother Zhao, outside the forest we met the Emperor Realm of the White Emperor Palace. Twenty-five Emperor Powers came together. They asked us to find something in this forest!" Duanmu Feiyun said, "One plant Sapling!"

"A sapling?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned. The twenty-five emperors gathered here and gave up the trials of the Emperor District. They all came here just for a sapling? What the **** is this doing?

"What kind of sapling?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"Small! It is said that it is only three feet tall and has seven leaves. Each leaf has a different pattern. Even during the day, you can see the colorful flashes." Duanmu Feiyun replied.

"Okay, keep going! Don't tell them what happened to me." Zhao Yuande told the other party.

Zhao Yuande heard the other party's description, and the strange color on his face was stronger.

Listening to the description of the other party is very similar to the legendary Qibao Liuli tree. This is a very magical little tree. It is not only a seventh-grade fairy medicine, but also two of them can be used to refine the powerful seventh-grade fairy treasure!

But this kind of small tree needs a very harsh opportunity to grow, how can there be here?

"Let's go out and take a look at the emperor realm of the White Emperor Palace!" Zhao Yuande took Sun Yang towards Duanmu Feiyun's direction.

"Are you afraid that our disguise will be seen by those guys?" Sun Yang was worried. "That's a group of guys who are against the sky. I'm afraid that each talent is not lower than me. Some of them are so unpredictable, let me It feels like a high mountain."

"They can see through? Ha ha!" Zhao Yuande smiled dismissively at the corner of his mouth, "No one can see my disguise except the fairy emperor, you know that this is a seventh-grade fairy treasure!"

The secret that Zhao Yuande broke again gave Sun Yang a heart.

Qipin Xianbao!

Even their Sun family has few of them, and they are all controlled by the most powerful fairy emperors!

The ordinary fairy emperor only uses the sixth grade, even the fifth grade immortal treasure!

I didn't expect Zhao Yuande to have a seventh-grade fairy treasure!

"I can rest assured this time!" Sun Yang was really relieved this time.

They quickly walked out of the forest from the other side, and sure enough they saw what a few young people were doing.

"Brother! All of us are here this time, really scared the group of little guys, you look at them!" A big man in black armor had a contemptuous smile on his face.

"Brother Eight, don't be too public. Our cultivation practice is now suppressed in the world. They may not be much weaker than us, so don't cause public anger!" A beautiful woman in a red dress gave the big man a white look.

"Sister Three, you're wrong! How can this group of cubs compare with us, even the weakest younger Brother Yang among us can easily kill any one of them!" .

"Hey! Brother Eight, what do you think Brother Lin Hai? How many of us can beat him?" The beautiful woman in red sighed.

"This..." The black battle armor was stagnant in Chinese. Obviously the other party said the key point, but he still refused to accept it, stubbornly shouting his neck, "Brother Lin Hai is a peerless genius, I don't believe that some of that group of people Can be compared with Brother Lin Hai."

"Okay! Brother Eight, Brother Three is right, let's not be too crazy!" A young man with a fan patted his palm lightly, instructing the two to stop arguing.

"Second Brother!" The black man in armor saw the man immediately and became more honest.

"This time, the master brother is looking for it by himself. We must be optimistic about it, and we must not have a fish that missed the net!" Although the tone of the young man with a fan was faint, his eyes were fierce.

"Second Brother, rest assured! We have prepared Tian Luo Di Wang long ago, and no one can escape our monitoring!" The black armored man chuckled and grinned.

"Well! Don't make any mistakes, otherwise if this matter is broken, you all know the temper of the brother, I can't stop it at that time!" said the young man with a fan.

Hearing this, several people around all fought a cold war!

"Yes! Yes! Brother II, rest assured, we will certainly do our best!" All of them were vowed.

"Second Brother, what are we looking for this time?" The black war armor came up and asked curiously, "It shouldn't be as simple as a fairy grass!"

"Yes! Brother II, a fairy grass will not let us 25 people give up the trial, let's gather here!" Another big-faced big-faced man, his eyes also showed curiosity.

"Hey!" The young man with a fan looked around and saw several people's eager eyes, he could not help sighing, "Since the big guy wants to know, then I will talk about it, this is not a big secret. ."

"Senior brother, don't sell the key! Hurry up!" The woman in the red dress beside her couldn't help but reveal the color of listening.

"At this time, from the small ancestor that we destroyed a few years ago, Yao Shenzong talked about!" said the young man holding a fan. Shenzong planted a fairy grass here tens of millions of years ago, named Qibao Liuli Tree!"

"Yao Shenzong? How can a small Zongmen be qualified to enter here?" Someone was puzzled.

"Yao Shenzong was one of the top five forces ten million years ago, but then it fell." The young man with a fan explained.

"What kind of fairy medicine is that seven treasures glazed tree?" Many people know the name a little, and although they know the extraordinary, they don't know where the extraordinary is.

"This is a seventh-grade fairy medicine, and it is said that if it is made into immortal treasure, it has incredible magical powers, and it can brush out seven colors of divine light and break all magical powers!" said the young man with a fan. Its a pity that because of their ambition and their self-confidence, they were destroyed by my Baidi Palace!"