Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395: Mysterious Duanmu Feiyun

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"It's so magical?" Everyone's face showed a longing look.

"I advise you not to think carefully, this is not something that our disciples can covet, but the powerful existence of the fairy emperor realm is eligible to have it! This time, if we succeed in bringing this seven-treasure glazed tree back, it is natural for its credit. Needless to say!" the young man with a fan warned.

"Why can't you find it here?" The woman in red was puzzled.

"It is said that this immortal medicine has been psychic and possessed the wisdom of being weak and human. It escaped from the original plantation into this forest!" The young man with a fan explained, "My disciple of the White Emperor Palace personally saw When I saw it enter this forest, the colorful lights flashed like a rainbow."


When Zhao Yuande and his wife heard this, they finally understood the cause and effect of the matter, and they also had endless curiosity about this Qibao Liuli tree.

Whoever doesn't want to take possession of this kind of natural material, Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang are no exception.

"Let's go... we go in and find out, if we can find us, we sneak away and let them get a bamboo basket to get water." Sun Yang was excited.

Although their Sun family has no enmity with the White Emperor Palace, but if such treasures can really get their hands, he would not mind pitting each other.

"This is a good idea!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands.

The two quickly re-entered the jungle.

The forest is incomparably vast, and hundreds of people entered as if a stone was thrown into a large lake.

These hundreds of people are almost carpet-like searches inside. Although these people were forcibly rushed into it by the people of the White Emperor Palace, they all had greed in their hearts.

No one is a fool, and a little analysis knows that the other party is looking for a fairy medicine in such a big battle.

The value of this immortal medicine is to use the **** to know how high the value is!

Some people even know what this fairy medicine is when they hear it!

The name of Qibao Liuli has spread throughout the whole fairyland, but it is a seventh-grade fairy medicine, and it can even be refined into a seventh-grade fairy treasure. This value is not comparable to ordinary seventh-grade fairy medicine or seventh-grade fairy treasure. At least the value is also tens of billions of high-grade fairy jade!

If this fairy medicine can be taken out, the cultivation path of these people will be extremely smooth!

There will be no shortage of cultivation resources anymore, all kinds of fairy treasures can arm themselves to the teeth!

If this kind of selfishness urged these people, they would not be able to enter obediently.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also joined the search team. Of course, they were secretly searching and would definitely not let others see it.

But time is running fast, three days have passed!

In the past three days, they have discovered a lot of fairy medicines and elixirs, and even killed many powerful beasts, but they haven't even seen the shadow of the seven treasures.

Everyone was a little impetuous, and began to doubt the correctness of this message.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang were also disappointed.

"Have anyone already got the Qibao Liuli Tree?" At this time, the emperor of the White Emperor Palace couldn't help but raise such doubts.

"No! It is absolutely impossible, as long as the Seven Treasure Glass Trees appear, they will inevitably be glorious, and will definitely be seen by many people!" Suddenly this doubt was dismissed.

Everyone got this news and suddenly had hope again.

"Brother Zhao, shall we continue to look for it?" Sun Yang asked.

Ive been spending too much time here, and I dont know how much time to continue. Whats more important is that the chance of the Qibao Liuli Tree getting by yourself is not great, so its really better to go out and hunt those powerful murderers. The beast is real.

"Look for another day, if it is not possible, we will leave!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Huh! That's... Duanmu Feiyun, how did she get out of the team and came here by herself?" Sun Yang suddenly saw a familiar figure in front, and was carefully fiddled with a thick grass.

In the grass, she seemed to find something, her nose shrugged slightly, and there was a slight joy on her face.

She recognized the direction a little and flew away in one direction!

"She... seems to have found something." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder, "We'll keep up and see what she is doing."

"it is good!"

The two quietly followed behind Duanmu Feiyun, observing her every move.

"Finally found you!" Duanmu Feiyun's voice was somewhat joyful.

She rushed into the grass quickly, and quickly dug out a huge ginseng with human-like roots. This old ginseng had enough calf thickness, and suddenly a strong medicinal fragrance came out.

"It turned out to be only a ginseng for thousands of years!" Sun Yang shook his head in disappointment.

"No! You see her eyes flickering, it seems that there are not many surprises in her eyes, and her movements are too skillful. It seems that after thousands of exercises, ordinary people can't dig out a ginseng so completely. You see that the roots are not missing, which is even more incomprehensible!" Zhao Yuande looked a little solemn, "I think this sister Duanmu is definitely in trouble."

"Did she find us?" Sun Yang didn't quite believe it.

"She may be guarding other people, preventing someone from monitoring her!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "I have a feeling that this seven-treasure glass grass will definitely fall into the hands of Sister Duanmu."

"What! How is this possible! She... Is she..." Sun Yang felt unbelievable, but he was so convinced that Zhao Yuande couldn't help but immediately thought of a possibility.

"Good! You are right..." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Then we can get the Qibao Liuli tree behind her?" Sun Yang's eyes lit up.

"No! We can't **** her things. He is my sister and sister. We have to help her. After she gets this Qibao Liuli tree, I have to help her escape from here!" Zhao Yuande shook his head flatly, his face showing a bit Perseverance.

"This..." Sun Yang couldn't help but stay.

"Okay! As a former colleague, how could I take a shot to rob her! And this woman must have a huge connection with Yao Shenzong, and if we help her, he will be an ally!" Zhao Yuande said seriously, "More important What's more, her future road will surely smooth you all the way, and you are even more sure than Sun Brother. You will enter the fairy emperor realm. If we steal her things, we will become hostile to a future fairy emperor, if not necessary. This kind of thing is best not to do!"

"Why can't you kill her?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Sun, you are not testing me!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "It's not difficult to kill her, but for me, do you think I might do such a thing? This is already serious. I touched my limit!"

"Haha! I like Brother Zhao, you didn't look away at you, brother!" Sun Yang laughed.