Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397: Daylight

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"Oh! It turned out... That's forgetful!" Duanmu Feiyun looked at Zhao Yuande with some disappointment. Although she was gentle and conscientious on the surface, she was a woman of indomitable heart, and she dared to love and hate, and she was not for men. Will share with others, so Zhao Yuande's answer immediately dispelled the idea.

"This..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help being speechless. He really couldn't understand the woman's mind, but now even if the other party wants to be his own woman, he can't accept it. He already has so many virtuous wives, absolutely can't There are flowers and grass everywhere!

And Xuan Jizong still has a girl who is deeply affectionate with him at this time. He still does not know how to arrange it. If Duanmu Feiyun is added, he really does not know what to do!

"Hey! Brother Zhao's charm is really great!" Sun Yang couldn't help but smile for a while.

"Okay! Don't joke!" Zhao Yuande said with a stern look. "Now we have two ways to go. Before the others come here, we will kill Taikoo Tian Python and take its eyes! The second is to wait for everyone. Come, kill this Taiko Sky Python together and take the eyes away!"

"The first item is obviously unreliable. The strength of this big guy is probably not weaker than that of the icefield bear. We want to kill it at least a quarter of an hour or longer. This one cant pass. We choose directly. The second way!" Sun Yang said.

"This big guy is called Taikoo Tian Python? Can you beat it?" Duan Mufeiyun looked at Zhao Yuande and his wife incredulously.

"Don't underestimate Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang smiled at Zhao Yuande.

"Don't talk more about gossips, let's go to the air first! Otherwise, after a battle, I'm afraid it will affect us!" Zhao Yuande took the two to the sky.

"It's Swire Heavenly Python! How could this guy hide here, find someone to kill it quickly, otherwise the whole forest will be messed up, and the seven treasures of glazed trees will probably be scared away!" Arrived here for a while, and there were two black shadows beside him closely following.

Hearing the mans words, one of the shadows flickered in the void, apparently looking for someone.

"The two of us are entangled with this beast first, don't let it run around!" The man slapped at Taikoo Tian Python.

This palm seems bland and unremarkable, but it seems to be taken directly on the head of Taikoo Tian Python slowly and quickly.

"What a powerful force, such a powerful power, this person is absolutely terrible!" Zhao Yuande looked at this palm and couldn't help but look slightly changed!

"This person is the first in the Emperor Realm of the White Emperor Palace, howling during the day!" Duanmu Feiyun showed his hatred on his face and gritted his teeth, "This person also killed me in the Medicine God Sect and beheaded many of my teachers and sisters, If I were not sent out by the elder Taishang, I would probably die in his hands! The executioners of the White Emperor Palace, for the potion of our medicine **** sect, almost destroyed our medicine **** sect, if I become a fairy one day The Emperor will inevitably kill the Baidi Palace and let them wipe out the race!"

"Howling during the day, the true disciples of the Baidi Palace, the inheritors of the blood of the Baidi, the early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm..."

"It turned out to be the inheritor of the blood of the White Emperor, no wonder that Emperor Realm is a true disciple!" Zhao Yuande looked at this daytime roar, and was a little vigilant in his heart.

If it is really fighting, the opponent may not be his opponent, but this is when the opponent does not show the cards, the opponent is the successor of the White Emperor, there are bound to be a lot of life-saving cards, maybe he can really kill himself!

"I have heard of this daytime scream, very powerful! When he was in the Emperor Realm, he was able to kill the strong power of the late Emperor Emperor. The combat power belongs to the level of evildoers!" Sun Yang's face was very dignified, and he seemed to be fearful. color.

"Now genius does not mean that you can become an immortal emperor in the future. How many geniuses are falling into growth!" Zhao Yuande's eyes revealed a murderous opportunity. Although this person has no injustice with him, he has seriously affected Sun. Yang's Dao Xin seems to have happened between the two, and he will get rid of it for Sun Yang!

"Brother Zhao means?" Duanmu Feiyun was very keenly aware of Zhao Yuande's killing intention, and he couldn't help but be shocked.

"I mean find a chance to kill this guy!" Zhao Yuande showed a cold smile on his face. He looked at Sun Yang and found that the other party had clenched his fists after hearing his own words. It seemed to have hidden expectations.

This further strengthened the thoughts in Zhao Yuande's mind. Perhaps this daytime scream was a demon of Sun Yang. To remove the obstacles in his cultivation, Zhao Yuande felt that this matter was imminent!

"Since that is the case, then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande said to do it, now only the daytime roar and the shadow are present, and they are fiercely confronting Swire Tian Python. Zhao Yuande thinks this is the best opportunity.

"Brother Zhao... Don't do it first, someone is coming!" Duanmu Feiyun suddenly felt something and hurriedly stopped Zhao Yuande.

"Someone's coming? Why didn't I feel it?" Zhao Yuande's spirits were all over hundreds of miles, but he never found anything!

"I planted a psychiatric herb five hundred miles away. As long as someone passes by, it will be inhaled by the psychic herb. I will naturally feel it!" Duanmu Feiyun explained.

"It turns out so! Sure enough someone came..." The next moment Zhao Yuande had felt that there were more than a dozen figures in his monitoring area, all of whom are the emperors of the White Emperor Palace.

"We retreat. When I shoot, you must grab that eye quickly. There is only one chance, otherwise we may be dragged by this group of people in the White Emperor Palace. It is not good to wait for more people to arrive. "Zhao Yuande told the two to quietly land on a big tree not far from the battlefield.

All these dozens of people are very powerful, and almost every one is not weaker than Sun Yang. They joined the battlefield as soon as they arrived, and they used some very mysterious formations to trap this head of the ancient Tian Python. Live so that it cannot escape.

The pitiful Archaic Sky Python was suppressed in the world, and for a lifetime, his powerful skills could not be exerted. He was trapped in the formation by the disciples of these dozen people in the White Emperor Palace!

But Taikoo Anaconda was an archaic creature in the end, and the brute force of his life was also terrifying. In the end, a mortal blow to the long tail directly swept a dozen or so disciples of the White Emperor Palace, causing this group of disciples of the White Emperor Palace to be seriously injured.

Xiao Xiu became powerful during the day, although he was also subjected to a terrible attack, but he lightly sacrificed a large banner to block the blow, and his body only retreated a dozen steps without being hurt.