Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Qinglian Fire

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Zhao Yuande was in a state of confusion, he was no longer interested in staying here, and slowly put the jade box into the storage ring, he would turn around and leave.


Suddenly Zhao Yuande's face changed, and an irresistible feeling of hunger surged into his heart. He screamed badly in his heart.

If you eat thirty or fifty people's meals here, it is strange that others do not produce doubts.

"Master, your face is not good, do you want to take a break?" Shui Youdao was shocked when he saw his appearance, and hurried forward to ask.

"Just now the alchemy consumption is too great, I'm just a little hungry!" Zhao Yuande touched his belly.

"Quick! Give a snack to the master!" Li Rushuang, who was tumbling with thought, came to sober and hurriedly ordered the men to serve various exquisite snacks.

In the eccentric eyes of everyone, Zhao Yuande swallowed all the snacks.

"Well, I'm sorry that my meal is a bit large..." Zhao Yuande looked at everyone's weird eyes and couldn't help explaining and saying.

"It's okay! It's okay! The people we cultivate are no better than ordinary people!" Li Tianyou expressed his understanding, and the others nodded again and again.

"Okay, I'm going back quickly!" Although Zhao Yuande was still playing like a drum in his belly, he had to pretend to be fine.

"Master, do you need a disciple to accompany you?" Shui Youdao looked at each other with great expectation.

In just one night, he really felt the masters profound attainment on alchemy, and he wished he could be with him at any time to learn alchemy.

"I can tell you long ago, and the rest depends on your own insight! If you have any questions, you can go to the Zhao family to find me!" Zhao Yuande still has a kung fu master apprentice at this time. Rushed out of the main palace.

Shui Youdao and the Li family looked at each other. Master Zhao, who was also a senior, had eaten more than a dozen plates of snacks in a row. Is this a big amount of food?

"Zhao family? That Zhao family?" Shui Youdao couldn't remember the Zhao family in Tianhuo City.

"The Zhao family in the ordinary area! I have sent someone to investigate this Zhao family. Master Zhao is indeed an ordinary child of the Zhao family. There is nothing strange, but I don't know where this body of magic comes from." Li Rushuang is truthful Answer, his face was also puzzled.

"There are legends that some masters like to play the world, maybe a master has taken the talent of Master Zhao..." Li Tianyou said more and more likely, and his face could not help showing a happy look, if they could pass Master Zhao and the master Connected...

If you know Shui Youdao, your ancestors might be the masters of Sheng Danzong!

Only Jiang Tianyue's heart was like a mirror. She watched Zhao Yuande's figure slowly disappear into her eyes, and she couldn't help but reveal a shallow smile in the corner of her mouth.

"I'm starving to death!" Feeling unbearable hunger, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be annoyed. What the **** is this? It seems that he should prepare more food in the storage ring in the future.

After rushing out of the main palace, he saw a luxury restaurant not far away, and he rushed in.

Called a large table of good wine and good food, which gradually calmed the grunting stomach.

Zhao Yuande took a long breath, and while he was full, he couldn't help but think about the changes brought about by these hunger times.

The first time he was ignorant, the second time he made his cultivation practice raise a realm, but the third time there was no slight change. Why is this the case?

The first time and this time were in the restaurant, they ate some ordinary food, and the second time was at home, the bacon was made from the meat of low-level fierce beasts, and the bacon contained more or less some aura !

Yes, it's Reiki!

As long as you are hungry, eat more aura food and even elixir, it should be able to raise the state again!

Zhao Yuande, who got this conclusion, his eyes bright, he couldn't help starting to look forward to the next hunger!

"Lets take a look at what the citys mansion got!"

Zhao Yuande took three immortals and a three-leaf clean lotus from the storage ring and put them on the table.

A pinch of the tactics in hand, first towards the immortality.

"'Xuanyuan Zhenling Pill', a high-grade spirit medicine, has a certain chance to help blood sea **** fetal realm cultivators to break down barriers, low-level ingredients, matching recipes, 1 Zhen Ling broken wall soup..., 2 Zhen Ling Dabu Soup...3..."

Looking at the number of matching recipes, Zhao Yuande turned out to be as many as six kinds, each of which is several times more powerful than Xuanyuan Zhenling Pill.

"It's too bad! Six ways to eat a panacea. If you say it, the whole world will be shaken, and countless gods and monsters will smell the wind!" Zhao Yuande stretched his tongue and licked some dryness. Hot lips.

The biggest reliance on this rebirth is this inheritance!

"Okay, I can't use these recipes for the time being. I will first identify this "Trefoil of Lotus"!" He gradually calmed down his excitement, and he determined the method a little.

"'Sanye Qingjing Lotus', a third-order elixir, refining the main ingredient of'Qingjing Hualian Dan'... low-order ingredients, matching the recipe'Qinglian Zaohua Tang', there is a small chance of getting Qinglian fire, ingredients list... "

"What! Qinglian Fire..." Zhao Yuande saw the name suddenly shocked, and an unbelievable gaze shot from his eyes!

A legend circulated among the gods and emperors in the previous life suddenly poured into his mind. At the end of the Xinghai was a chemical hall, where a chemical green lotus was conceived and a lotus seed was eaten to avoid disaster. !

And the only requirement to enter the chemical hall is to have Qinglian true fire!

However, the only Qinglian true fire was taken away by the innate **** demon-made old man in the ancient times. There is no second one between heaven and earth!

However, there is no absolute thing in all things. It is said that the true fire of Qinglian is not innate, but evolved gradually from a common flame called Qinglian Fire.

In the previous life, the gods of all realms had their brains hurt in order to find Qinglian fire, and this time when they were born again, they were able to get such a chance.

"What kind of recipe is this! It is possible to get this kind of flame!" Zhao Yuande continued to look anxiously at the ingredients list.

"Earth Fire Golden Lotus! Blood Pond Red Lotus!..." Seeing these two materials, Zhao Yuande's heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

Although these two elixirs are not of high grade, they are extremely rare. In the past life, he has counted countless experiences, and he has only seen the ground fire golden lotus. As for the blood pool red lotus, he has never seen it.

"Also! Is the Qinglian Fire so easy to get? Slowly plan it!" He slowly calmed down and carefully put away the three-leaf clean lotus, and then he breathed out a long time.

He once again felt the abnormality of eating Taoism, and he could get it as if he stood on the shoulders of giants earlier. If he didnt work hard, he would be sorry for this rebirth.

"There is also a four-winged Pegasus..." After being excited, Zhao Yuande remembered that there were still four-winged Pegasus corpses in the ring space. "Today I was shocked too much. The identification of this four-winged Pegasus is still Hold on!"

"And I haven't been home for a long time, and my parents should come back. They shouldn't be anxious to see me!"

Zhao Yuande greeted his friends to liquidate the money, then slowly walked down the second floor.

In the lobby on the first floor, there was no shortage of seats at this time, Zhao Yuande walked through it, and all of them were discussing the matter of the Huoyunzong congregation.

"I heard that this time Huo Yunzong had sent a strong man to secretly observe, it seems that he has also identified a few special recruits!"

"Is it true? Huo Yunzong's special move, what kind of talent is needed?"

"Humph! It's so ignorant, Chen Tianchao's talents are amazing, and he was recognized by the Huoyunzong strongman very early, this time it must be one of the special moves!"

"There is also Miss Rushuang from the city's main palace, which is said to be a body of mysterious Yin, I think she is one of them!"

"Princess Wang Chen's cultivation is also extraordinary..."


Zhao Yuande could not help squinting at the corner of his mouth when he heard these voices. The time for Huo Yunzong to accept the disciples was almost coming. He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

"It really makes people look forward to. My chance in the last life was obtained in the disciple selection process. In this life again, I will definitely follow this chance to leap into the sky and fly to the sky! And Huo Yunzong is the one where I rise up again. A cornerstone!" Zhao Yuande walked through the crowd with confidence, strode out of the restaurant, and ran towards the Zhao family.