Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 140

Chapter 140: The First Package Is Completed

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After half an hour, Zhou Tianliang finally withdrew the soul from Zhou Hao's body, and a pair of eyes shone brightly!

"Haha! This is true! It turned out to be true! My Zhou family finally has a Gu Tianpeng bloodline heir! Haha!" Zhou Tianliang laughed excitedly, his voice almost penetrated the roof.

At this time, Zhou Hao also seemed to be in a dream. He carefully felt the blood in his body. Sure enough, he felt a trace of strange power flowing, but he could not mobilize even the slightest bit despite his efforts!

But he was not discouraged, but his eyes were full of brilliant light!

He knows that as long as he activates Gu Tianpeng bloodline, the entire Zhou family will desperate for his appearance and will **** himself for himself!

When Grandpa took the first package just now, he was pressured by the elders of his family. If he did not insist on it, he would have lost this opportunity. Now if those old guys know that they have the blood of Gu Tianpeng, they dont know What kind of expression will it be!

"Senior, your voice is too loud, don't you be afraid of the hostile forces knowing the news!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhou Tianliang who wanted to laugh arrogantly and couldn't help but kindly remind.

"Ah!" Zhou Tianliang just reacted, and stopped laughing quickly, showing a very dignified expression on his face!

He radiated out of his soul, and immediately contacted the three parents of the week.

But in the blink of an eye, the three old men in white came together. Their first sentence when they saw Zhou Tianliang was, "Is the matter of Haoer true?

Zhou Tianliang's excitement at this time has not yet recovered, facing the three old family rivals on weekdays, he proudly pointed to his grandson, "You know by careful exploration with the spirit of the soul, the bloodline is hidden deep, in In the crack of the thirty-fourth bloodline of my Zhou family! Not a reminder of this little friend, I will never find out!"

The three old men's eyes were bright at the same time, and they all found out the soul to explore the place that Zhou Tianliang just said.

" really is!"

"Haha! My Zhou family will once again embark on the road to rise!"

"Cangtian has eyes! The ancestors showed their spirits!"

The faces of the three old men showed ecstasy at the same time!

"Give me a whisper, don't you fear that the old partner doesn't know?" Zhou Tianliang put out the majesty of the elder very cool!


All three old men covered their mouths, but the smile on their faces could not be covered, as if three blooming chrysanthemums!

"The three of you put me in a miniature version of the Wanling Extinction Array! I'm here to help Haoer open the bloodline!" Zhou Tianliang's face showed a murderous death, "No matter who it is, as long as it is close to here Kill me all!"

"Relax! A fly can't fly in!" The three elders' faces also became dignified. This time, but the first step of their Zhou family's rise, no one can stop it!

"Oh! Xiaoyou, please move! You only need one day and one day to activate Haoer's bloodline!" Zhou Tianliang looked at Zhao Yuande apologetically and said sincerely, "After a day, I would like to ask you to help promote The combination of yin and yang, my Zhou family will have great rewards!"

"Senior, please, I will go out first!" Zhao Yuande exited the hall, his face showing joy!

He knew that the Zhou family would become his friends from now on, and it would be a very happy thing to have such a powerful family as friends.

At this time, they had finished the classification of elixir, and only waited for Zhao Yuande to come back to make it.

Zhao Yuande came back to clarify this matter, and everyone's face also showed a happy look. The Zhou family is a big force in the East Emperor Great World. With the Zhou family, there will be more convenience.

One day later, Zhao Yuande felt a thunderous cry coming from the direction of the hall. When he walked out of the room, he suddenly saw a body of golden feathers and a huge body that almost covered the sky and covered the sky. The huge sense of oppression came as if a **** looked down on the sky, and many people who did not cultivate enough could not help feeling a terrible pressure under this phantom.

The whole world of the East Emperor was shaken at this moment, and many ancient Zongmen families knew at this moment that someone from the Zhou family had opened the blood of Gu Tianpeng!

Some friendly families set off to congratulate the Zhou family, while some hostile forces were brewing a conspiracy against Zhou Hao, and some super powers began to pay attention to the Zhou familys discoveries at this time. Messenger, hope to form an alliance with the Zhou family!

Just when the outside world was crowded, Zhao Yuande was invited to the hall.

"Xiaoyou Daen, my Zhou family is unforgettable! From now on, Xiaoyou will be my friend of the Zhou family. As long as the little friend speaks, I will be obliged!" Zhou Tianliang took out a golden token from his arms. The treasure was handed over to Zhao Yuande, "This is the golden feather order of my Zhou family. As long as the little friend shows this order, anyone in the Zhou family can go to fight for the little friend!"

This is an investment by Zhou Tianliang. He feels so mysterious as a teenager in front of him, and gives him a feeling of emptiness all the time. This child will definitely soar in the future, and even his future achievements will still be above his own child.

Not to mention that others have the kindness to recreate the Zhou family. This potential alone is enough for him to invest at all costs!

"The elders don't dare to say it!" Zhao Yuande gave Jin Yuling a happy result. He guessed the other's thoughts, but he was still very happy.

"If Brother Zhou Hao is ready, I can start at any time!"

"Let's go! Hao'er is now digesting the inheritance of the bloodline. It is estimated that there will be two hours to wake up!" Zhou Tianliang nodded with a smile, very satisfied with Zhao Yuande's performance.

If ordinary people get Jin Yuling, they will certainly be happy, but this one just showed a little bit of happiness in front of him, which means that the other party is either not a force behind him or a strong confidence in himself.

Either of these two explanations is what Zhou Tianliang hopes to see!

After finishing the conversation with Zhou Tianliang, Zhao Yuande began to prepare food according to the previous plan!

His vision is to first improve the user's physical fitness so that he can withstand the terrible impact of the moment of yin and yang and the terrible sky-tribulation!

The second is to enhance the user's soul, nurture his knowledge of the sea, and expand the knowledge of the sea, so that the soul and the fetus can have ample space between Yin and Yang!

The last is to start to increase the chance of yin and yang integration, and stimulate the fusion between the soul and the fetus!

He first made a gourmet food based on blood pattern jade silkworm. This blood pattern jade silkworm has a powerful effect itself, which can improve the constitution of an ordinary practitioner. Now several kinds of auxiliary materials are added to this kind of food. The effect is magnified more than ten times!

After three hours, the food arrived in front of Zhou Hao. At this time, Zhou Hao had become somewhat calmed by the opening of Gu Tianpeng's bloodline, but after smelling the fragrance, he still couldn't hide his shock and surprise!

With a big appetite, he ate a delicious meal in just a dozen breaths, and slobbered the greedy saliva of the four old men around him!

"Oh! Great elder, the few of us went outside to guard!" The three elders said together that they could not stand the temptation of this fragrance and could only leave!

Only Zhou Tianliang was embarrassed at this time, almost painful to grab it with his grandson!

After Zhou Hao had eaten three times, the effect soon came out, and his physical quality improved by about 50%!

The next thing is very simple...

Under the influence of the last two recipes Ghost Spirit Whirling Fragrance, under the offensive of the Yin-Yang broken wall soup cooked by Yin-Yang Hexu Dan, Zhou Haos door of Yin-Yang combination was quickly opened!

Under the terrifying thunder, Zhou Tianliang excitedly took his grandson to tear away the void, and did not know that he had gone to that crossing robbery!

Since then, Zhao Yuande has successfully completed the first package!

At the same time, the Wantong Chamber of Commerce announced that Zhou Hao's disciple Zhou Hao was successfully promoted to Yin and Yang!

There was an uproar in the world, and many people who did not believe in Zhao Yuande, or who were on the sidelines, issued incredible wonders. The name of the world's first gourmet spread rapidly, and countless people gathered in the direction of the God Ruins City for the first time!