Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400: Hanjia

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"Hey, I just brought two jars of wine. How about we drink a drink?" Another disciple took out two jars made of white jade and smelled a scent of wine before opening the wine seal.

"Haha! We are here to drink a bit, anyway, the temple trial takes five days, and now only four days have passed, we have enough time!" The black warrior Hanha laughed, and he was more excited.

A few people were sloppy, but in a short period of incense, they caught a demon tiger with a length of tens of feet, fired and peeled, and the black armored man was relaxed and hummed.

"Brother Nineteen, you go to the stream over there to get some water, and pick up some dead branches. The meat roasted by the naturally dry branches is really fragrant!" the black war armor commanded.

"Come on, Brother Eight, just look at it!" Brother Nineteen is a skinny, monkey-like figure.

Dont look at him, but the blood of the heavenly ape is flowing inside the body. Once violent, its terrible!

After half an hour, the black war armor had dealt with the entire body of the monster tiger, but he could not help but frown when he did not see the 19th Brother.

"Sixteen sisters! You go and see, is this guy lazy?" The black war armor looked at a woman with a little back.

This woman is majestic and taller than a black warrior!

"Yes! Brother!" The woman turned and walked in the direction of the nineteenth brother just now.

Shortly after the woman went, the black battle armor Hanton's face changed.

"No! Let's go, let's go together!"

There were two younger brothers beside him, and the three quickly chased in the direction of the disappearance of the sixteen sisters.

Soon they saw the figure of the sixteen sisters, but at the next moment they only saw a chaotic light flash, and their sixteen sisters were split from their heads in half.

"Damn! Let's run away quickly!" The black war armor was so scared that he turned pale and turned in the direction of Brother Two to leave.

"Late!" At this moment, a sword light came from afar, seemingly far away, but the next moment had pierced the neck of the black warrior.

"Lao Tzu fights with you!" The black war armor, a fierce blood burst out of his body, the whole body exploded at once, and the terrible power razed thousands of feet to the ground.

In the explosion, a black light flashed at an incredible speed and escaped towards the distance.

"Damn! This guy is so decisive!" Zhao Yuande pierced into the opponent's body with a sword, but did not expect the other party to explode his own body world at this moment!

Obviously, it takes a long time to prepare for the internal world to explode. Could this guy be prepared a long time ago?

Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled at this moment, but it was at this time that he, Zhao Shizi and the two others, together with the two White House disciples, were all backed up by the terrible air waves, and their blood was rolling in their chests!

One of the disciples of the White Emperor Palace exploded directly in the upside-down flight and died in the explosion.

Another person barely sacrificed a fairy treasure, blocking the power of the explosion, but it was also hit hard.

"Poof!" Zhao Yuande slapped this guy without hesitation and took away all their storage space.

"Go! The soul of this guy can't escape!" Zhao Yuande forced down his chest and churned with blood, chasing in the direction where the black light disappeared.

"This guy is too fast, we can't catch up!" After chasing for a long time, Zhao Yuande didn't find the shadow of black light, even the soul could not be searched, which made him give up, "Forget it! Let's go directly Emperor District, looking for the Sun family."

The two revisited their directions and flew towards the only junction between the Emperor District and the World Zone.

Long after the two flew away from here, a gap opened in the void, and a black villain fell out of the gap.

"Damn! Damn! My flesh after several years of hard work is broken again, and I want to reunite again!" said the black man with his teeth gritted.

The black villain returned to the place where the explosion occurred, and his body suddenly shone brightly.

All the flesh and blood exploded around, all flew back a little bit.

Of course, this time is very long. After a whole hour, the black warrior reappears!

"Hey! I dont know how many times I have let me escape from death! But...then it will take a long time to accumulate! It seems that I cant do anything for Brother Two, dont blame me for Brother Two. !" The black war armor shrank and suddenly plunged into the ground beneath him.

Zhao Yuande and the two soon reached the junction of the two regions.

Here is a vast grassland, but a faint red light curtain divides the grassland into two at once.

"Actually, we really should come to the Emperor District, and we can't break through the Emperor Realm in the World Zone!" Zhao Yuande suddenly passed through the red light curtain and suddenly felt that he was restricted by many spirits, where the spirits can cover five. Thousands of miles, five thousand miles of wind and grass could not escape his investigation.

"Now the priority is to find everyone in the Sun family!" Zhao Shiji reminded.

"Go! Someone over there, let's go and see!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to the west, where he felt that someone was fighting.

Thousands of miles away from the west, at this time there are two groups of people confronting each other, one of them is three beautiful women, and the one in the middle is the most beautiful and charming country.

Another wave was a group of cold guys, who exuded a strong chill, which made people feel a bit cold from far away.

"Cold and endless, this fairy medicine was discovered by our family, don't go too far!" The woman on the right looked at a young man on the opposite side, and there was a bit of anger on his face.

"It's cold! Don't think we are afraid of you when there are many of you! Big deal, I destroyed this fairy medicine directly, and made you happy!" A woman on the left side with cold frost, holding a plant with a light blue Radiant fairy medicine, desperate to destroy.

"An Yunli! You dare, if you ruin this fairy medicine, all three of you can't go away!" The young man headed across from him, with a somber complexion, said coldly.

"Humph! You dare to kill us?" The woman on the right has a sarcasm on her face. "I don't know how many people are paying attention here. If you dare to kill us, after going out, you I'm afraid the Han family will be destroyed directly!"

"It's a big talk, what about your family, when our Han family is afraid that you won't succeed!" A Han family across the opposite side was hot-tempered, "Five brothers, we just took them directly, and I didn't believe it..."