Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Gap

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And if An Yunlan's three people really join in, which kid's strength will inevitably kill his four younger brothers soon. When the other party joins hands with the other person, he will definitely die!

"It's cold, haven't you thought of the end when you blocked the three of us?" An Yunli sarcastically said, "It's too late now!"

"Princess Ann, do you want to be an enemy of our Han family? If we die in your hands, the Han family will definitely not give up..." Han finally wants to use the Han family to deter the other side.

"Giggle! Han family... Your ancestors of the Han family didn't dare to say this, they laughed at me!" An Yunqiu could not help giggling at this time!

"I... I'm fighting with you!" Han Chung's face turned blue and his body shivered!

He broke out his most powerful fighting power, trying to repel Zhao XIV!

However, Zhao Xie's power is not what he can imagine at all, no matter how he acts, he even sacrifices his powerful fifth-grade fairy treasure directly!

It's a pity that the results are all the same, and you can't escape each other's struggles!

And at this time, after Zhao Yuande had the help of the three daughters of Anjia, killing the other four was not too simple!

Regardless of the opponent's means to the sky, whatever the opponent's use of Xianbao and life-saving means, are not worth mentioning in front of Zhao Yuande's powerful strength!

After he beheaded the four Han family one by one, he finally turned his eyes to Han Ending!

"Why! Why! What kind of hatred does our Han family have with you!" Han shouted unwillingly all day long, describing madness!

The three daughters An Yunlan also stood not far away at this time, looking at Zhao Yuande curiously. They were also very curious about the deep hatred between Zhao Yuande and the Han family!

"Your Han family dare to hurt my woman! So the destruction of the Han family will begin with you!" Zhao Yuande walked step by step towards the end of the cold, and his voice was indifferent like the devil coming out of the Nine Nether Hell.

"Your woman...who is your woman!" Han end chills all day.

He once faced countless powerful enemies, each one was shocked and brilliant, each one was extremely powerful, and each one was not ordinary people can imagine, but still died one by one under his hands!

Unfortunately, today he felt that his life was about to come to an end, he could not think of any possibility of surviving himself!

The killing intent on the other party made him chill through the bone marrow. Even if he is a Han family, a real body of ice, and a genius hard to encounter for a hundred years, he can't feel a trace of vitality!

"You're dead!" Zhao Yuande was no more than ten feet away from him at this time, and his face showed an unprecedented look.

"Enough!" At this moment, suddenly a voice came from afar.

A figure has appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, blocking his way!

"You have killed the five people of the Han family, and all the deep hatreds have been eliminated!" This person is a young man who is enveloped in red light. The red light on his body sets it off as if it were a terrible deity. He There is no strong breath in him, nor a terrible killing intention.

But he stood here, giving a strong sense of deterrence!

Suddenly many people recognized the origin of this person!

"What! Yao Kongming! Why is he here?"

"It looks like Han is saved this time!"

"Yao Kongming is the second strongest player in the Yao Family's Imperial Realm. Although it is slightly inferior to his sister Yao Kongzhu, it is not comparable to the end of the cold!"

"It is said that he has inherited the heritage of an ancient strongman, and he is not practicing the magical powers of the Yao family!"

"Yes! His soul is extremely powerful. What he cultivates is the secret method of the soul, killing invisible, the most capable of intimidating people!"

"It seems that Zhao Yuande is going to return without merit today!"

"Hey! What a pity!"


"Go!" Zhao Yuande didn't even look at the other party, just sneered coldly!

No matter who he is, he is not afraid of the appearance of a fairy emperor in this trial space!

"You... how dare you let me go!" Yao Kongming couldn't believe his ears!

What is your identity? One of the young masters of the Yao Family, founded by one of the eight immortal emperors of the Central Immortal Palace, was established by the ancestors of the immortal emperor of the emperor of the emperor.

Although he is not as good as his sister Yao Kongzhu on the surface, in fact, he has already surpassed his sister and became the first person of the Emperor Yao Family!

The other party even let him go!

How can he not be angry with such humiliation!

"Fuck me! I'll kill you if you don't!" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at the other person's lips, and a disdainful sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth.

"Good! I Yao Kongming doesn't show any power. You still treat me as a sick cat. I confess that you are kneeling in front of me today. I want to castrate yourself. I want you to..." Yao Kongming kept angry even for himself. No demeanor, he rushed to the crown in anger, a fierce look on his face.

"Kneel down for me!" Yao Kongming's mighty spirit rushed to Zhao Yuande like a tide, and he will use the spirit to control the opponent today!

He does not intend to kill the other party. Killing the other party cannot calm his anger at all. He wants to let the other party torture himself in the sober, and let the other party remember this day forever!

The power of the god's soul surged out, turning into an invisible sword and piercing Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

Seeing that the other party hadn't responded yet, he didn't even dodge, and suddenly his face was proud.

In fact, he has been observing in the dark for a long time. This Zhao Yuande has a strong physical body. If he plays against it, he may not necessarily be able to defeat his opponent!

However, he felt that although the opponent was strong in flesh, the spirit of the **** was not necessarily strong. With the power of the god's early spirit, he could definitely suppress his opponent without a sound!

Then he controls the other party's soul with the mysterious soul control secret method, so that the other party is completely reduced to his own puppet!

Then torture each other with various means to achieve the purpose of venting anger.


When the power of his soul poured into the other party's sea of knowledge, he suddenly froze!

The vastness of the other party's knowledge of the sea simply surpassed his imagination!

If he takes his knowledge of the sea as an example, his vast sea of knowledge is like an ocean, while the other's knowledge of sea is like a vast starry sky!

There is no end in sight, no end!

Of course, the huge size of the other party's knowledge of the sea is not enough to make him stunned. What makes him truly stunned is that a billions of tall terrorist figures in the other party's knowledge of the sea are looking down on him coldly!

He felt that this horror figure was like a high god, and he was just a weak mortal!

Gods and mortals... This gap made him simply unimaginable.