Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404: Immortal World Is Going To Be Chaotic

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"No! Impossible! It must be an illusion! It must be an illusion!" Yao Kongming's voice was full of incredible, full of incredible, full of endless fear and despair!

"I would have to spend some effort to kill you, but you are now throwing yourself in the net, then I'm welcome!" The horror figure just stretched out a finger and crushed it directly against Yao Kongming's soul!

"No...don't...forgive me! You can't kill me...I'm Yao's Yao Kongming..."


Before he finished speaking of threats, he was directly annihilated by the soul of Zhao Yuande!

At this time, in the outside world, Zhao Yuande came to Yao Kongming in one step, took the storage ring from him, and then punched the opponent's chest with a punch!


Zhao Yuande fell with a punch, Yao Kongming's body exploded, and the inner world was exposed!

Countless treasures, immortal jade and even life are spewing out of the cracked inner world, and the hula is full of tens of miles of space.

Zhao Yuande's big sleeves without hesitation all swept into his own inner world.

Until now everyone has not responded!

They all looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably with their eyes, watched his unhurried movements, watched him plunder like a robber, watched him kill Yao Kongming!

At this time, even if she thought she was well-informed and had seen countless big scenes, An Yunlan couldn't help but cover her mouth!

Even if she dare not do this, the other party is the genius of the Yao family, the identity is not weaker than herself!

In this death, I am afraid that the Yao family will be furious. In the future, Zhao Yuande will probably fall into the endless pursuit of the Yao family!

And the most desperate at this time is the end of the cold!

The appearance of Yao Kongming filled Han Zhongtian's hope of life all at once, but in a short moment, Zhao Yuande strangled his hope of life again, leaving him in despair all at once!

"What! What's wrong with Yao Kongming? Why did he lose his resistance!"

"This is too weird! Yao Kongming got an ancient heritage, beheaded countless powerful enemies, and even the leapfrog battle was as simple as eating and drinking!"

"How did he fail? It is impossible for someone to take the shot..."

"This... this guy is too bold!"

"What! It killed Yao Kongming directly, then poke out the big basket, Yao family is probably going crazy!"

"I don't know if this guy knows what he's doing! He will bring disaster to the forces behind him!"

"Hey! Impulsive! Impulsive!"

"Hey! Immortal world is going to be chaotic!"


Zhao Yuande can ignore the comments of these people. His killing intention against the Han family has exceeded everything. Not to mention Yao Kongming in front of him, even if the pro-son of the Emperor Takong appears in front of him, he will not hesitate. Beheaded!

Zhao Yuande immediately joined the battle, and Han suddenly fell into a desperate situation.

Regardless of his showing any hole cards, but under the determination of Zhao Yuande to kill him, Zhao Yuande can't let him back!

"Who will save me! My cold family will have great rewards!" In desperation, Han has already begun to go to the doctor in a hurry, and he looks at the four directions for help!

He knew that there must be many people watching around!

But nothing happens at all!

No one will be so stupid as to come out to help him, otherwise Yao Kongming was the best ending!


Zhao Yuande bombarded the body mask of the end of the cold with a fist, and directly smashed the powder of the mask. The terror of the fist was not reduced, and he directly broke his body into two pieces.

"Ah! I'm not willing! Not willing!"

Han screamed in pain all day long, and he made such a sound before he died.

He regretted that he should not have been ordered by Yao Kongzhu to come here to block the three of Anjia, but now it is the end of the six of the Han family!

If he did it again, he would definitely not die like this, he would definitely not come to Baihezhou, and he would certainly not enter the land of trials.

He even wanted to leave Han family directly, because he felt the kind of bone-thirsty hatred of this person opposite Han family!

Although the other party is not in the world, he has an inexplicable feeling in his heart. The Han family will destroy the door because of him!

Then everything was late, his head was smashed by Zhao Yuande!

Minced meat and bone stubble are everywhere!

Zhao Yuande felt that his heart was relieved!

"Brother, you are in a big disaster!" At this time, An Yunlan came forward, looking at Zhao Yuande helplessly, with a worried look in his eyes.

"What a disaster! Isn't it just a disciple of the Yao family? Isn't it the son of Emperor Takakong? He died when he died!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand carelessly.

"This..." An Yunlan was a little slack.

"Well, Miss An, now I have something to ask!" Zhao Yuande looked at An Yunlan.

"What's the matter?" An Yunlan nodded.

"I want to ask if you know where the Sun family is now?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Sun family?" An Yunlan frowned. "I saw them going west three days ago, but I don't know where I am now."

"I know!" At this time, a figure appeared in the sky, a young man of extraordinary appearance.

Looking at this young man, Zhao Yuande always felt a little familiar, as if he had seen it before, but he couldn't remember it.

"This brother's name is high?" Zhao Yuande arched his hand.

"In Xia Shen Tujia, Shen Tu Yingjie!" The young man also arched his hand and reported his name.

"Oh! You must be Shen Tuyinghao's brother! No wonder I think you are so familiar!" Zhao Yuande remembered where he saw this face. This person is similar to Shentu Yinghao, so he There is a feeling of deja vu.

"Brother Zhao knows my brother!" When Shen Tu Yingjie heard this, his face suddenly showed a bit of joy.

"Yes, I don't know what happened to Shen Tuxue and Shen Tu Yinghao now. I haven't seen them for a long time! By the way, and this guy Ji Mingzhen, he really..." Zhao Yuande said, he couldn't help but shut his mouth. The Shen Tu family and The relationship between the Ji family, he did not know whether the people around him knew it or not, if they did not know it, it would be a big secret.

"You actually know your brother-in-law!" Shen Tu Yingjie heard Zhao Yuande mentioning Ji Mingzhen, his eyes suddenly showed excitement!

When it comes to Ji Mingzhen, it is the 51st in the ranking of the whole fairyland, one of the top ten geniuses in Baihezhou, and the most promising genius of the immortal emperor!

Since Shen Tuxue and Ji Ming really announced their relationship with the public, he said that Ji Ming was really his brother-in-law!

The brother-in-law's reputation also brought him many benefits!