Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405: Haifang

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"Oh! Brother Ji and I have been separated for a long time since the real dragon realm. It's been a long time. I don't know where the three of them are now?" Zhao Yuande's words were already being heard, although others didn't know him. What does it mean, but when told to three people, they must know who he is.

"The brother-in-law may be closed at the Ji's house, and the sister and the elder brother entered the central fairy palace a year ago and became a disciple of Lingxu Palace!" Shen Tu Yingjie replied.

"It's Lingxu Palace under Lingxu Emperor!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Yes, it's the Emperor Lingxu!" Shen Tu Yingjie replied.

"Haha! Okay! Okay!" Zhao Yuande shouted again and again and laughed.

"By Brother Zhao, the Sun family entered the mysterious waters of the East forbidden sea yesterday. They seem to have their own goals. I think if they went to Haifang City, they got something like a treasure map. "Shen Tu Yingjie thought of Zhao Yuande's question just now, and hurriedly sent him a voice.

"Today is too hasty. I still have a lot of things to deal with. When we come out of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom Master Refinery, we must gather together!" Zhao Yuande bowed to Shen Tu Yingjie and turned into a long rainbow towards the mysterious sea of the east. Fly away.

"So powerful!" Shen Tu Yingjie's face showed envy and admiration.

He has vaguely guessed the identity of Zhao Yuande, he did not expect to see the existence of this legend here!

"Hey! Brother Shen Tu, what does this person have to do with you?"

"Brother Shen Tu..."


Many young people who have a good relationship with Shen Tu Yingjie have come up curiously.

"Okay! This person should have some relationship with my brother, I really don't know the others!" Shen Tu Yinghao quickly rushed to silence.

At this time, even the three daughters of Anjia couldn't help but cast their curiosity.

Besides, Zhao Yuande and Zhao 14 are extremely fast, and then disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

They flew east for a full hour, and finally saw a rippling sea.

There is a city on the seaside that is not very small. The busy crowd inside makes Zhao Yuande seem to have reached the world.

There is a huge port in the city. At this time, a huge sea ship is preparing to sail, and the deck of the ship is full of dense practitioners.

"Huh! These people don't seem to be the same as our testers!" Zhao Yuande looked at these people in confusion, some of them are domain realms, some are world realms, and of course the most powerful ones are only the pinnacle of the Emperor Realm.

"This is normal, and the remains of the Chaos Giants can be hidden in the world. Naturally, there will be other indigenous people living in the emperor. However, the realm of the emperor is suppressed to the emperor. The people inside cant break through anyway. It is also helpless!" Zhao Shixi seems to be sentimental.

Zhao Fourteen was transformed by the Holy Spirit, and naturally had his own thoughts, but the two were only in common, and they knew each other at a glance without any cover.

"I think this group of people seems to be able to fly, but why should they take a boat?" Zhao Yuande was puzzled.

"Let's go up and see!" Zhao Shizi suggested.

"it is good!"

The two flew to the ship, but found that the people on the ship were not panicked or showed hostility.

"Two testers who can come from the outside world?" An old man with a thin face stepped forward and gave a fist to the two, with a smile on his face, very polite.

"This old man, we are the outsiders." Zhao Yuande nodded. "Why should we take a boat since everyone can fly?"

"The two must not know the legend of the nine-forbidden sea!" The old man laughed, "This forbidden sea, no flying, whoever is flying on the sea, there will be a terrible thunder landing! And the thunder is still continuous. Fall until the flying person is alive!"

"So that's the case, thank you uncle!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "I don't know where this big ship is going? What are they going to do?"

"Today is the tenth anniversary of the opening of Haifang City. We are going to Liulidao to participate in the Haifang City transaction. Aren't the two going to Haifang City?" the old man asked.

"Oh! Haifang City?" Zhao Yuande immediately remembered what Shen Tu Yingjie said. "The Sun family might go to Haifang City, so he decided to go and see!"

"Uncle, can we take a boat?" Zhao Yuande asked with a smile.

"Yes! Our Zhongli big ship is just for passengers. As long as two people pay 200 pieces of high-grade fairy jade, they can get a first-class cabin. If the two are really tight, they can pay 50 pieces on the deck. Stand." The old man introduced the price and looked at Zhao Yuande with some eyes.

Only two hundred pieces of high-grade fairy jade, Zhao Yuande took out two hundred pieces of high-grade fairy jade without hesitation and handed it to the other party.

"Old man takes us to the cabin!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to record on the deck and was watched by these people.

But he was keenly aware that when he took out the fairy jade, there were countless pairs of eyes on the deck looking at the fairy jade in his hand!

Even the old man saw the burning color in Xianyu's eyes.

"Is the fairy jade so scarce here? Or there is no fairy jade mine at all?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help thinking.

"Old man, don't you have a fairy jade mine here?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"No! There are no fairy jade mines in this world, only various materials and precious materials!" The old man nodded and replied.

"Then why don't you leave this world? The cultivation cannot be raised above the emperor's realm, nor can it be improved. Isn't it a dead end here?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Hey! It's really a dead end!" the old man sighed, "but there is no way, we can't walk out of this world at all, if we leave this world ourselves, we will inevitably be destroyed by rules, but if we are put into the world by people Go out, then you have to be the slave of the other party! Although we all want to go out very much, we are reluctant to be free!"

"Isn't there anyone who can help you and change you free after taking you out?" Zhao Yuande felt unbelievable.

"No, never! To know that the trial space is very special, people born here have great potential, as long as you carefully cultivate will inevitably become a strong man, who does not want to hold the strong man in his own hands, let him become his own slave "The old man said sadly, "It has been opened countless times before, and there have been hundreds of thousands of people who have gone out before. They have vowed vows before going out. As long as they go out to cultivate genius characters, and then enter here, they will take everyone. Go out! But for hundreds of millions of years, no ones descendants have ever returned! So we are all desperate!"

"This... this is impossible!" Zhao Yuande felt a little weird!