Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408: All Misunderstood

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"You are too rampant!" A tall man standing behind Zhu Hiin stepped out. "The young master thinks you are a grandson, so you are so polite to you. Since you don't know what to do, then I will teach you! Keep your head up!"

Zhu Ying stepped back slightly and didn't stop, only a faint sneer appeared on his face.

Obviously, the appearance of this big man was given by him. He just wanted to teach Sun Yang and let him know how powerful he was.

This big man's exposed skin is covered with black hair, even the face is no exception, a free-haired black gorilla!

However, Dahan has a strong breath and is obviously the strongest of the emperor's peak!

"Come on! Lao Tzu gives you a hand!" Sun Yang looked at the other side contemptuously, even actually carrying one hand.

"Roar! I don't want to kill you today, I just want to kill you and send it to Sun Daoyi!" The group of people obviously knew Sun Daoyi and knew where the other side was.

"Don't kill them all, take him down and let him take us to find Sun Daoyi!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Sun Yang, fearing that his fever will cause him to kill him directly.

"Relax!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Let me lie down!" The black-haired big man screamed, and the palm of the dustpan was covered towards Sun Yang.

"Humph!" Sun Yang sneered at the corner of his mouth, and he stood silently as if he could not avoid it.

The black-haired big man froze for a moment, but he still didn't stop his hand, and his eyes showed a terrible color.

Zhu Xing frowned slightly when he saw this situation. He knew that if Sun Yang was actually killed here, it might not be a good thing. The Zhu Family Chamber of Commerce might have a headache.

But when he thought of Sun Daoyi, he couldn't help but smile. There was obviously a great contradiction between the two. If he told Sun Daoyi about this, the other party should look at the relationship between the two. This matter has turned into a big thing.

So he only hesitated a little, and gave up the idea of letting the black-haired man lightly start.


The black-haired Dahan slapped on the top of Sun Yang's head, but when it was only an inch away from the top of the head, Sun Yang's body burst into a black light!

A huge black giant tortoise appeared behind Sun Yang at once, and the black-ray Tsing Yi blocked the blow from the black-haired big man, and also made a sound of golden iron symphony.

"Waste!" Sun Yang felt that the palm of the black-haired man didn't hurt him at all, and his eyes suddenly showed an extremely excited light, but he was not a person who was beaten and didn't fight back. Mao Dahan.

The black-haired big man slapped on Sun Yang's head. He thought that the brain that could be shot directly shattered, but he didn't expect to feel a huge anti-seismic force coming from one shot, and he backed his shocked body back and forth. .

"Xuan Ming Shen Jia! This... how is it possible!" The black-haired big man looked at the black giant turtle emerging behind Sun Yang inexplicably, his eyes widened.

But at the same time he was shocked, he felt a gust of wind hit him, and Sun Yang's slap came toward him like a roaring mountain.

"You... stop thinking!" The black-haired big man shouted in horror, and slammed into the face of Sun Yang with a punch.

But the black-haired man obviously overestimated his power.

"Slap! Click!"

Sun Yang slapped on the fist of the black-haired big man, and heard the sound of crisp bones.

The black-haired big man's arms were bent, and the whole person was pumped up and flew out.

"I just gave you a hand, and now you give me a hand too!" Sun Yang was incredibly fast, chasing him in front of the big man, and slapped him **** his face.


The black-haired big man made a terrible scream, and the whole person flew out at once, not knowing how far, and knocked over the stalls, and finally hit a big rock like a dead dog.

"His!" Many people around saw the battle happening here and had given way to a big place!

"This person has a terrible flesh. The palm just shot on me. I'm afraid I'm going to be a puree!"

"You... just one hundred you have to be puree!"

"Hey! This group of testers is terrible!"

"I don't know when we can become so strong?"

"Unless...unless we leave this space..."

"Hey! This life is impossible!"


"Zhu hire! It's your turn!" Sun Yang slaps the black-haired big man, suddenly his confidence rises, and he walks towards Zhu hire step by step.

Zhu Ying's face changed, and he felt the other party's deep malice.

Although he is also the cultivation practice of the emperor's pinnacle, he rarely participated in the battle. When he saw that his personal guard could not bear the slap of the other party, he suddenly had a fear in his heart.

There are still a few people around him, but these people's cultivation behavior is almost the same as that of the black-haired big man. These people will definitely not be Sun Yang's opponents, then...

He dare not think about it anymore!

"Brother Sun! Brother Sun! Everything is a misunderstanding, it is a misunderstanding!" Zhu Xing is indeed the young master of the chamber of commerce, and also learned the kind of face-changing skills of the businessman. When he saw the situation was not good, he immediately smirked.

"Misunderstanding! What misunderstanding?" Sun Yang could not think so in the other party's mind. If he didn't beat the other party to find his teeth today, the tone in his heart was really not smooth.

"This..." Zhu Xing said for a moment, there was no misunderstanding in the middle of it, it was purely looking for shit!

"Sun Yang! Stop it!" At this moment, a voice came not far away, and the five people slowly separated the crowd and came over.

Sun Yang saw a smile at the corner of his mouth when he saw the leader.

"Sun Daoyi, you finally appeared!" Sun Yang was not angry at this time, it was not because he was afraid of the other party, but Zhao Yuande quietly whispered to the other party, saying that the two guys in the Baidi Palace had appeared.

"Sun Yang, this Zhu Zhu's young master, you don't want to come here! Otherwise, there will be unnecessary misunderstanding between our Sun family and Zhu family. If you let the ancestors know, I will blame you!" Sun Dao He said lightly, with a trace of blame in his voice. Ordinary people seemed to listen to nothing, but Sun Yang knew that the other party was mocking himself.

"The cousin said so!" Sun Daoyi felt that somehow, Sun Yang, who was supposed to be furious, was arching his hand at this time, with a strange smile on his face.

"This..." Even if Sun Dao was behind a family of grandchildren at this time, he couldn't help but stunned. Was this Sun Yang brain broken?

If it is changed, Sun Yang will inevitably go back angry, maybe the two will have a curse battle!

Now Sun Yang's attitude makes them feel uncomfortable and always feels that there must be some conspiracy!