Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Old Sword God's Gift

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And at this time, Zhao Yuande ushered in the winner of the second package.

The hallowed sword **** of the Wanshengzong Sect, the invincible presence of the Emperor Realm, can enter the terrible characters of the Divine Emperor Realm at any time!

The coarse clothed coat on this clear space master is ordinary, with a rusty long sword hanging around his waist, and the bun above his head is tied with a thick black cloth strip. There is no scary breath on the whole body but nowhere Do not reveal an ordinary ordinary!

Looking at the powerful man known as the invincible Emperor Realm in front of him, he felt the marvel for the first time. This person's state of mind has reached a very high level, returning to the original!

In this state of mind, all illusions will be destroyed, all illusions will be invisible in front of his eyes, and all the magical thoughts, robbing the heart and demons will have nothing to hide!

This old is quite terrible, I am afraid that the combat power is not weaker than the ordinary Divine Emperor!

"Good boy, come!" Jingkong was holding a girl with a slim figure and a baby face in her hands. She was very fond of eyes and made people feel very eager to get close. This girl is about 18 or 9 years old, but the breath is strong but powerful.

"Gu Miao, the genius of the Ten Thousand Saint Sect, the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, congenital Taoism... high-end ingredients, matching the recipe'congenital Taoist', there is a certain chance of getting the congenital Taoism, improving the affinity of the body and the Tao People enter an epiphany... list of ingredients... difficulty in capturing is impossible!

Zhao Yuande swallowed a slobber!

This girl turned out to be a congenital body!

This constitution is innately compatible with the Tao, and the cultivation speed is ten times that of ordinary people, especially before the union of Yin and Yang, the cultivation speed can be almost described as a thousand miles a day!

However, this kind of physique only has an absolute advantage in the early stage. After reaching the field, it is entirely up to the individual's comprehension to improve. The understanding of the rules of the law can not be compensated by a physique.

The girl in front of her clearly reached a certain bottleneck and could not get in, so she had the scene before her.

"I don't know how to call this sister? Could you show me the field you understand!" Zhao Yuande didn't say anything extra and directly inserted the subject!

The headroom on the side nodded in satisfaction, let go of the girl's hand, and the body stepped back slowly.

"My name is Gu Miao! This is the rule of water I understand!" The girl introduced herself a little bit shyly, and then a transparent ripple of water spread around her body.

Zhao Yuande took a step forward, stepped into the ripples of the water, and suddenly felt as if he had entered a muddy swamp, every walk was very laborious.

Zhao Yuande felt the **** in the other party's realm, and suddenly knew that the other party was deliberately testing himself, but his physical body was now powerful to an incredible extent, and the other party was only slightly manipulating the power to test, he did not need to reveal his strength too much. Can easily come out,

He walked a few steps slowly in it, carefully feeling the realm of the girl's water, and then exited the realm with a smile on his face.

When Zhao Yuande withdrew from the field, the girl's eyes showed an unbelievable look, and even the headlines of the empty space could not help but look at Zhao Yuande for a few more times.

Taoist found that Zhao Yuande's physical body and strength have far exceeded the level of the blood sea **** fetus. This gap even surprised him like him!

In fact, Zhao Yuande started deliberately covering up his special physique a long time ago. Even if these old guys did not personally explore his body, they would not be able to detect the Chaos Eucharist, otherwise this old man would not be shocked!

"Sister Gu, the younger brother took the liberty to teach you a sister! Your field of water is very perfect, but you need a variety of forces to support the promotion of the world. The strength of the five elements is indispensable. Your greatest weakness lies in the ground!"

"Yes! Brother has done a good analysis! I have formed the prototype of the inner world many times, but failed because of the lack of ground attributes! Can you help me?" Gu Miao is very satisfied with Zhao Yuande's analysis. At first, she was not optimistic about Zhao Yuande, and even wanted to make Zhao Yuande a little ugly in her field.

Unexpected things Zhao Yuande not only walked in his own field in a leisurely manner, but also spoke out her shortcomings very accurately, her attitude suddenly changed, and Zhao Yuande really became a character who was on his own. , Change some expectations and suffer a lot!

"These are not problems in front of my food!" Zhao Yuande is confident. The cultivation of the girl opposite him has reached the extreme of the king's realm, but only needs an opportunity. This opportunity is very simple for him!

"Then I am here waiting for my brother's food!" The girl smiled.

When Zhao Yuande left, he was almost laughing. He didn't expect it to be so simple. This opportunity can only be achieved by spending up to 10 million top-grade spirit jade, but he took a thousand times the price. Why? Can make him uncomfortable!

In fact, in this state of Gu Miao, it can be solved by using an emperor-level elixirs Diyuan mother pill, and he also has a formula of this elixirs, but the several types of elixir needed are very difficult to find. According to his estimate, this immortality should be around three to four billion if auctioned!

However, the chance of using a panacea is really terrible. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to eat ten or eight pills. Of course, one luck can solve the problem.

Obviously, the headlines do not dare to gamble, but want to be safe!

However, the comprehension of this girl named Gu Miao was not as amazing as the cultivation of talents. She ate three kinds of food in a row. Only in the second time of the third kind did she really have a certain understanding of the rules of the earth and finally condensed the inner world. The prototype is successful!

This is what Zhao Yuande knew. It turned out that the headmaster of the headroom knew her perception long ago, so she didnt dare to waste the Elixir, which made Zhao Yuande earn 10 billion!

The prototype of the world has just been completed, and the sky-tribulation is approaching. The clear sky has no time to speak even polite words, and directly takes Gu Miao across the void!

After a long time, the headmaster of the empty space came back with a smile, and Zhao Yuande, a grinning, threw a token.

"Boy, although you made me 10 billion, but I still want to thank you, this token is a bit of my sword yuan, can summon my sword yuan avatar to have one percent of my strength, if you In case of danger, you can urge it at any time!"

The old man confessed that he never walked away with him again!

It can be seen that this old guy is in a hurry to go back to instruct the disciples to practice, and there is no time to serve him.

Zhao Yuande happily collected the token. Although it was 1% strength, it was enough to be able to withstand a strong person in the early stage of the world. This is a life-saving thing at the critical moment!