Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1412

Chapter 1412: You Killed Him

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"Well!" The young surnamed Xu couldn't help but see his face showing satisfaction, he continued, "After the first level, different rewards will come down, which will enhance your strength to a certain extent. Faced with the next level 2 I am certain!"

"However, the difficulty of this second level is several times more difficult than the first level! The original twelve opponents became twenty-four, and the terrain has changed, and the terrain will not be the same every time. In case you arrive at a terrain that matches your own, this invisibly increases the difficulty, and the possibility of failure will increase greatly in the end!"

"And the third hurdle is even more perverted. The enemies that appeared this time are one level higher than you, but they are still twelve. If these enemies are mixed with various races, its better to say, but there were six of them that I encountered The demon clan directly formed a large array of gods and spirits, and eliminated me directly!"

Speaking of the sigh of Xu's face here!

"Twelve strong men who are one rank higher than yourself... Isn't that the strong man of God Emperor Realm? I... I'm afraid I can't beat any one!" Zhu Xing couldn't help but grin, his face was unnatural. Look.

"Brother Zhu, you are the heir of the chamber of commerce. Your advantage is not in combat power, but in the mind of making money!" The young man named Xu still has some good feelings about this Zhu hire.

There are three major chambers of commerce support behind the opponent, and they are generous. If they make friends in the future, they will definitely help their practice!

"Brother Xu laughed, and the cultivators still have to focus on combat effectiveness. It seems that I will step up to practice in the future!" Zhu Ying waved his hands.

"In the future? You have no future!" At this moment, there was a cold voice outside the cabin.

Then the door was pushed open, and a young man walked in leisurely.

"You... how could it be you!" Zhu Xing looked at the person, his face changed again and again, but he still endured the fear in his heart and pointed to Zhao Yuande, "You are too bad, don't think you Sun family members with surnames will be able to spread wild here! These are all powerful men with heads and faces in Bai Hezhou!"

Zhu hired a large group of people to siege each other this time. In fact, he didn't have a list of how to deal with Sun Yang. His main purpose was Zhao Yuande!

He concluded that this person must be a genius recruited by the Suns, and it seems that he is in charge of property and should be a more business-minded person. This time he must come to want to take a slice of the soup under the three major chambers of commerce.

Since the other party can disregard the rules, he is not afraid to steal the other party and it is not good to explain to the Suns!

Although the Sun family is very powerful, if the three chambers of commerce are united, they are not really afraid of them!

Now this guy appears here, and he can't help but give him a bad hunch, it seems that his guess is wrong.

He had to pull all the people present into the water. These people had received his benefits. If they had an accident, they would be embarrassed not to help each other!

"Humph! Zhu Xing, the Ming people don't tell secret words. You sent so many people to attack us. Didn't you expect such a result?" Zhao Yuande walked toward Zhu Xing step by step, with a grin on his face, letting him be present. Several young people could not help feeling cold.

"Who are you! The **** of a worldly world dares to squander in front of Brother Zhu!" At this moment, a burly man stepped out in one step, watching Zhao Yuande's cheeks appear on his face.

This person originally heard that the other party was a surname of Sun's family, but he couldn't help but retreat, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation behavior clearly, he couldn't help but feel happy.

There is something terrible for a kid in the world, and he just showed his face in front of Zhu Xing, and also got a lot of benefits.

Seeing that someone was standing in front of him, Zhu Xin suddenly felt relieved. He wanted to see what the other party had, and he dared to come alone!

If he wanted to scare people with the Sun's family, he didn't care about humiliating the other party, and then robbed him.

Of course, he did not intend to kill the other party, so that he could save some trouble!

"Get off!" Zhao Yuande didn't need to be wordy to deal with this kind of person. He slapped back toward him with a slap.

He didn't want to destroy the big ship with a slap, so this slap was just pure physical strength.

Being so despised, and humiliating the general backhand, he gave himself a slap, and the big man was almost not fainted by Zhao Yuande.

Anyway, he is also the strongest successor of a second-rate force, how can he bear such humiliation.

"Death to Lao Tzu!" He no longer cares whether the other party is a surname of Sun's family, his body is violently surging, his physical strength is exploding with all his strength, and he greeted Zhao Yuande with a palm.

The applause was huge, and the whole ship crashed into two in a flash.

Countless cultivators riding on large ships rushed out of the broken ship and landed on the sea.

Fortunately, the big ship was all cultivators, and they all escaped from the big ship.

A huge ship, sinking into the sea in just a few breaths.


However, no matter how magnificent his momentum is, this hurried rush has only used 70% or 80% of the strength.

At the same time when he touched the slap from Zhao Yuande, he heard a crisp bone sound!

Immediately afterwards, his whole person flew up and flew into the sky!

"Click! Click!"

Thunder and thunder fell like a torrential rain from the sky, directly scorching the whole body of the hacker's body, and even a scream did not become a group of coke!

Looking at the thick thunder in the sky, everyone felt chills. What kind of formation is this? It was so terrifying.

Everyone was also fortunate at this time, when the big ship just broke up and did not fly directly into the sky.

At this time, the battle between Sun Yang and Zhao XIV in the ship's cabin was also over. With the abnormal defense of Sun Yang, those indigenous people could not cause any harm to him, and Zhu Xingwei, who was mixed in the attackers, was early by Zhao XIV. Found beheaded in the crowd.

At this time, the two also came to Zhao Yuande not far away, mixed with countless onlookers, watching the development of things.

Because there is a disciple of the Shentu family among these people, Sun Yang feels that he is better not to come forward, otherwise it will inevitably conflict with him!

" actually killed him..." Zhu Xing looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, watching the other party just slap him and flew the big man away.

Zhu Yin retreated subconsciously, and he knew that he was not the opponent of the big man, which meant that the other party could also slap himself.

"Zhu Hi, I'm asking you! Have you thought that this will be the result!" Zhao Yuande's footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the voice made people feel horrified after hearing it.

"You... what are you talking about, I... I don't understand!" Zhu Xing has backed up behind everyone.