Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414: Promote To Emperor

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Just now, everyone who talked with Zhu Xing in a cabin and laughed a lot, and at this time, they all showed fear on their faces. They knew they were hired by Zhu!


Before Zhu Xing finished, he felt a slap in the face.

"I don't know anything about life and death! I am the young master of the Sun family. You dare to send someone to attack me. I really ate the bear heart leopard gall! Even if I killed you today, the Zhu family would not dare to put a fart!" Sun Yang was too lazy to look at the other person's ugly face and waved his forehead at once.

Sun Yang slapped Zhu Xing with a slap and looked at the young man named Xu who was seriously injured at this time.

"Brother Zhao! Look at my face and spare him!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande helplessly at this moment, his face showing a bitter smile.

"Hey! Okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, "Brother Sun, this person has given you!"

When the young man named Xu heard Zhao Yuande's words, he couldn't help but take a breath and looked at Sun Yang with gratitude.

"Thank you Brother Sun! I... I don't know..." The young man named Xu looked at Sun Yang with some guilt.

Naturally, he was unaware, and if he knew it, it was impossible to protect Zhu Xing. This was the crime of murdering the young Master Sun, and no one could afford it.

"Okay! Let's go!" Sun Yang waved his hand, and he didn't like this person's greed.

However, he didn't want to have any accidents with Shen Turu's dream because of such a person.

There are two conditions for this person to get a trial quota. The first is to have strong strength, and the second is to have strong support behind him.

If the young man named Xu was killed today, if the strong man behind him came out and made troubles in his marriage with Shen Tu Rumeng, it would not be worth it!

"Thank you, Brother Sun!" The young man with the surname Xu arched his hand at Sun Yang, and staggered away.

Many people saw the young man named Xu at this time and couldn't help but sigh for a long time.

And when they looked at Zhao Yuande again, their faces showed fear!

What kind of strength is a world cultivator who defeated the genius of the Shen Tu family's surname with one punch!

The fairy of Yulu looked at Zhao Yuande at this time, and couldn't help thinking of the five hurdles of the trial palace just mentioned by the surnamed Xu.

"Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help smiling.

"Hey! Forget it! It's just a disciple of a surname of the Shentu family. It doesn't matter to me whether killing or letting go." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

He naturally knows what the other party wants to say, and the relationship between them is no longer necessary.

"Everyone, the big ship sank in the battle just now, but we still have a spare big ship!" The old man came out at this time and took out a big ship from the inner world again and put it in the sea. He landed on the big ship, facing Everyone made a gesture of asking, "Please come on board!"

There were surprises on everyone's faces, and they all flew onto the big ship.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang were both stunned, and then could not help but smile slightly.

In fact, the old man's family had long foreseen many situations, such as the powerful sea beasts, the fighting of the strong men, and the bad weather...

There are several big ships in the world inside the old man, so they can be taken out and used at any time.

"Brother Zhao, you should be promoted now while the big ship is sailing." Sun Yang suggested.

"My promotion may be a bit big this time. I'm going to enter the inner world. Brother Sun, come with me. Fourteen wait for the outside world!" Zhao Yuande last suppressed the thunderbolt and did not fall. This promotion may be Inviting a more powerful thunder catastrophe, he felt he had to prepare well.

"OK! I have experienced a lot of battles since I was promoted. I also realized that I want to enter your trial space to practice for a while!" Sun Yang smiled.

Fifty times faster, it is not a dream for him to quickly improve his cultivation base.

He all felt a little weird. Even the Sun family did not practice the cave house fifty times faster.

The Sun family has a treasure called the mountain and river map, which can accelerate up to thirty times the speed, and it is very expensive to get up and urge it. He once practiced in it for ten days!

Ten days later, he was called out quickly, and he felt a little uncomfortable when he saw the painful expression on his ancestor's face.

Where did Brother Zhao get this treasure from the sky? There are too many secrets in him!

"OK! This is no problem!" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face.

But what Zhao Yuande didn't expect was that he successfully realized Kunpeng's true body but did not realize the Devouring Avenue.

Kun Peng's understanding of his real body greatly increased his speed, and his combat power was naturally high in tax account ships.

What makes him strange is that he was promoted to the Emperor Realm, but there was no trace of Heavenly Tribulation to fall.

However, he soon understood that this trial field of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom was a world of its own, with its own rules of heavenly path. His promotion did not make the rules of heavenly path feel threatened, so there was no heavenly disaster.

But he knew that as long as he was out of the trial space now, I am afraid that Heaven Tribulation would come!

And it is still superimposed twice, the power may be shocking!

After he was successfully promoted to Emperor Realm, he called Sun Yang out of the trial space and returned to the ship.

The big ship quickly reached the coast and berthed on that pier.

"Finally leaving this forbidden sea, the feeling of not being able to fly is really uncomfortable!" Zhao Yuande stretched his waist and felt that it was also a very pleasant thing to be able to fly in the air.

"Should we return to the world zone now, hunt those terrible beasts in that azure world! It should be easier with our current means!" Sun Yang smiled confidently.

"Well! It's okay, just go and see if this guy is still in the daytime! I really want to see him take Sun Daoyi to threaten us, what will he look like when he knows the truth!" Zhao Yuande thought of it here Can't help but bend a corner of the mouth.

"This... Brother Zhao, you are too bad! Haha..." Sun Yang can also imagine what the other person's expression is, which made him look forward to it.

"If this guy knew about the death of those guys, would he catch Sun Xiaomeng by his own hands?" Sun Yang said that there was a little dignity on his face.

"It should be fine for the time being! Didn't they go to the Trial Palace? There is a safe area in the Trial Palace. No one can do it. Otherwise, they will be bombarded by the rules. I don't even dare to do it even during the day! "Zhao Yuande said, "but we'd better go to the trial palace first!"

"Well! Leave now!" Sun Yang nodded.

Sun Xiaomeng Sun Xiaoqi's two little nieces have a good relationship with him, and that Sun Daolong was not mixed in the fight for the young master of the family. He didn't want these three to be in trouble.

Now that they can fly, the speed will be faster, and soon they will reappear in the world zone.